The best mass gainer

The growing popularity of sports nutrition among athletes is leading to the offer of an increasing number of different supplements. One of these additives is a gainer, which is a protein-carbon mixture. The action of the gainer is aimed at the rapid recovery of muscles after intense physical exertion, requiring large energy costs. This product is also used as an assistant in gaining muscle mass and is often used in bodybuilding by athletes who have encountered a similar problem.

What is a good gainer ">

A good gainer is based on a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins, and the proportion of carbohydrates should be from 50% to 75%, and proteins - from 15% to 50% of the total mass of the product. In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, gainers from different manufacturers can include minerals, vitamins and a small amount of protein. In addition, unsaturated fats, glutamine and creatine may be present in the gainer as auxiliary elements. It is this combination of vitamins and minerals that allows you to avoid physical exhaustion during intense exertion and build muscle.

Why is it important to take the gainer correctly?

The gainer must be selected based on the needs of the body. With a lean and lean physique, the supplement should contain the largest amount of carbohydrates, because it is through carbohydrates that the body receives additional calories and builds muscle mass. As for proteins, their content in the diet should also be in sufficient quantity.

In the presence of excess weight or a tendency to be overweight, the gainer should be of a different content. The best way out is to refuse it altogether or to choose a supplement with the maximum protein content. There should be few carbohydrates in the mixture, because in this case carbohydrates will only act as an auxiliary component. Moreover, their excess can lead to negative consequences on the body, because carbohydrates do not lead to the accumulation of muscle, but fat mass.

In addition to selecting a gainer with the right composition, it should also be taken correctly. According to the recommendations, the supplement should be taken immediately after training, thereby avoiding physical exhaustion or closing, in a scientific way, a protein-carbohydrate “window”. The supplement will be able to make up for the lack of trace elements that were lost during exercise. Thanks to the action of the gainer, the tissues will quickly regenerate, and the strength and energy reserves will be replenished. If sports training should be extremely intense, it is recommended to take a weight gainer before the start of classes.

The results of taking the supplement properly are pretty stunning. Due to the increased amount of calories received, muscle mass is growing quite quickly. However, it must be remembered that no supplement can replace a healthy diet. Only a balanced diet will help to obtain from the products all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

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