Rich piana

Rich Piana is a well-known bodybuilder with unrealistically large arms, the volume of which exceeds 56 cm. Such an arm volume is not uncommon in modern bodybuilding, however, Rich's shape and shape look completely unnatural. “Sintolshchik”, - the first thought arises when looking at Piana. Yes, Rich does not deny that he used Synthol, he openly speaks about this in his video clips. Such a statement caused heated debate on the network. Rich shot another video message in which he emphasized that he had tried Synthol in order to experience what kind of drug it was, but this does not mean that he still uses it. “I used it and am good at it. When you try it on yourself, you will understand that this is dog shit, and that under no circumstances on this planet you can not do yourself these injections on an ongoing basis. Everyone who has tried Synthol on himself knows that I am telling the truth. Those who have not tried it continue to carry all kinds of nonsense, ”says Piana. Indeed, Rich Piana’s secret is not in Synthol.

Rich's steroid story began at the age of 18 in preparation for the youth competition. Piana said that his first course was very simple. He used testosterone and deca (durabolin), 1 cm3 of each drug per week. Rich added 12.5 kg in 8 weeks, 10 kg of them were muscle mass. Piana claims that he was not a weak teenager even before taking steroids, his bench press was 140 kg. After an 8-week course, his bench press rose to 165 kg (185 kg on the bridge). As a result, he became the absolute winner in the competitions for which he was preparing. The first success turned the guy's head, Piana could no longer stop.

Rich Piana failed to achieve heights in competitive bodybuilding, but managed to become an excellent businessman . At 22, he set himself the goal, by all means, to earn a good home. He began to put off every cent, saving on everything. In one of the videos, Rich shared his diet of the time. He ate 6 times a day, each meal consisted of half a pack of ravioli and 4 whole eggs. Sometimes Piana added some oatmeal or rice to her meal to increase the amount of carbohydrates. The maximum cost of such a diet cost him $ 8-10 per day. Thus Piana ate for a year and a half. However, every Sunday he allowed himself to eat heartily in a cafe immediately for the sum of $ 10.

Thanks to this asceticism, Rich managed to make some savings that helped him start his own business. Now Rich is a successful businessman buying up real estate in Texas. He lives in a chic mansion, he has a large collection of exclusive tuned cars. Rich Piana has been a personal trainer for over 20 years.

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