Sledgehammer Hits

Many will be surprised by the fact on which the impact force actually depends. This seems to be related to muscle strength, but in reality it’s not quite right. A shock is a complex movement involving many muscles, so its strength is more dependent on the coordination of their work. In order for the blow to be strong, you should train the body to use the necessary muscles with the necessary effort at the right time.

Amateurs boxing ugly and not only simple observers, but also those who felt it on themselves will agree with this. This is a waste of energy! A lot of extra movements exhaust the attacker and at the same time does not pose a real threat to the enemy. The reason is the impact technique, or rather, its absence. Lovers do not invest in a blow, so it is weak. How to master the battle technique ">

First of all, you should consider the possibility of studying with a professional. An experienced trainer with qualifications in this field will relatively quickly make a good boxer from a beginner. But in this article we will talk about how to make the muscles work harmoniously, thereby forming a powerful impact force. Most importantly, this will require a conventional tire and sledgehammer.

Tools and Tips

To make the blow stronger, you must adhere to the recommendations below and use tools:

  • Tire. It is better to use the one that does not need to be spared, so the option with a tire from your own car is not suitable. Since subsequently she will have to withstand many strokes, it is necessary to ensure her static (motionless) position. To do this, the tire is half buried in the ground.
  • The hammer. Percussionists use 8-10 kg sledgehammers to produce a punch. Wrestlers train with 10-32-pound hammers to increase throwing functionality.

As for the position of the hands, they have differences between boxers and wrestlers: the former have their hands at a distance, the latter hold the end of the handle with both hands. This is due to the specifics of boxing - striking with one hand. Due to the wide grip, conditions are provided that are as similar as possible to a real blow.

Training effect

Exercising with a sledgehammer helps to develop overall body endurance, which is important for every athlete. In particular, such training helps boxers to achieve powerful impact power, and wrestlers to strengthen throws.

What is the secret of these activities ">

More about the technique

From the outside, everything seems simple - you hit a sledgehammer on the tire and no special equipment is needed. But to avoid mistakes and achieve maximum effect is possible only if the movement is performed similarly to the blow. The use of this method allows you to program a stronger tab in the blow at the subconscious level, and at the right time the body will work automatically.

For these reasons, the main task is to acquire the skill of working correctly with a hammer. Subsequently, this experience will allow you to create the right technique, and therefore make the blow stronger.

  1. Front desk . Fixed (static) position with feet parallel to each other. The position of the hands on the handle: batter - in the middle, the second - at the edge. Sledgehammer strikes are applied with a straight back: the impulse from the legs goes to the body, then to the arm.

Training of this type begins with this level. The ability to work with the legs and the body when hitting and when the hammer returns is important. Hands are connected to the process last. The goal of the training is to understand the essence of this exercise, and not to achieve record levels. At the initial stage, it can be performed without weight.

  1. Fighting stance, slightly sideways . Position the far arm near the middle of the handle. During the strike, you can take a small step forward, after the strike - back. The purpose of the exercise is to acquire the skill of turning the body at hand.

This is a more difficult level. It is necessary to learn how to strike a strong direct blow with the second (distant) hand. At this stage, the athlete begins to feel the body with every stroke and learns all the nuances of the front desk. It is recommended to strive to complicate this movement and bring it to the maximum similarity with a boxing blow.

  1. Jeb . Take a fighting position, a little sideways. One hand is located near the middle of the handle, the other (far) - at the edge. During the strike, you can take a small step forward, after the strike - back.

This option is an order of magnitude more complicated than the second level, so you need to go to it only after the previous rack has been fully studied. The purpose of the exercise is to build a strong jab.

  1. Interception from the front position . Take the front pillar as described in paragraph 1. After each strike, a hand interception is made. To improve the tab in the blow, you can supplement the exercise by rotating the pelvis.

The complexity of this option lies in the interception and the need for continuous movement of each hand. Subsequently, the experience gained during such training will significantly save time. The inertia of one stroke must be translated into another, that is, one must strive to ensure that it is one long cycle.

  1. Interception from a fighting position . Take a fighting position, a little sideways. After each strike, a hand interception is made.

At this stage, work with any position and interceptions is perfected. This level is open for experimentation and creative imagination. You can change positions, arms, move, but do not stop. All movements must be performed by the body automatically due to the programs worked out to perfection. Now you are an athlete - a car with a powerful blow!