Drying Creatine

To achieve this goal, athletes take various sports supplements. Fans who want to get rid of excess body fat often use creatine. Its usefulness lies not only in stimulating the growth of lean muscle mass without fat, but also in the fact that, thanks to the supplement, endurance and strength indicators are increased.

Creatine, as a rule, is used during periods of gaining muscle mass, but those who dry are also drinking the supplement. Beginners who have recently started training and have no experience with taking sports supplements are interested in the question of whether it is possible to take it during the build-up of relief.

Can I take creatine while losing weight?

Studies prove creatine's ability to retain water in the body. The fat burning process does not change after taking the supplement, but the accumulated fluid prevents the formation of bumps.

The reasons why creatine is taken on a dryer is because the supplement:

  • increases endurance during training, and, therefore, allows you to burn more calories;
  • helps to increase strength during the drying period, which allows you to continue to train and withstand loads when the diet that has undergone changes cannot replenish energy;
  • It contributes to the growth of muscle mass without fat, which is practically impossible to do without taking creatine, since losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time is not possible, but the supplement minimizes volume loss.

Creatine has only one minus - the supplement retains fluid in the muscles. This drawback is relevant only to those who are preparing to compete in competitions. For athletes who want to get rid of excess fat, that is, to dry, this aspect is insignificant. Water will leave immediately after withdrawal of creatine.

How to take creatine while drying

The supplement is available in a variety of forms. The most effective is monohydrate. It is recommended to use it both on drying and during the period of muscle mass gain. The daily intake of the supplement is 5 grams.

This is not the only way to take creatine. It can be used with the use of loading, when the first five days take 20 grams, and then reduce the rate to 3-4 grams. As recent scientific studies have shown, the body is not able to absorb more than 5 grams per day, and, therefore, drinking the supplement in large quantities is not advisable.

Drying creatine can also be drunk with other supplements. It can be amino acid complexes (it is better to choose BCAA), proteins, fat burners, pre-workouts and so on. The supplement is not recommended to be used simultaneously with caffeine. Substances do not combine with each other, but conflict. There are exceptions, but a separate article should be read about this information.


Creatine during the drying period is useful and helps to continue to exercise and maintain strength. The supplement stimulates the process of fat burning while preserving muscle mass, which is simply impossible to do without taking the drug. In addition, thanks to creatine, performance during exercise improves. It should be borne in mind that when weighing the results are almost or completely invisible. This is due to water retention, but after the withdrawal of creatine, when the fluid is gone, the effect of the lost fat will affect the weight.