Perfect proportions in bodybuilding

The result of a bodybuilder speaking at competitions and contests depends on many factors. Judges take into account the degree of venousness, dryness and muscle quality of the athlete. All these parameters are important, but without the right ideal proportions, it is impossible to achieve significant heights in bodybuilding. This is the main reason for the high interest in what proportions in bodybuilding are considered ideal, whether bodybuilders from among amateurs should strive for these indicators.

Some hold the erroneous opinion that muscle mass is considered the main criterion for a bodybuilder. This is far from the truth. There are a huge number of examples when bodybuilders who have less weight than opponents became the winners of the competition, because their proportions were better. For bodybuilding, the beauty of the body is important, and other parameters, including weight, are the next in importance.


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    • 2.1 Table of anthropometric changes of Marcel Rouet
  • 3 Perfect proportions and amateur bodybuilding

Ideal proportions

A beautiful physique implies that the ratio between different parts of the body is “sustained” in a certain framework:

  • the pelvis and chest in girth should form a difference of 9 to 10;
  • the neck circumference is 38, and the waist is 75 percent of that of the chest;
  • forearm should be equal to 30 percent of the girth of the neck;
  • The calf circumference should be 60 percent of the hip circumference and 40 percent of the pelvis circumference.

The basis for finding the ideal proportions can be taken from the tables, the data of which are based on the height and weight of the athlete. The taller the athlete, the greater the circumference, that is, he should look larger.

Table of ideal proportions in bodybuilding

Weight heightNeckBicepsForearmChestWaistTazHipShin
0.3435.633.327.792.569.383.350, 033.3
0.3938.135.830, 099.874.789.753.835.8
0.4239.637.131, 0103, 476, 293.055.937.1
0.4440.938, 432, 0106.980.396.357.738, 4
0.4742, 439.933.3110.582.899.659.739.9
0.5345, 242, 435.3117.988.4105.963.542, 4
0.6047.845, 237.6125.594.2113.067.845, 2

Focusing on tabular indicators, it should be borne in mind that the coefficient of weight and growth is found by dividing these two parameters. An athlete with a weight of 100 kilograms and a height of 180 cm, it is 0.555.

Marcel Rouet Anthropometric Changes Table

Height, cmWeight, kgNeck, cmBiceps cmChest, cmWaist, cmThigh cmDrumstick, cm
17174.038, 038, 01118158.038, 0
17275, 538.538.51128258.538.5
17580.040, 040, 01158560.040, 0

To check how proportions are important for professional athletes, you can compare the body parameters of the best bodybuilders for compliance with tabular data, which demonstrate the ideal sizes of the girths.

Knowing which proportions in bodybuilding are taken as ideal, each athlete has a chance to measure and compare their own parameters with them.

Perfect proportions and amateur bodybuilding

The proportionality of physique, as has already become clear, is crucial for a professional bodybuilder. Whether it is necessary to strive for such an ideal for an amateur is already a separate topic requiring a more detailed consideration.

Professionals bring their body proportions to ideal levels through the use of pharmacological agents. In amateur bodybuilding, everything depends on genetics. Small shoulders and a narrow back cannot be greatly expanded without serious sports pharmacology. This also applies to the chest. It will not become much larger if there is no such predisposition. Convex and large breasts will only be with anabolic steroids. For professionals and amateurs with equal strength indicators, physique is strikingly different.

If the measurements have shown that the proportions do not match the ideal, you should not be upset. Achievement of perfection is necessary only for those who strive to perform and win competitions. For amateur bodybuilding, persistence and training are important, allowing you to improve your natural data in order to feel great on the beach or in the pool, increase self-esteem. Good body shape and muscle mass is all that fans need. Ideal proportions are a subjective assessment in the framework of competitive professional programs.