Bad dream: causes, struggle with insomnia

Usually a bad dream haunts those of us who have stressful work and, in addition, are seriously training. Physical activity is good, but it excites the nervous system, and we often just can't fall asleep if we work out in the evening. The reasons for poor sleep can be in the organization of a bed, as well as some bad habits that we acquired while living in modern society.


  • 1 Paper books versus mobile phones
  • 2 Ventilate the room
  • 3 Refuse the “white light”
  • 4 Benefits of a Cool Shower
  • 5 Herbal teas
  • 6 Earplugs and sleep mask
  • 7 Melatonin and its advantages

Paper books vs mobile phones

A mobile phone is a source of radiation, and watching videos or social networks before bedtime does not help our brain to fully relax. It is turned on the phone, and its backlight are often the causes of sleep disturbance. If you want to read before bedtime, let it be something light, not related to work. Read “paper” books and magazines, not information from the screen of a mobile phone. Be sure to turn off all alerts that may wake you up in the middle of the night.

Ventilate the room

Too warm a bedroom can cause you to not get enough sleep. Usually in winter, trying to keep warm, we do not ventilate the room and get too little air. The lack of oxygen in a dream gives the brain a signal that we are suffocating, in the end - we constantly wake up. In a cool room under a warm blanket we get enough sleep. Sufferers from a chronic cold are recommended to use drops or other means against this ailment. Only in this way can you provide yourself with a deep sleep.

Give up the "white light"

Sources of the so-called "white light" are fluorescent lamps. They are not very useful for our nervous system, because our brain reacts to them in the same way as to ordinary daylight. We do not want to sleep in such a room. Therefore, make lighting in the bedroom with ordinary incandescent lamps, and sleep peacefully.

The benefits of a cool shower

Few people know, but cool jets of water are much more useful than a hot relaxing bath. Cold water raises testosterone levels in men, “trains” the vessels, causing their walls to become more elastic, and promotes deeper sleep. No need to swim in ice water, just start with a shower at room temperature. Its gradual decrease every day will provide you with hardening.

Herbal teas

Drinking regular tea, coffee, or alcohol before bedtime is a bad idea. It is better to provide yourself with energy by drinking herbal tea. Plants such as lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile and motherwort help to fall asleep, and make the dream deep and strong. Reception of them helps to get rid of insomnia, and does not give a sedative effect in the afternoon, if you do not overdo it. In general, for problems with falling asleep, it is advised to abandon regular tea or coffee before bedtime, and switch to a chamomile broth from 16.00. But you should not overdo it with food. No, we should not go to bed hungry, but eating huge amounts of food in order to sleep better is not an option. Scientific sources claim that for a good sleep, it is best to eat something that contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates 3-4 hours before going to bed. And then, if you are hungry, you can have a snack with a small amount of cottage cheese or casein.

Earplugs and sleep mask

Unfortunately, in a modern city the noise and light load is too high, and it does not contribute to improving the quality of sleep. Try to avoid unnecessary stress, use a mask for sleeping and ear plugs. This will protect you from the noise of traffic outside the window, and from the headlights of cars. This will help to sleep, even if the neighbors are restless. One needs only to get used to these simple devices, and you can get enough quality sleep, even if the situation is unfavorable.

Melatonin and its advantages

Melatonin is the drug that underlies melaxen and other popular soft sleeping pills. It restores human circadian rhythms, the violation of which often causes insomnia. Melatonin is recommended for athletes to restore circadian rhythms when they are disturbed due to excessive physical exertion. It can help travelers who are "confused" in time zones. The minimum dosage of melatonin is 1-2 mg per day, this will allow you to fall asleep and provide yourself with a stronger and deeper sleep.

All these simple events do not cancel the most important thing. If your training interferes with sleep, you may have chosen a training plan that is not the most correct for you, and you must do something else in order to be successful in sports. After all, recovery is the most important key to success both for gaining muscle mass and for weight loss.