Multicomponent protein

Complex or multicomponent proteins are called a mix of proteins of various kinds. This category of sports supplements is designed to provide muscle fibers with amino acid nutrition. The main advantage of multicomponent protein is the duration of action.

This is achieved due to the presence of slowly and rapidly digestible proteins in the composition. Thus, amino acids nourish the muscles from four to seven hours after taking sports. Complex proteins are widespread. They are taken not only during mass gain, but also during the drying period.


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Complex protein constituents

The additive is produced by many manufacturers. The vast majority of such complexes are made from four varieties of protein:

  • Serum. It is the most effective protein, characterized by a fast absorption rate and high-quality amino acid composition.
  • Casein. It is the slowest of the proteins, which allows muscle fibers to receive nutrition for six or even eight hours from the time of taking the complex.
  • Egg. And neither fast nor slow protein. It is absorbed relatively quickly and often combines with whey, has a high biological value and a pretty good amino acid composition.
  • Soya. It is considered the least quality of all proteins. It is usually combined with whey protein.

The ratio of components in the additive is variable. Exact proportions vary by manufacturer. Some complexes belong to the group of slow-digesting, because they contain a large amount of casein. These protein supplements are allowed to be used both during muscle gain and when the athlete dries. Pure whey protein, as shown by various studies, is always more effective to achieve any sporting goal.

How to take multicomponent proteins

The multicomponent protein intake regimen is determined by the purpose for which the supplement is taken. If an athlete builds muscle mass, then it is best to drink the complex before going to bed, which will provide amino acids overnight, two hours immediately before training, to replenish amino acids and recharge your batteries, as well as between individual meals. It is allowed to take the complex even after the training is completed, but preference should be given to fast whey proteins rather than slow proteins. The amount of protein in one serving should not be more than 30 grams of the substance. This is due to the fact that, as most athletes believe, the body cannot absorb large doses of protein in one go.

The use of supplements from a mixture of proteins with different absorption rates for weight loss does not differ from the above. The complex is recommended to drink between separate meals, 120 minutes before classes, as well as before bedtime. The difference is that the serving should be reduced. If for weight gain it is recommended to drink 30 grams of protein at a time, then for weight loss the amount of substance in a serving should be halved, that is, up to 15 grams. Failure to comply with this advice will reduce the effectiveness of the complex on drying.

Multiple Protein Disadvantages

Mixing whey protein with proteins with different absorption rates and amino acid composition, as most experts believe, leads to a loss of anabolic properties. There has been a direct relationship between the rate of muscle tissue volume and the rate of protein absorption. Therefore, it is pure whey protein that is most effective.

Another disadvantage of the protein mixture is that not all complexes are of high quality. There are quite a few mixes in which soy protein predominates, since it is the cheapest, inferior in quality to the others. To get the maximum benefit from the supplement, you should purchase products only from world-recognized brands.

The best multicomponent protein complexes

Among the multicomponent proteins on the market, the following additives were most popular:

  • BSN's Syntha-6 is one of the most popular products in its segment. Most bodybuilders acquire it, even taking into account the fact that only half of the composition is protein. Athletes like the high quality and great taste of this supplement.
  • Syntrax's Matrix is widely used due to its excellent value for money.
  • MusclePharm's Combat Powder is of good quality, effective, but tastes average.
  • Elite XT, manufactured by Dymatize, has an affordable cost and is not satisfactory, as it is a product of the brand that has established itself only on the positive side.

The purchase of additives from a well-known manufacturer reduces to zero the risk that the product will be ineffective. In addition, you should first study the product reviews that athletes leave.