Arginine in bodybuilding

Bodybuilding began to use arginine before complex amino acids. This indicates the high value of this substance for bodybuilders. It improves the quality of nutrition and the ability to contract cells in muscle tissue. Athletes taking arginine have the opportunity to significantly increase the productivity and effectiveness of training. Arginine, being a nitrogen donor, stimulates the process of excretion of products formed during the breakdown of protein fractions from the body, and takes an active part in cell restoration. The Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of the substance.


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How does L-arginine affect the body?

The substance is taken either as an independent supplement before training, or as part of a pre-workout complex. It demonstrates the following positive effect on the athlete's body:

  1. If an athlete adheres to proper nutrition, consistent with the set sporting goals, muscle mass increases and more subcutaneous fat is burned. Arginine is useful not only for weight gain, but also during the drying period as an additive to prevent catabolism.
  2. The substance is a natural catalyst for the synthesis of growth hormone, that is, it has a direct effect on the increase in its production. Quite often, arginine is taken in the evening to solve sleep problems and stimulate the production of growth hormone.
  3. Often, arginine is used in conjunction with yohimbine. This combination increases testosterone production rate.

Regarding the feasibility of an additional intake of the substance, there are several opinions. Some sources say that the body is able to synthesize arginine. Against the background of proper nutrition and a quality training program, there is no need to take the substance. This is especially true for lovers.

Some recent studies have shown that the anabolic properties of arginine are not very pronounced. This does not indicate the ineffectiveness of the substance, but only suggests that it has a small effect on this amino acid in the blood.

Therefore, in order to achieve good results from training, you must first select the right diet, and only then work on a plan for taking supplements. The synthesis of arginine in the body occurs with the use of fish, dairy products, meat, eggs.

How to take arginine

The main guideline should be the goals that the bodybuilder wants to achieve. During the period of muscle mass gain it is recommended to take from 3 to 9 grams of the substance in its pure form.

Arginine is taken:

  • before class
  • after training;
  • in the evening.

Taking supplements in the evening can improve the quality of sleep, can be combined with casein protein and is carried out after dinner.

Often, L-arginine is combined with other nitrogen donors, which are more effective. This combination allows you to expand blood vessels and provide good pumping.

Side effects

If you take small doses of arginine, as a rule, no deterioration in well-being is observed. The increased heart rate and dizziness does not cause substance, but caffeine, which is part of the pre-workout complexes. An overdose of arginine can lead to indigestion and diarrhea. Some scientists warn that the use of more than 15 grams of a substance can lead to inflammation of the pancreas.

Arginine Reviews

Most reviews are not written about the substance itself, but about the combined intake of amino acids with creatine and pre-workout complexes. Some athletes write that they are taking all these supplements, but do not feel any improvement. Others, on the contrary, note a rather good effect and results. If you carefully analyze what athletes write, it becomes clear that the supplement works only when you adhere to the correct diet and a high-quality training plan.