How to remove stretch marks on the stomach after childbirth

Many women want to prevent stretch marks by carrying out a whole range of activities in advance aimed at preventing this problem. But, unfortunately, they are not always effective, and as a result, after giving birth, it is necessary to look for a reliable way to get rid of stretched skin areas.

Completely this cosmetic defect is difficult to eliminate on its own. To stretch marks become almost indistinguishable on the skin, it is enough and their own efforts. If such a goal is set, the approach must necessarily be comprehensive. It is necessary to combine together medical and folk remedies, special exercises, perform a massage, and revise your eating habits.


  • 1 Causes of stretch marks on the stomach
  • 2 Anti-stretch marks
    • 2.1 Massage treatments
    • 2.2 Cosmetic preparations and procedures
  • 3 Folk recipes against stretch marks on the stomach
  • 4 General recommendations

Causes of stretch marks on the stomach

In scientific terms, stretch marks are called striae. Usually they appear in women in an interesting position, which is facilitated by a sharp change in physical data, including rapid weight gain, a change in hormonal levels. An important role is played by a decrease in the pace of life - a woman ceases to move actively, and in recent months often spends most of her time at home.

Such changes negatively affect the skin. It quickly and strongly stretches, and the amount of elastin and collagen produced by the body is not enough to compensate for this process. These substances are responsible for the elasticity, as well as the tone of the skin. If deformational changes of the dermis occur too quickly, they simply do not keep up with such a rhythm.

The result of such processes is a microscopic rupture in the upper layers of the skin and connective tissues. When this happens relatively regularly, striking strips are formed that are called striae. At first they have a pinkish, reddish or brownish color. Over time, the color changes to silver, light purple or even white.

A huge number of special measures have been developed to prevent the formation of striae, since it is easier to prevent a problem than to then suffer. These methods are effective, but are not universal, since they become useless when:

  • a genetic predisposition to the appearance of microcracks on the skin;
  • a sharp jump in weight, which is typical for most pregnant women;
  • an excessively large volume of the abdomen;
  • lack of nutrients and valuable elements that stimulate the production of high concentrations of elastin with collagen.

And if the last factor can be conditionally considered eliminated, the first three cannot be corrected. Especially considering the fact that a woman should not do anything that could harm a child.

Anti Stretch Marks

It has already been said above that without professional intervention, we can talk about reducing the severity of stretch marks, and not completely getting rid, but even this, if done correctly, is enough to make the skin look smooth and toned. The main thing. combine time-tested techniques.

Another important point is regularity, but all events are rather simple in execution, they do not require any special knowledge, skills, or manipulations. You just need to set a goal and tune in to a successful end result, realizing that you need to fight for striae for more than one month.

Massage treatments

Effective and effective way against sprains in the abdomen. The only limitation is the fact that massage helps from new, that is, recently appeared striae.

Massage is practically powerless against chronic stretch marks. This does not mean that it should be abandoned. It’s just that the procedure is included as an auxiliary one, because it perfectly eliminates sagging and sagging.

Massage the skin dry or with special oils and creams. Among the first, rosemary, almond, and citrus fruits are most popular. There are no special requirements regarding the technique of movements. The main thing is to avoid excessive exposure. The skin must be pulled, plucked, patted so that the movements are palpable, but do not bring pain.

You need to do massage every day. If there is such an opportunity, it is best to carry out two whole procedures daily, which will allow you to more likely get visible results. The duration of the session should be at least half an hour. The minimum course must include at least 25-30 complete procedures.

Massage can be combined with a shower, which is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. They include warm water and a washcloth made of natural fibers, they begin to massage the problem areas, making circular movements. Rinse with cool water.
  2. From 2 to 4 contrast showers are performed at a time, followed by a massage. When the water treatment is complete, the stretch marks are treated with cream. It is necessary to take either regenerating or moisturizing.

