Best Testosterone Boosters

Sports supplements to stimulate testosterone production, accelerate muscle growth, increase strength and sex drive, reduce estrogen are called testosterone boosters. They are available both in the form of supplements and dietary supplements, and are sold through pharmacy chains and specialized sports food stores.

The composition of testosterone boosters includes vitamins, components of plant origin and synthetic substances. They are very popular among bodybuilders, but only a few are truly effective. And in order not to buy a booster that does not bring the desired result, you should buy only the best products in this segment of sports nutrition, carefully studying the advantages and disadvantages of each.


  • 1 Rating of the best testosterone boosters
    • 1.1 Aromatase inhibitors
    • 1.2 Tribulus
    • 1.3 Tamoxifen
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Rating of the best testosterone boosters

Many boosters that stimulate testosterone production contain over a dozen components, most of which have absolutely no positive effect. They are introduced into additives solely for the purpose of presenting the product as something new, that is, to attract attention and increase sales.

Among the boosters presented on the sports nutrition market, the following are considered the best:

Aromatase inhibitors

Demonstrate high efficiency and safety. As a rule, they are taken on a course of anabolic steroids or post-cycle therapy, since they allow normalizing the production of testosterone and reducing estrogen levels. These boosters are represented by drugs such as Anastrozole and Letrozole.


Present in almost every booster, due to its effectiveness. The most popular and effective drug that has it in its composition is Brutal Anadrol.


Refers to estrogen-suppressing drugs used on the course of taking steroids. It belongs to the most effective boosters, but it is toxic, which is manifested by loss of appetite, nausea, and an increased risk of thrombosis. It cannot be combined with Trenbolone and Nandrolone. Instead of Tamoxifen, Clomiphene is taken in these courses.

The rest of the testosterone boosters do not deserve attention, because there is no scientific basis for the fact that they really have the declared properties.

What side effects can testosterone boosters cause ">

Taking any supplements that affect testosterone levels on an ongoing basis can be quite dangerous. This is due to the adaptation of the body to drugs of this class, when the synthesis of testosterone begins to decline. And if after a prolonged use of a testosterone booster a person cancels the intake, the amount of hormone produced is so small that the athlete’s muscle volumes are lost, problems with libido arise, depression develops, and so on.

This applies to absolutely all supplements that affect testosterone. Even the best and most effective boosters must be consumed with the utmost care. To protect yourself, it is recommended that you first consult with a specialist, and only then drink these supplements. Among the side effects that an athlete taking such boosters may face are acne and irritability. In rare cases, testicular atrophy, hair loss, gynecomastia can develop.

Is it advisable to take test booster ">