Effective Fat Burners

Fat burners are one of the best-selling sports foods worldwide. Wanting to lose weight, people believe in advertising any drug that promises an effect, but the evidence base for such drugs is not verified

In this article we will talk about what the principle of action of supplements for weight loss is based on and how to choose a really working fat burner, and not pay big money for a meaningless dummy.


  • 1 Fat burners exist in two versions: thermogenics and lipotropics
  • 2 Essential Fat Burner Ingredients
    • 2.1 Ephedrine, or Ma Huang
    • 2.2 Caffeine
    • 2.3 Guarana
    • 2.4 L-carnitine
    • 2.5 Chrome
    • 2.6 Ball
  • 3 Contraindications for the use of fat burners
  • 4 Popular Fat Burners
  • 5 Recommendations for fat burners
  • 6 How to choose a fat burner - Video

Fat burners exist in two versions: thermogenics and lipotropics

Everything is very simple with the use of thermogenics, the body temperature increases (about 0.5-2.0 ° C), in the chemistry of the body, the active breakdown of carbohydrates received with food begins, because in the body there is a need for additional calories, after processing carbohydrates, the body begins to use its reserves. It is worth noting that the components of the drug are completely natural and have a plant origin, because The drug is based on plant extracts. A side effect, although I would not call it that, is an increase in endurance when working with high weights to failure.

The effect of lipotropics is significantly different from the action of thermogenics. They are based on the process of blocking the synthesis of lipids in the liver, improve the breakdown of adipose tissue to fatty acids, in other words, no matter how much you eat, by taking lipotropics you block the absorption of calories by the body.

You are a full person, but under a layer of fat you have very good muscles, so why not show them to others and increase your own self-esteem, a reasonable combination of drugs containing both thermogenics and lipotropics will help you with this. Consumers, taking fat burners, are afraid that, with the fat mass, those few muscles that are pumped up with precious labor will also go away. This is a fundamentally wrong fallacy, remember that thermogenics and lipotropics only affect fat mass, in order to maintain your muscles in perfect condition during the intake of fat burners, you need sufficient intake of protein in the body, and training that translates this protein into strong muscles.

Fat Burner Essential Ingredients

Ephedrine, or Ma Huang

Its action is based on suppressing appetite, a positive aspect is the fact that when used together with aspirin and caffeine it effectively enhances the fat burning process, independently improves metabolism in the body, and is not an anabolic steroid.


This substance is not only found in various teas, Coca-Cola and coffee, as a fat burner, caffeine is produced synthetically. It excites the nervous system, removes signs of fatigue, but physical activity is reduced. When caffeine is consumed, the heart rate increases, sweating improves, temperature rises, mood improves, and it is a standard psychomotor stimulator


It is part of many diuretic teas and fat burners, it is made from the seeds of creeper. When taken by a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, it provides energy for a long time, because it is delayed in the body for a long time, it stimulates the nervous system.


A substance that lowers blood cholesterol, accelerates fat metabolism, is especially recommended for women.


It has a synergistic effect in combination with thermogenics and L-carnitine.


Plant extract of Sid Cordifolia. Increases the rate of fat metabolism and plays an important role in energy production and lowering blood cholesterol.

Contraindications for the use of fat burners

Fat burners are not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetics and patients with prostatitis. Before use, it is they who are recommended to consult with a health care provider.

Do not take drugs in the evening, as this can lead to sleep disturbance. Do not exceed the dosage, strictly follow the instructions attached to the drug.

In case of side effects: neurological arousal, irritability, vomiting, sleep problems, headaches, allergies - it is necessary to reduce the dosage or temporarily stop consumption. Fat burners should be taken as indicated in the instructions for 2 to 4 weeks, with the necessary adherence to the diet attached to the instructions to obtain the optimal result for your figure, with the desired 1 - 2 week break. In the case of uncontrolled administration of drugs, addiction and a decrease in effectiveness are observed. When using thermogenic preparations, it is necessary to take multivitamins together, as well as use fitness belts and shorts, swimming and running should be included in the workout.

Popular Fat Burners

1. Lipre-6X from Nutrex.
This fat burner has high performance and at the same time is very affordable for all athletes. Nutrex also introduced a more concentrated analogue, but made it a little more expensive than Lipo-6 Black. The Lipo 6 capsule consists of two parts, the first is responsible for the most rapid effect (absorbed in the shortest possible time), and the second part provides a long-lasting effect. Thus, after consuming a serving of Lipo-6X, you guarantee fat burning throughout the day.

This legendary fat burner is based on ECA. The composition includes such components as: ephedra, caffeine and aspirin. All ingredients create a powerful synergistic effect on body fat and make them capitulate.

This drug acts intellectually. OXYELITE PRO blocks Alpha 2 receptors, which accumulate fat in problem areas (on the stomach, buttocks and sides). This drug for weight loss is the best ratio of price - quality.

The composition of this drug includes ingredients of natural origin, which makes it absolutely safe and at the same time effective in the fight against excess weight. The experience of OPTIMUM NUTRITION has allowed us to create a product that will help you lose weight quickly and not experience discomfort.

5. Methyldrene Elite 25 from Cloma Pharma
Cloma Pharma closes our top five “best fat burners”. The basis is the ECA complex, while the composition includes B vitamins, this drug will not only get rid of extra pounds, but also prevent the appearance of new fatty deposits.

Fat Burner Recommendations

  1. Buy fat burners made only by patented sports nutrition companies. In no case do not buy unverified goods, without packaging or without instructions, only we guarantee the originality of the product purchased from us
  2. Consider possible addiction to drugs, so every 2-4 weeks of admission, you need to take a week break.
  3. Remember that while taking thermogenics, the body temperature can increase by 0.5-20C. Do not exceed dosage.
  4. When taking thermogenic complexes, it is necessary to drink them with plenty of water to prevent dehydration of the body. Note: thermogenic complexes are taken before meals.
  5. In no case do not use thermogenics before bedtime! This can contribute to the emergence of persistent insomnia, nervous agitation.
  6. Reception of thermogenic complexes should be accompanied by a vitamin-mineral complex with a large amount of water due to increased water loss by the body through perspiration, including during training.
  7. Attention!!! If you begin to experience irrepressible nervous excitement, trembling, drowsiness, nausea, lack of appetite, you must immediately reduce the dose of the drug or stop taking it altogether.

How to Choose a Fat Burner - Video