Best Whey Protein Isolate

Sports supplements are an integral part of the bodybuilders ’exercise, consisting of strength training, a special diet and various mixtures to accelerate the achievement of goals. The most demanded food for both professionals and amateurs was and remains protein. It can be different, but it considers whey to be the best, since it is such a protein that has the best amino acid composition and high biological value. Protein complexes are divided into several groups - concentrate, hydrolyzate, isolate.

Whey isolates are a sports supplement that has undergone a high degree of purification. The composition of such products is usually completely absent carbohydrates, cholesterol, fats. The amount of protein is more than 85%. Serum isolate is used, as a rule, during muscle building. This sports supplement has many benefits, including:

  • maximum content of high-quality protein and a minimum of excess impurities;
  • fast absorption of protein in the body;
  • a large number of amino acid complex;
  • effectiveness in suppressing catabolism and improving recovery processes.

The indisputable advantage of whey isolate is that it does not contain lactose, which is why athletes who are allergic to this substance choose it.


  • 1 Whey Protein Isolate Rating - TOP5
    • 1.1 Iso-100 from Dymatize
    • 1.2 Iso Sensation by Ultimate Nutrition
    • 1.3 Zero Carb from VPX
    • 1.4 Varcil R2
    • 1.5 Syntha-6 Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate Rating - TOP5

The supplement is produced by many companies specializing in the production of sports nutrition. In a variety of brands, it is quite difficult to navigate, especially for beginners. In order not to pay for the dubious quality and the absence of any significant effect, you should purchase a product that is time-tested, has many positive reviews from athletes.

Among the variety of isolates available today, the following five additives deserve the most attention:

Iso-100 from Dymatize

It is a popular whey protein isolate. It has excellent taste and quality characteristics. The supplement shows high efficiency and fast absorption rate by the body. The undeniable advantage of the product is that its cost remains affordable for athletes. The isolate contains no carbohydrate and fat. Each serving, which is 29 g, contains 25 g of protein.

Iso Sensation by Ultimate Nutrition

A premium class isolate with balanced amino acid compounds is free of fat. The amount of carbohydrates contained in the supplement does not exceed 1 g. An athlete receives 30 g of protein from each portion of the supplement, which is 33 g. Reviews of this isolate indicate that most of the athletes who drank this protein are satisfied. Bodybuilders note excellent taste, affordable price and the absence of negative effects.

Zero Carb by VPX

It has a good taste, has an average price and excellent quality, is quickly absorbed by the body. The product is not inferior in its properties to other analogues, completely devoid of carbohydrates and fats. Each serving, equal to 24.5 g, gives the athlete 20 g of protein.

Varcil R2

This isolate, manufactured by Nanox, which is a relatively new additive, but quickly gained popularity for its excellent taste, quick dissolution of the mixture in liquid, good digestibility. The only drawback of the product is the high cost that not everyone is willing to pay for the isolate when there are more affordable alternatives. A serving of 28 g contains over 25 g of protein.

Syntha-6 isolate

The additive is released by the famous American brand BSN. Isolate is different from the above sports products. The main difference is that fats and carbohydrates are present in the supplement. The number of the former in one portion, equal to 38, is 1.5, and the second - 7 g. Protein accounts for 25 g. The difference in composition did not affect the popularity of the supplement. The complex is in high demand due to brand recognition. Athletes themselves are also satisfied with the effect that this isolate gives. Athletes like affordable price, high quality, good solubility and digestibility.

Each of the products presented has proven itself. The choice of this or that isolate is that preference should be given according to your individual needs - with carbohydrates and fats or these substances in the composition of the supplement.