Bodybuilding Baby Food

Bodybuilders who are engaged in strength training not on a professional, but on an amateur level, want to not only be well pumped up, but also to have a beautiful relief and proportionally developed body. To achieve such results, athletes often experiment with various methods and nutritional supplements. