Morning exercises - the key to vigor and health

Our inhibition in the morning is explained by only one thing - the body, despite awakening, remains in a calm and sleepy state for some time. In order to finally wake up, you need about 2-3 hours . Morning washing will help to cheer up a little, allowing you to send a certain impulse to the central nervous system. But without bringing the muscles and joints to work, you can’t completely wake up. For this, a person needs morning exercises. Before you begin the process of its implementation, you need to understand what is the usefulness of the complex of such exercises.

Any physical training requires 3 or 4 single visits to the gym per week and thorough muscle loads. Then, as morning exercises carry only a health kind of meaning. The maximum benefit of morning training will be only when, in the process of implementation, the complex of exercises is improved and complicated. Charging is recommended in a well-ventilated area and in clothing that does not restrict movement. Finishing classes is best with a contrast shower.

The obvious benefits of morning exercises are as follows:

  • The mood rises;
  • Increases vitality;
  • The level of drowsiness is reduced;
  • Lethargy and fatigue disappear;
  • The syndrome disappears, which is pronounced in an irritable attitude to the outside world (hypokinesia).


  • 1 Difference between morning exercises and other physical activities
  • 2 Proper morning exercise
  • 3 complex exercises
    • 3.1 A set of classes for the cervical
    • 3.2 Morning hand workout
    • 3.3 a set of exercises for the body
    • 3.4 Leg warm up
    • 3.5 An additional set of exercises
  • 4 The effect of morning exercises

The difference between morning exercises and other physical activities

Since charging has a completely different goal, you do not need to turn it into a normal training process. After all, the name itself suggests that these classes are designed to charge the human body for an entire day with energy. Unlike charging, training aims to strain muscles, exhausting the body. At its end, the body always wants to relax, because a lot of energy and energy has been spent. Without any preparation for training, the body can be irreparably harmful.

There are people who, along with morning jogging, prefer to carry out all sorts of strength exercises for various muscle groups, arms and the press. This complex takes longer than usual charging, about 40-50 minutes. Therefore, it is incorrect to call such loads charging. After all, charging is a set of physical exercises that are designed to knead joints and muscle tissue.

This complex is often combined with some power loads, but their number, as well as the type and duration of the execution, largely depends on physical fitness, desire and the availability of free time. What hours is the best time to conduct sports classes "> Proper morning exercise

The gradual awakening of the body does not immediately accept after sleep any strong loads that force the heart to switch to active work, causing irreparable harm to the heart muscle.

There are exercises that are easily performed directly in bed. These include warm-up classes that do not carry any load. At the same time, remember that they are not enough for a vigorous and active state of health throughout the day. You will need to walk around a bit, take a shower or just wash yourself, drink a glass of water and only after all this do basic exercises.

Morning exercises are carried out to the music, which is selected for each individually. The presence in the complex of exercises of an intense nature, makes you choose such music, the pace of which will be about 140 or 170 beats in one minute. Many of the compositions of our time have such a pace. When charging in a calmer rhythm, slow songs are selected. To properly organize the movements of the body and coordinate your breathing with them, it is recommended to select songs of a rhythmic nature.

That morning exercise, which gives courage and a surge of strength is considered the best. The main error in carrying out charging is excessive loads. Many people forget that the main goal of charging is to raise tone. Her idea is not muscle building. The best way to determine the degree of stress on the body is how a person feels. The body should not have feelings of fatigue or excessive fatigue. With these symptoms, a necessary measure should be a decrease in load.

Exercise complex

There are several options for exercises performed during the morning exercise, but there are basic ones among them.

A set of classes for the cervical

  • Making head turns to the left and right;
  • Inclined head movements left-right, back and forth;
  • Circular rotation of the head at a slow pace.

Close your eyes in the presence of problems with the vestibular system is not worth it.

Morning warm up for hands

  • In order to warm up the joints of the hands, it is necessary to perform circular movements with clenched hands. You can rotate with brushes and with the hands locked in a “lock”.
  • Rotational movements of the shoulders. Initially, they are performed together, and then in turn.
  • Description of straightened arms circle.
  • Squeezing the hands in the elbow joint, it is necessary to rotate them towards you, counting 1, 2, 3, 4, and with the score 5, 6, 7, 8 - rotation is carried out by yourself.
  • Put your fingers on your shoulders, and keeping your arms bent, make a circular motion, without lifting your fingers, you need to rotate the elbows 1, 2, 3, 4 in one direction, and with 5, 6, 7, 8 - in the opposite direction.

A set of exercises for the body

  • The initial position is to keep the legs shoulder-width apart. Leans forward with touching the fingers or palms to the floor with a good stretch. You need to move as smoothly as possible without sharp attacks.
  • The movement of the pelvis in a circle. Holding hands to the belt to make rotational movements of the pelvic section. In this case, there should be no pain, or pinching of the muscles.
  • Steadily settles down on a floor, having spread legs on width of shoulders. Put your left hand on your belt, and extend your right hand up. When counting 1.2, it is necessary to bend to the left side. Changing the hand and counting 3.4, perform a tilt to the right. Stretch your spinal muscles without fanaticism. With a strong sense of tension, slightly reduce the load.
  • Body twists. Put your hands forward and bend them at the elbow joints, while the hands can be enclosed in a “lock”. At 1.2, we turn left, without taking our feet off the floor. 3, 4 - turn to the right, also without taking off the feet.

Legs warm up

  • Performing alternately swinging the legs back and forth. First comes the left leg, and after the right. It must be done at least 10 or 15 times.
  • Take turns to raise your legs to the side. Each leg should be raised 10 or 15 times.
  • Movement with circular knees.
  • Squat the heels off the surface. In this exercise, the arms are extended forward. At the initial stage, you will have enough 10 or 15 completed deep sittings.

An additional set of exercises

To the above exercises in the morning, you can add the following strength exercises:

  • push-ups from the floor,
  • press swing
  • rotational exercises of the gymnastic hoop,
  • exercises using the expander,
  • use in exercises dumbbells with low or medium weight.

The effect of morning exercises

All sets of exercises presented above will help you improve the condition of the whole organism and get involved in the work mode much faster.

Morning exercises make our auditory, vestibular, visual and other devices more active, help to set the central organ of the nervous system to work, and bring the body out of the inhibited state present in the first hours after waking up. If the classes are regular, then the person notices positive physical changes: improved blood circulation, proper heart function, accelerated venous blood flow. Charging has a beneficial effect on the lungs. During exercises in the blood, the level of oxygen rises, and this in turn leads to active acid-reduction processes in the body, muscle tissue is strengthened and joints are strengthened.

Performing a set of exercises daily in the mornings will prepare your body for all the physical, mental, and emotional stresses that you will face during the day. And remember that only a correctly selected set of exercises can lift your spirits and make you feel the beauty of an active life.