How to motivate yourself to sports

The word “ motivation ” is of Latin origin and is derived from the verb “ moveo ”, which in translation means “ move ”. Taking this fact into account, motivation can be defined as a psychoactive process that drives a person who wants to achieve a certain goal. Motivation plays a crucial role in all spheres of human life, including in sports.

The issue of motivation is relevant not only for those involved in sports for the purpose of self-development, but also for professionals. Since everyone experiences a lack of motivation at one time or another. There are days when a person simply doesn’t even want to get out of bed, much less go for a run or go to the gym. And if you give slack to such a feeling, then you don’t have to talk about success in sports. In sports there is no place for a happy or accidental coincidence. Everything depends solely on one’s own willpower, aspiration, stems from the motivations and motivations of the athlete.


  • 1 Why do we need motivation in sports "> 2 Motivating factors
    • 2.1 Achieve Success
    • 2.2 Recognition
    • 2.3 Growth and development
    • 2.4 Quality Workout Content
  • 3 Self-discipline and work on oneself
  • 4 Where to look for inspiration for motivation?
  • 5 Ways to overcome the period of "break"
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Why do you need motivation in sports?

Motivation is one of the key points in sports, which even training is inferior to in importance. To achieve truly great achievements, one skill and talent is not enough. Without iron willpower, perseverance, strong character to achieve any heights in sports is simply impossible. And even if such great athletes as Romario say that training is only for wimps, this should be taken only as a joke.

To get the desired result in sports allows full dedication, leaving your own comfort zone. This applies not only to those people who aspire to such heights as Olympic gold, but also who want to have a beautiful relief body, to bring their weight back to normal. No matter what goal a person wants to achieve, the result will be equal to what efforts were made and expended.

Motivating factors

Important points that allow everyone to find within themselves the willpower to not lose interest or desire to play sports. They are quite simple, and their clear presentation in front of themselves allows you to constantly feel the desire to move forward and only forward:

Achieve success

Being successful, regardless of the sport, is what brings every athlete true pleasure and self-satisfaction, which allows them to receive recognition for all the efforts and time that were spent on training. And the more difficult the path to true success, the higher the degree of satisfaction experienced.


When the results become noticeable and significant, and the people around them recognize them, this will certainly affect the athlete’s respect for himself, allows him to feel his own dignity, and in some cases gain confidence.

Growth and development

Long-term goals and prospects provide confidence not only in the present, but also in the future.

Quality Workout Content

In order not to feel boredom and unwillingness to start the next training, you should carefully select the exercises. They should be interesting and varied. This has a positive effect on sports achievements.

Self-discipline and work on oneself

These are the two main keys to fully realizing yourself in sport, regardless of the global scope of the tasks set for yourself. And these are quite difficult moments, since you have to make certain sacrifices. If walks, parties, hobbies can interfere with the usual routine, you need to be able to abandon them.

Of course, this will be very difficult. But only such difficulties and a clear realization that the rejection of "excesses" gives iron will. Without it, in life it is impossible to achieve anything worthwhile, to rise to heights that you could only dream of. When this happens, nothing can compare with this feeling. It fully justifies all the difficulties experienced. Being a winner in life is worth a lot!

To be motivated, you must always have a desire to keep yourself in good shape, to feel the charge of strength and energy. And this is the true truth. Athletes belong to the category of people who are proud of what they do. They constantly experience a surge of strength, are full of energy, look with confidence into the future, have a clear idea of ​​their intentions and goals. This allows you to find a clear meaning of life, consisting in living for the sake of achieving something. A similar attitude distinguishes the athlete from the general gray crowd. Being active and playing sports is living an eventful life.

Where to look for inspiration for motivation ">

Ways to overcome the period of "break"

Each athlete is faced with a moment when his motivation begins to weaken, and further desire to engage in is steadily declining. This can happen both in the active period of achieving the goal, when all the difficulties, it would seem, were left behind, and after a complete triumph - obtaining the cherished result.

This stage has clearly expressed “symptoms” of decline in motivation:

  • self-pity, which leads to the fact that the athlete simply ceases to give all his best in training for one hundred percent;
  • lack of any pleasure from training, which becomes a routine, and not an instrument of self-development;
  • a gradual decrease in the duration of classes, when, instead of the prescribed time, training lasts much less.

Overcoming this recession is not very easy. The main thing is to pack up and not give up. Not many succeed. After all, a huge number of people start playing sports, but only a few manage to achieve real success. Only seven percent really achieve their goal, the rest just wasting their time. It was these lucky seven percent who were able to abandon the word "want", replacing it with "necessary."

If an athlete has real motivation, he will never be stopped by a fault period or failure. He always goes further and knows how to work on his mistakes. This is real willpower, consisting in the fact that difficulties and barriers do not break, but temper even more. In addition, there is one trick that allows you to quickly overcome the "gap".

To get out of a period of low motivation, you need to monitor progress. There is no universal training program that is suitable for absolutely everyone, without exception. Therefore, if classes cease to produce results, changes are needed. Otherwise, the pleasure of training will not return. You need to experiment and choose exactly what suits you.


A vivid motivational example is the statement of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who said that you should not complain about poor metabolism and genetics, you just need to get up from the couch and start working on yourself, set a goal and believe in yourself. We should not forget that, first of all, you need to defeat yourself, and then no difficulties will be an obstacle.