Can i drink expired creatine?

Each sports supplement has its own expiration date. And if some athletes immediately get rid of an expired product, then the vast majority of athletes continue to use such complexes without any negative consequences. You can buy supplements with an expired shelf life even in a specialized store.

They are sold at a significant discount. This is very beneficial for beginner athletes who do not yet have a large budget and can purchase the entire set of necessary complexes for a minimum price. All additives have their own properties, so the feasibility of such an approach should be considered individually for each product.

Creatine is a complex that is accepted by both beginners and experienced athletes. However, when deciding to purchase a supplement with an expired shelf life, you should first examine how safe it is.


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Can I use expired creatine monohydrate?

Based on the many reviews of bodybuilders and weight lifting athletes, athletes have no concerns about taking creatine with an expired shelf life. In addition, judging by the comments left, such an additive does not cause side effects. Efficiency, of course, in some cases, can significantly decrease, but no negative effects on the body are noted.

Drinking creatine if the expiration date is acceptable and safe. The main thing is to understand that we are talking exclusively about a product released by well-known manufacturers, including Power System, Dymatize, Multipower, ON (Optimum Nutrition) and others. Such additives are made primarily in Europe or in the United States of America. If an expired creative additive comes from an unknown manufacturing company, such a complex should be discarded. It can be unsafe and of poor quality even when it is not expired.

Creatine Storage Location

The safety of the additive largely depends not only on the shelf life of the manufacturer, but also on the proper storage. Creatine should be in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight. Complexes are best preserved when the packaging is closed.

When opening expired creatine, you should pay attention to the appearance of the mixture. It must be dry, and the color should be similar to the new product. If the additive has a fungus or other traces of "spoilage", you can not use such a complex.

Actual Creatine Shelf Life

Manufacturers of creative additives prescribe, as a rule, an approximate, rather than a valid expiration date. And if we talk about how much time the complex maintains effectiveness, then several months can be added to the manufacturing date indicated on the packaging, in which the product can be safely used without any fears.

Of course, creatine's effectiveness will be reduced, but no problems should arise. This applies to absolutely any sports supplements and food in principle. Many experts claim that creatine, when properly stored, can be drunk for three years after release. This is twice as long as declared by manufacturers 1-1.5 years. For 36 months, the creatine supplement remains safe, but the older it is, the less effective and concentrated.


Drinking creatine with an expired shelf life is possible, but not always advisable. It is impossible to say with certainty in what conditions the supplement was stored, how useful it was to achieve its goals. Given the low cost of creatine, saving is not entirely appropriate. Better to always get a “fresh” and proven complex.