Flexible and slim body with stretching

The origin of the term “ stretching ” has English roots. This is a special kind of aerobics classes, where all attention is focused on the elasticity and flexibility of the body, on muscle stretching . This type of exercise is suitable for people of any age and does not depend on the degree of preliminary preparation of a person. Classes can be completely independent in nature, and can be an additional burden to the main system of aerobics or fitness exercises.

Regardless of the age or flexibility of the body, such exercises are suitable for everyone. The best result is achieved only if you perform them daily.

First of all, you need to understand what you want to get from these classes:

  • Stimulate blood circulation, lymph circulation;
  • relieve pain provoked by tension of the nervous system and stress;
  • slow down the aging of the body;
  • maintain elasticity of muscle mass;
  • reduce stress on the psyche.

It is worthwhile to figure out what this type of aerobics is, what its benefits are, why they are engaged in stretching, what results a person expects provided that exercises are performed regularly.


  • 1 Stretching: general
  • 2 Benefits of Exercise
  • 3 Nuances and specifics
  • 4 complex exercises
  • 5 Contraindications

Stretching: general information

From all the above, it becomes clear - stretching is a complex for stretching and flexibility of the body. Training can be spontaneous, as a separate full-fledged complex, and additional, as an addition to the developed exercises. Relatively speaking, each of us who at least once tried to sit on the twine, was engaged in stretching. An important element of this type of exercise is stretching the muscles of the legs.

Besides the fact that this kind of aerobics helps excellent training of the muscles of the back, arms, neck, and the whole upper body. Constant stretching exercises help the joints and muscles on the body not to lose mobility, and, importantly, slow down their aging processes.

Stretching classes are included in the training complex for professional athletes and are used as an independent type of medical and health gymnastics. This kind of discipline makes it possible to alternately relax and strain muscle tissues, and this helps well the rapid processes of relieving tension in the body and restores lost strength, helps to relax and tone the body.

Another important fact is that the type of aerobics under consideration provides all women with the opportunity to be slim and beautiful. With regular classes in the gym, at some point, you will notice that all the excess body fat is almost gone, and the size of muscle mass has increased. The relief of the muscles creates the visual impression that the body has become larger. An additional benefit of stretching is the fact that muscles do not grow in breadth, despite their regular stretching. The result of constant exercise is a magnificent figure - a beautiful body, bewitching bends, an ideal waist.

The benefits of exercise

A set of training for flexibility and stretching will give a person:

  • Improving self-esteem, good mood, a sense of comfort and inner satisfaction;
  • help to exclude pain, tension at different points on the basis of eliminating muscle and nerve blocks;
  • activates the cardiovascular system. The work of peripheral veins and arteries is important, since this helps to eliminate chronic ailments and prevent such problems as thrombosis, atherosclerosis, etc.
  • returns the body's natural flexibility and helps rejuvenate the body;
  • harmony, posture will always be magnificent and direct;
  • classes help the development of all muscle groups, including those that are not involved during visits to the gym.

Stretching classes will be appropriate at any time of the day, including between strength training. In just one month, a person notices the manifestation of the hidden capabilities of his own body. For example, you can easily and simply sit in the lotus position, or put your head on your lap. There are no restrictions for improving opportunities, so with the passage of time and regular exercise you can become available amazing secrets of yogis.

Nuances and specifics

There are several varieties of stretching, so it’s easy to choose which one is right for you, depending on your preferences and complexity.

Strength gymnastics - exercises for stretching and muscle strength. Such classes are great for those who have dealt with systematic stretching.

Aerostretching - stretching and elasticity based on paintings in the air. Exercise is not suitable for beginners, as there is a high risk of damage and injury. This type of stretch is suitable for those who already have basic training after practicing the classic form of aerobics.

Beginners should be careful, work gradually. It is unacceptable to demand maximum results from the body in a short period of time, since large loads can greatly damage the muscles of the body. Beginners, as a rule, begin their work with simple exercises, withstanding each of them no more than 15-20 seconds.

Basic rules for beginners:

  • Properly set breath. Do not hold or accelerate inspiration or exhalation. Throughout the entire complex you need to breathe rhythmically and measuredly. You can breathe deeply during a break between the racks;
  • stretching exercises are practiced after aerobics, gymnastics, physical activity. This ensures the required blood flow to the muscle mass and increases their elasticity;
  • after exercise, you need to relax the muscles, not take on hard work, exclude strength exercises, since you can earn overstrain of the body;
  • body stretching occurs to a certain point - pain impulses are an indicator of a sufficient degree of load. The appearance of pain indicates that a person has reached his maximum limit of muscle stretching.

Slight pain should not scare. There is the concept of “pleasant” pain impulses in the muscles, and “dangerous” symptoms that indicate a risk of injury or its presence. A person quickly learns to distinguish one from another after he begins training.

Exercise complex

Training sessions are held in several stages:

  1. Mandatory phase - power manipulation or warm-up: thus, a person heats up his muscles in order to avoid damage.
  2. The system of exercises for flexibility of the body - twine, bridge, inclinations, etc.
  3. A set of stretching exercises that are best performed with a partner.
  4. Classes for muscle relaxation.

The effectiveness of the exercise becomes apparent after several workouts. Each time the body acquires a greater degree of plasticity. Over time, the complex can be expanded, introduce exercises for ballet stretching - this will make it possible to achieve more meaningful progress. Classes can be held to music. Musical accompaniment is an individual choice of a person. Everything fits: an easy version of pop, relaxing ambient, jazz and more. Now there are a number of web sites where all kinds of tunes for fitness, gymnastics, aerobics are laid out.

Simple exercises for flexibility and body stretching:

  1. Direct stance, legs slightly apart and bent at the knees. One hand up, as if reaching for something, then the hand freely falls down. Repeat the same for the second hand. For each hand, do 4-5 times.
  2. Become the same as before this exercise. The left hand rests on the belt, and the right hand needs to clasp your head and tilt to the right, the position is fixed for 20 seconds. Then pause for 10 seconds. The exercise must be repeated for the other part. 10 repetitions are made on each side.
  3. A sitting position is adopted, legs are widely divorced, and hands are placed behind the head. You need to reach for the right knee, while the extreme point should be fixed, then the same thing to the left knee. 8 approaches are being done.
  4. Standing on all fours, stretch the right hand forward, the left leg back, giving them the most extended position, and hold it for 20 seconds. Exercise is done for all limbs. Repeat - 8 times.
  5. Take a lying position, raise your legs to the head, feet clasped hands, this position is held for 20 seconds. Then the legs need to be released. Repeat exercise 8 times.

The main thing is to alternately relax and statically strain the stretched muscles of the body. At the very beginning of the course, it is preferable to engage with an experienced trainer in the field of stretching aerobics.


It is not recommended to train people who have injuries, pathological problems with the spine or joints, especially during periods of exacerbation. Also, do not do exercises for those who have serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, thrombosis, hernia, arthritis, osteoporosis. You can not train with fever, flu, symptoms of any inflammatory processes or infectious diseases.