Hula-hoop: how to choose the right, benefit and harm

The hoop is a round-shaped sports equipment that allows you to lose weight and gain a slender waist. The main thing is to master the technique, perform the exercises correctly and follow all the recommendations of specialists. The results after training with a hula hoop are not long in coming.


  • 1 Types of Hula Hoops: How to Choose
    • 1.1 Normal hoop
    • 1.2 Folding hoop
    • 1.3 Weighted Hoop
    • 1.4 Massage hoop
    • 1.5 Hoops with magnets
    • 1.6 Hoop with integrated calorie counter
    • 1.7 GimFlexor
  • 2 "How to choose a gymnastic hoop"> 3 Hula-hoop rotation technique
  • 4 Contraindications to the use of a hula hoop
  • 5 Most Effective Gymnastics Hoop Exercises
  • 6 Summary

Types of Hula Hoops: How to Choose

To master how to twist the hoop correctly, you must first pick up a shell that fully corresponds to the level of training and purpose. There are several variations of the hula hoop. Each model has its own characteristics. They must be taken into account when choosing.

Plain hoop

Known to everyone since the days of the USSR, this hoop began to be actively used in the sixties of the last century. Its popularity has not decreased at all to this day. With a diameter of 95 cm, it is made hollow from plastic or iron. The main feature of the hula hoop is its relatively light weight, which makes the hoop the best option for beginners.

Folding hoop

It is a modernized design of a conventional hoop. Folding in two or four, it will be an ideal choice for those who train with hula-hoop during the day when there is free time. The disassembled hoop takes up little space, which allows you to carry it with you without any problems, which is impossible to do if you deal with an ordinary structure that does not fold.

Weighted Hoop

Due to the weight, which reaches two kilograms, it has a good load on the hips and waist. First of all, it is suitable for those who, doing hula-hoop, want to lose weight and adjust the silhouette. However, given the severity of the projectile, it is not always possible for people with sensitive skin to deal with it for a long time. This is fraught with bruising. They are formed only in the first time of classes. And if the difficulties are not scary, regularly training with a weighted hula-hoop, very soon you can forget about the problems with bruises.

Massage hoop

The inner surface of such a hoop is covered with massaging elements, which are small suction cups. When the hula hoop rotates, they stick and stick. This creates a massage effect that stimulates metabolic processes and blood circulation in problem areas.

Instead of suction cups, balls that rotate can be built into the massage hoop. They not only massage the body, but also serve as additional weighting. The number of balls reaches about 30.

Hoops with magnets

Exposure to a magnetic field improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues. Weak, lymphatic and blood currents formed under the action of magnets are moving conductors that enhance and activate metabolic processes.

Hoop with integrated calorie counter

Based on speed control and the number of rotations performed, which allows you to know the result of classes. Such shells have their drawbacks. Calories burned are calculated without taking into account such individual characteristics as height and weight.


The most modern of the existing hula-hoops. The material of manufacture is reinforced rubber, so the hoop is pumped up before use. The flexibility of the projectile allows you to give it any form during training. It can be not only rotated, but also involved in the implementation of various non-standard exercises.

How to choose a gymnastic hoop "> Hula-hoop rotation technique

For a beginner, who first picked up a hoop, it is necessary to master the technique of rotating the projectile:

  1. the initial position implies the placement of the legs shoulder-width apart and a straight stance, in which the body weight is distributed evenly over the feet, and the socks unfold;
  2. hula-hoop is placed and held at the waist;
  3. rotation is carried out exclusively due to the movement of the waist and hips;
  4. the body is involved in the work, which allows you to work out various muscle groups.

No congestion. The increase in intensity should occur from lesson to lesson, but subject to regular implementation. It is better to do ten-minute workouts three to five times a week, rather than one hour.

Fatigue and limited time should not be an obstacle. Small workouts after a working day are much more beneficial and allow the body to burn even more calories through mobilization. Long classes after long breaks, on the contrary, can cause harm.

Contraindications to the use of a hula hoop

Muscles are dangerous to overload during the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy and immediately after delivery. Here everything is individual and those women who have been engaged in a hoop for a long time can continue training, but only if the attending physician, based on his health condition, gives his approval.

It is contraindicated to twist the hoop for severe injuries of the back, neck, legs. The danger lies in the fact that rotation in this state can be quite pleasant, but subsequently it will have a bad effect on the human condition. Therefore, you should always consult with a specialist.

The most effective exercises with a gymnastic hoop

The best exercises for hula hoop exercises are:

  1. Warming up is recommended with a massage hoop. He is taken with both hands, bent forward, trying to keep his back straight. This movement gives the waist flexibility. Further, they make turns on the sides, simultaneously rolling the projectile on the back. Thanks to such a warming massage, the muscles of the abdominal cavity become supple and well developed.
  2. Hula hoop is put on and becomes in the initial position. Lower the hoop and turn it in the direction of rotation with the hips. When there is complete confidence that the hoop will not fall, hands are raised up and trying to stretch out. During rotation, you should try to make as many different movements as possible, change the speed, and tighten the muscles. This exercise is basic and familiar to many, it must be included in the training.
  3. To accelerate fat burning, it is necessary to strain the lower abdominal muscles, to do alternately lunges with your legs back. The main thing is to keep your back straight and help yourself with your hands. Thanks to this exercise, a large number of body muscles are activated, which entails losing weight.
  4. Maintaining balance with a hula hoop is a rather difficult exercise that is done standing on only one leg. Holding the hoop, lean forward and backward, maintaining balance with your hands. Such training improves the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, helps to control both individual and several muscle groups. This allows you to prepare for absolutely any exercise using the hula-hoop.
  5. Taking a deep breath, arms are spread apart and lifted up. With an exhalation, relax your hands so that they fall. This movement expands and narrows the chest, making it possible to breathe deeper. Such breathing strengthens the heart muscles and lungs, provides a good rest.
  6. Hula-hoop dancing is not a full-fledged exercise, but it perfectly tones and corrects the silhouette. When the free space where the lesson is held allows, then, twisting the hoop, they actively dance, moving both their hands and hips.

You should not take the gymnastic hoop as a sports equipment exclusively for women. It helps to remove the fat layer from problem areas, including the “beer” tummy, therefore it is also useful for men.


You should not rely solely on classes with a gymnastic hoop. Any physical activity brings results and benefits only when it is combined with a proper balanced and healthy diet. This implies eating healthy foods with a clear calorie count.

A good sports diet and hula hoop will help you find a beautiful and fit figure. And the faster you start to train and eat right, the sooner your goal will be achieved. The main thing is to get a hoop, if it is not, and start classes.