How to build muscle without harm to health

In all sports that are related to power sports, the following situation is observed: with regular training, muscle volume increases slightly or does not change at all. That is why the issue of muscle gain does not lose its relevance.

A set of muscle weight is a difficult task, especially when it comes to asthenic (ectomorphic) physique.

You can solve the problem very quickly, but for this you need to use strong anabolic drugs. However, this is fraught with consequences, since many of them have a whole "bunch" of side effects. How to solve this issue without harm to health ">


  • 1 Features training based on body type
  • 2 Nutrition: basics and features
    • 2.1 Proteins
    • 2.2 Carbohydrates
    • 2.3 Fats
    • 2.4 Vitamins
    • 2.5 Special additives

Features of training depending on body type

When planning to start classes in the gym, it is first necessary to determine the type of physique. This is important because they have fundamental differences, and it depends on the type which methods will be used to increase muscle mass.

The types of complexion are clearly shown in the photo: ectomorphic (short body, legs long, arms and legs narrow), mesomorphic (wide body and shoulders, elongated upper body, thick bones), endomorphic (round face, round neck, broad hips, significant fat deposits).

The owners of the first type - ectomorphs - face the most difficulties - they need a special diet and do not fit regular training. During classes, such people are recommended to devote most of their time to basic exercises aimed at working out the largest muscles. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the hips, back and chest.

The thin ones do not need any intricate exercises on simulators. In their case, training with dumbbells will be more useful. Moreover, such exercises can be performed at home. Only 6-8 approaches for each element and muscle mass will begin to increase.

Nutrition: basics and features

In the matter of gaining muscle mass, special nutrition will significantly help, which will be especially effective if we rationally approach the choice of products. Naturally, you can’t eat everything without restrictions, although many lovers advise this.

For example, in the case of endomorphs, a diet based on “fast” (simple) carbohydrates will cause them to accumulate subcutaneous fat. Ectomorphs will face another problem - energy will be quickly processed without participating in the synthesis of a new protein. That is, a full person will begin to recover and his muscles can hardly be seen behind a layer of fat, and a thin one will become, perhaps, more hardy and strong, but will remain thin.

So, nutrition should be varied, sufficient and proper. If due attention is paid to this issue, muscle mass will increase regardless of body type.

There are several rules that are recommended by bodybuilding experts and compliance with which will achieve the desired result:

  • No need to achieve mass gain by any means. At the very beginning, indicators will probably change slightly or not at all. But if you do everything right, the effect will be required. Uncontrolled nutrition will overload the body, and the negative consequences will not take long.
  • Adequate water should be consumed, as this affects weight gain. It is known that the main share in the body is accounted for by the liquid, therefore growth without its intake is impossible.
  • Frequent meals, including snacks. Fractional nutrition is used in the treatment of diseases and stomach problems. However, bodybuilding also noted its beneficial effect. Due to the frequent intake of food, amino acids and glucose constantly enter the body. In this mode, catabolism processes that lead to protein breakdown do not have time to start.
  • Before training, it is recommended to eat food containing slow carbohydrates, and after that - fast ones . In the first case, these are beans, cereals, vegetables; in the second - chocolate, confectionery (pastries), gainers. Slow carbohydrates are consumed by the body for a long time, and fast carbohydrates enter the bloodstream almost immediately.


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Builders are needed to lay “bricks” -amino acids and carbohydrates play this role. It is thanks to them that all metabolic processes are carried out in the body. The daily rate of carbohydrates can be determined independently at the rate of 3 grams per 1 kilogram of weight.

With a deficiency of carbohydrates, the body begins to look for other sources of energy and uses muscle tissue as a “fuel”. And if this happens, the training can be safely called meaningless. The percentage of carbohydrates in the daily diet should be about 60%. Recall that eating foods rich in carbohydrates should be before and after classes (not forgetting the slow and fast). At the same time, the bulk of the carbohydrate portion of the diet should be complex carbohydrates.

Raw rice, cereals (buckwheat, wheat, oatmeal), whole grain bread, fruits and vegetables can be considered as a source of slow carbohydrates.


It is believed that fats are the undeniable enemies of the body and almost all of humanity as a whole. However, this is clearly exaggerated. Of course, there is little benefit from animal fats, but they cannot be completely abandoned. The fact is that the basis for the production of testosterone are lipid compounds. Therefore, fats should also be present in the diet, but not more than 10-15% per day. Useful fats are rich in eggs, vegetable oil, seeds, oily fish, nuts.


The body needs antioxidants to cope with free radicals, which pose a potential threat to it. Namely, their body, and in large quantities, produces the body during training. In addition, the production of male hormone requires not only vitamins, but also trace elements, especially zinc.

Special additives

To increase the effectiveness of home workouts aimed at increasing muscle mass, you can use various protein supplements. These include amino acids, gainers and creatine. It should be noted that the listed additives have nothing to do with anabolic steroids, but are natural substances the same as regular products with the only difference being that they are concentrated and absorbed faster.

If the girl needs to gain muscle mass, then the rules and principles described above are applicable and provide the same effect. The only thing to remember is the tendency of a woman's body to deposit fat. That is why it is recommended to reduce the above proportion of fat in the daily diet.