Ectomorph gainer

Ectomorphs are people who, as a rule, have a thin physique, which is much more difficult to build good muscle mass. This is due not only to external physical data, a low percentage of body fat, but also to an accelerated metabolic rate. To make progress in the process of increasing muscle volume, ectomorphs need to increase the usual calorie content of their daily diet. For these purposes, such a sports supplement as a gainer is perfect. However, it is not enough just to buy this product, you need to know which brands are considered the best of the best.


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    • 2.1 No. 1 "True-Mass" from BSN
    • 2.2 No.2 “Serious Mass” by Optimum-Nutrition
    • 2.3 No. 3 "Mega Gainer" from the company Dimatize
  • 3 How to cook a gainer?

What is a gainer?

This is an artificially synthesized carbohydrate-protein mixture, which is one of the most popular sports supplements for athletes. It is taken to increase muscle mass.

Along with proteins and carbohydrates, gainers consist of micro and macro elements, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, creatine. The percentage of these substances is variable. Such a multicomponent composition has a beneficial effect on a regularly trained athlete.

In one serving of a gainer, between 500 and 1, 500 kilocalories are contained. High energy value allows ectomorph to obtain the required number of calories, which allows to build muscle mass.

The best time to consume is considered a “carbohydrate window”, which occurs immediately after the end of strength training. This makes it possible to restore the expended energy and strength, to suppress catabolism - the process of destruction of muscle fibers.

The best gainers for ectomorph

You should not purchase a supplement of dubious quality. It is recommended to focus on products from the best manufacturers:

No. 1 "True-Mass" from BSN

About 36 percent of this gainer is high-quality protein. It contains a high content of various macro- and microelements, carbohydrates. Having a low glycemic index, it is slowly absorbed, which ensures a uniform increase in energy balance for a long time. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it should be consumed immediately after training, which allows both to restore strength and minimize the formation of fatty deposits against the background of an increase in the effect of muscle fiber growth.

No. 2 "Serious Mass" by Optimum-Nutrition

An advantage has been developed specifically for ectomorphs. One serving of a gainer contains 1, 500 kilocalories, of which 250 grams are carbohydrates, and 50 grams is protein. The product contains keratin, which inhibits free nitrogen molecules present in every amino acid, as well as trace elements and vitamins. The norm for the first application is from 30 to 50 grams.

No. 3 "Mega Gainer" from the company Dimatize

Great for ectomorphs, it is widely known for its sweet taste and high efficiency. This gainer consists of high-quality whey protein, milk protein, corn starch, soybean oil. The product was created specifically for ectomorphs and is becoming an excellent assistant in increasing strength indicators and gaining good mass.

These three proven products will be indispensable for those who are thin by nature, but want to gain muscle mass, actively training.

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