Exercises for the lateral muscles of the press: recommendations, tips

Inflated press is a pride and an occasion for admiration. A tightened and raised stomach can only be obtained as a result of training, the implementation of which allows you to always feel active and alert.

The involvement of the lateral muscles of the press occurs only when the body is rotated. This is due to the fact that they practically do not work in everyday life.

Most noticeably in the press are oblique muscles. They pass along the sloping, starting from the chest and ending in the lower abdomen. The contraction of the left external muscle occurs as a result of the rotation of the body to the right, and the right - to the left.

The oblique internal muscles are located under the external and it is impossible to see them. The right internal oblique muscle contracts when the body is rotated to the right, and the left - to the left.


  • 1 Tips and Tricks for Effective Workout
  • 2 A set of exercises for the lateral muscles of the press
    • 2.1 Level One
    • 2.2 Level Two
    • 2.3 Level Three
  • 3 Exercise Tips

Tips and tricks for effective training

To pump the lateral muscles of the press, you need to know and follow the following rules:

  • 2-2.5 hours before training, you need to eat lightly;

Fasting is not recommended. The lack of energy does not allow one to give all one hundred percent and reduces the effectiveness of the workout. Eating too should not. Exercising with a full stomach can cause dizziness, nausea, and other unpleasant consequences.

  • It is necessary to begin training with an easy warm-up;

To warm up the muscles, you need to jump, run on a treadmill or in place, to perform such simple exercises as inclinations, rotations, turns.

  • Do not strain - exhaust yourself;

Classes should be held two to four times a week. This is enough to pump up a relief and beautiful press.

  • When performing exercises, muscle tension should be felt;

When the sensation that the muscles in the abdomen is not tense, the exercise is not performed correctly.

  • Do not eat after training for an hour.

When after completing classes, severe hunger overcomes, you can drink a glass of water or eat an apple.

The muscles in the abdomen give in to stretching quite poorly and fatigue is a normal reaction of muscles to stress. The main thing is to carry out training in terms of their training, moving from the development of the lungs to more difficult exercises.

A set of exercises for the lateral muscles of the press

First level

The complex is designed for beginners, allows you to tighten muscles, is not designed to pump large and voluminous muscles of a bodybuilder. Level 1 exercises will be an excellent start and preparation for the transition to a more complex training. When performing a complex, the frame needs to be strained. The main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you may be injured.


The legs are shoulder width apart, hands are connected behind the head. The body is tilted to the maximum possible in one, and then in the other direction.

The inclinations are performed smoothly, without rushing, with the fixation of the body at the end point. For five or six approaches do at least 20 slopes. To increase the load, if it is not enough, allow dumbbells, the weight of which does not exceed 10 kg.

Exercise on the press using dumbbells leads to weight gain and thickening of the waist. This is especially important for girls to consider.

Side raises on the bench

Lie sideways on a bench so that the legs are on it, but the body is not. The legs are fixed with a holder or ask a partner to hold them. The body for several approaches from each side is lifted up 30 times.

To increase the load, weights are used.

Twisting on the horizontal bar

Ideal training for pumping oblique muscles if a horizontal bar is installed in the house.

Hanging on the crossbar, bent legs alternately extend to the right and left sides, pulling them to the chest. Hands should be shoulder width apart.

Level two

The complex of the second level allows you to give relief to the muscles of the press. Performing it on a regular basis, you can not only tighten the body, but also reduce the waist. All exercises of the complex are performed 10 to 15 times, doing 3 or 4 approaches.

Leg and body lifts

They lie on a flat surface. Straighten your legs. The hand is placed under the head. From the starting position, both the knee and the body are lifted at the same time so that they touch. Return to the starting position and change hand.

Cross twisting lying

Take a prone position. Hands folded at the back of the head, legs bent at the knees. The body is lifted and rotated alternately in each direction, touching the knee of the opposite elbow. That is, the right knee is touching the left elbow, and the left knee is touching the right elbow.

Knee lifts

Lying on their side, lean on the elbow, straighten their legs, lead their free hands behind their backs. Both legs are lifted to the chest, without touching the floor. They turn on the other side and perform similar lifts.

Lateral leg lifts for oblique muscles

Hanging on the crossbar without bending the knees, perform lateral lifts. At the maximum point of lifting, the legs are delayed.

Level three

The complex is ideal for those who have been working on the press for a long time. The number of performed repetitions and approaches is controlled individually. It all depends on the degree of physical fitness.

Simple slopes with weighting

It is recommended to start the exercise for those who have a well-trained lower back. By doing it regularly, you can pump up the oblique muscles as efficiently as possible as soon as possible.

The legs are shoulder width apart. A vulture is put on the trapeze. 15 times in each direction perform slopes, lingering at the end point for a couple of seconds. Return to the starting position.

When tilting and returning to its original position, the housing must remain straight. Do not tilt forward or backward. A sense of muscle tension indicates the correctness of the exercise. To increase the load, pancakes are added to the neck.

Tilt with rotation

A reinforced version of the slopes using the neck, in which bundles of oblique muscles are involved.

Vulture can be used both with pancakes, and without them. Being in a standing position, the inclinations are carried forward and to the sides. Each tilt is accompanied by twisting of the body and rotation of the elbow to the opposite knee.

Turns on the horizontal bar

Heavy exercise. Perform it under the power of a well-trained and strong person.

Hanging on the horizontal bar, the hands are positioned shoulder-width apart. Straight knees lift parallel to the floor. Feet in the air describe an arc. They try to maximize the amplitude of motion.

You need to do the exercise in one hundred percent. Turns are performed 10 to 15 times.


Ideal for reducing waist size.

To the frame you need to become sideways. With both hands, grab the upper block and perform 12 chopping movements towards the lower leg, twisting the body.

Exercise Tips

The inflated lateral abdominal muscles will make the figure more toned and perfect. You do not need to take up complex exercises immediately if the level of training does not allow this. It is better to start from the first level and gradually increase the load, moving on to more complex training. The main thing is to engage regularly and hard. This will guarantee a great result, well-being and mood.