Curved barbell bar

In bodybuilding, many trainers and equipment are used. Most of the training is performed using a dumbbell or barbell. They usually use straight-neck shells, but some exercises are easier to do with curved. It is also called the EZ-neck, and it is found in every well-equipped gym. A barbell with a curved finger is most often used for triceps and biceps exercises. Such a projectile helps to reduce the load on the hands and minimize the risks of injury.

In biceps lifts performed on Scott's bench and standing, as well as the French bench press, which is done while lying, standing or sitting, use a curved bar. There is no confirmed information about greater efficiency, and, consequently, the load and productivity of muscle mass gain of such a projectile, but it certainly has its own positive qualities that must be taken into account.

The benefits of a curved neck

The choice in favor of this projectile is due to several advantages:

  1. Ease of use. Many athletes are simply much more comfortable working with the EZ-bar, which allows them to lift much larger weights.
  2. Emphasis shift. A curved neck has a slightly different load on the muscles, therefore, alternating it with the usual straight, you can achieve a uniform and comprehensive study of muscle tissue.
  3. Security. The shape of the curved neck allows you to reduce the load on the wrists, which greatly reduces the likelihood of injury even with large amplitudes and weights.
  4. Grip reliability. Most bodybuilders note the fact that holding the EZ-bar is much more comfortable, and therefore safer, which allows you to perform complex exercises with minimal risk of injury.

Some athletes working with a curved bar, believe that it helps to improve the biceps, but there is no confirmation or refutation of this fact. In any case, working with such a projectile, you can diversify the training program.

Which neck is better curved or straight ">

There is no fundamental difference between these two shells regarding the amount of weight that an athlete can lift. The difference between the vultures is the structure. The curved design allows for a more secure grip with reduced strain on the wrists. A shorter neck allows you to achieve greater balance when lifting a lot of weight, as it is much easier to "find" the center of gravity. The latter helps to evenly load the arms and do the exercise technically correct.

The most valuable curved neck is for athletes who have injured hands. This projectile is great for athletes who want to lift large weights, since it is much safer and less traumatic. Manufacturers of sports equipment produce vultures strongly and slightly curved. You need to choose according to your own feelings, that is, the shell that is more convenient to work with.

What is better for muscle growth

It is impossible to say exactly which of the shells is pumping muscle more. But, given the fact that muscles grow better when they are thoroughly worked out, it is better to train with alternating vultures, changing grips, the width of the arms, position, using a variety of simulators. This will load each individual muscle area. Otherwise, a halt in progress becomes inevitable, that is, a plateau state occurs when the musculature ceases to grow.