Cosmetic preparations and procedures

There is a whole range of measures to reduce the severity and number of striae, but only with regular execution:

  1. Bathtubs. A mixture is poured into the filled bath, which is prepared from a glass of starch and two liters of water. You need to take the procedure every other day no more than a quarter of an hour.
  2. Body wrap. Many women prefer to do. 10-12 drops of jasmine, rosemary, lavender, lemon oil and neroli are applied to the body, as well as 2 tbsp. l mixtures of avocado and jojoba. Then a light and quick massage is carried out, and then the problem area is wrapped with cling film.

Strong pulling of the skin should not be allowed. If the film is tightened too much, blood flow will be impaired, which means that there will be no effect.

Wrapped in film, they lie down, wrap themselves in a warm blanket or blanket, and remain in a horizontal position for about 30 minutes. Such therapy brings results in a month.

  1. Ice wraps. Ideal for daily use. It should not be limited solely to ice obtained by freezing water. It is better to add aromatic and herbal oils to the liquid.
  2. Compress. It helps both from old and new stretch marks. For a liter of hot water put a tablespoon of lemon juice and salt. It is acceptable to use both sea and cookery, but large.

A clean towel is dipped into the resulting solution and applied to the stretch area for about 30 seconds, and then the compress is changed to cold, obtained by wetting the fabric in cold water, which can be obtained by adding ice cubes.

The number of sessions should be 10-12. Compresses are done daily.

The described manipulations must be combined with a diet and a variety of physical exercises, which will reduce the appearance of stretched skin when the striae become almost invisible.

Folk recipes against stretch marks on the stomach

There is a huge amount of funds that can be easily prepared at home, helping to get rid of stretch marks no worse than purchased:

  • Scrubs . To make such a product with your own hands, mix olive oil or sour cream with ground coffee, previously dried and crushed peach, almond, citrus, apricot kernel, ground sea salt.

Apply the product with massaging circular intensive movements. Wash off the scrub with a contrast shower. The procedure is recommended once every two days.

  • Peeling. Knead the avocados to a mushy state, mix with two spoons of clay (cosmetic) previously diluted with water. Apply this peeling for 25 or 30 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse with a stream of water. Use the product every other day.
  • Cream and mummy. The last drug purchased in a pharmacy is diluted with boiled cold water. 1 gram of mummy is placed on a tablespoon of liquid. This amount is added to 3-4 tablespoons of the usual baby cream, in which there are no extraneous additives, and is daily applied to the skin, washing off residues that have not been absorbed. Keep the composition in the refrigerator.
  • Application. Glue is made from blue clay by adding water, which is mixed with fresh liquid honey. The ingredients are taken in equal quantities. The resulting mass is applied to the problem area, bandage the area, leaving the mixture overnight. Wash off in the morning, lubricate the skin with cream. Repeat this procedure 15-20 times.

Among the folk recipes are listed not only cosmetic home preparations, but also the means that have been used by many generations. All of them involve the use of exclusively natural and inexpensive ingredients:

  • Grinding. Take a tablespoon of chamomile, St. John's wort, a string. Herbal mixture is poured with boiling water, brought to readiness in a water bath (hold for 4-5 minutes). The broth is filtered and combined with aloe juice and natural honey. The composition is treated with stretch marks and left.
  • Homemade vegetable cream. Oatmeal is ground on a coffee grinder and poured with an extract of aloe, vegetable oil, mixed with dandelion leaves. Components are taken in equal proportions. Everything is thoroughly stirred and placed in a glass or plastic hermetically sealed container, and then stored in the refrigerator. Apply the composition daily for 12-15 minutes, and then rinse with a contrast shower.

General recommendations

To enhance the effect obtained from the regular implementation of the above procedures, you should often visit a steam bath or sauna. Such visits should be combined with the application of honey on the body. This procedure perfectly helps to reduce the manifestation of striae, as well as significantly discard in volumes. In addition, the skin becomes softer and smoother. If you want to get such an effect for the whole body, completely smeared.

You can not just confine yourself to manipulating external influences. It is also necessary to take care of high-quality nutrition, which involves the use of exclusively healthy products, and especially those that stimulate the production of elastin with collagen. This also applies to regular exercise. And, let the stretch marks not go away completely, but they will become almost indistinguishable.