Training program to increase bench press

For powerlifters, bench press is a separate discipline, and in bodybuilding, bench press is one of the most popular. An increase in its effectiveness guarantees the maximum effect from training and the achievement of goals set for the athlete.

This can be achieved by repetitive exercise. There are other movements that must be performed to improve the benefits received from the bench press. They must also be included in the classes.


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What training program allows you to increase the bench press?

The proposed system is based on two training options. At least two workouts are recommended weekly. This is the optimal scheme. If recovery is quick, you can devote it to classes up to four days a week. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete's body.

The first step towards improving the bench press from a prone position is to determine your maximum. In other words, the bodybuilder needs to find his limit, that is, a record. This indicator becomes the main starting point for the compilation of an individual training system.

To fully concentrate on the task, you should focus only on the main task. Therefore, in the training program under consideration, pumping of the lower body is completely excluded, and all emphasis is only on the top. To support the muscles of the legs in good tone, it is enough to simply perform warm-up trips of the squat at the beginning of training or in any free time when it is.

Training program to increase bench press results

When you have decided on your own repeated maximum, you can start training.

First training

  • 1. Bench press (60% of 1 repeated maximum) - 1 warm-up approach + 3 workers of 5 reps - we perform at maximum speed, train explosive force;
  • 2a. The bench press with a narrow grip - a warm-up approach + 3 workers of 5 reps - we also work in high-speed mode, we strengthen the triceps and the inside of the chest;
  • 2b. Standing barbell press - 1 warm-up approach + 3 workers - strengthen the front deltoid muscles.

Options 2a and 2b are used alternately (only 2a in one workout, only 2b in another). But if you have any muscle group lagging (triceps or deltas), then use one of the options more often.

  • 3. Pull-ups with a wide grip - 1 approach only with its own weight for 7-8 repetitions, 2 approach with an additional burden for 6-8 repetitions, and the last set again with its weight for the maximum number of repetitions.
  • 4. Rod pull in the slope - 2 warm-up approaches + 3 workers for 6-8 reps.

Second training

  • 1. Bench press - 40% of 1 repeated maximum for 8 repetitions, 55% for 5 repetitions, 70% * 1, 80% * 1, 90% * 1, 100% * 1, a new record.

Setting a record, you do not need to try to surpass yourself. The optimal increase in load is from 500 grams to 1 kilogram. You should not take more. It is not recommended to set a record without confidence that it is achievable. If you feel weak or tired, it’s better to either postpone the workout to another day, or simply consolidate the result achieved in previous workouts, and not go to new achievements. Pauses between separate approaches should be done for about five minutes.

  • 2. French bench press - 2 warm-ups + 3 working sets of 8 repetitions;
  • 3. Lifting the bar for biceps - 1 warm-up + 3 working sets of 8 repetitions.

To set new records and work with maximum weight is necessary only with a partner. It is recommended to work on the presented program from 16 to 18 weeks, training twice a week.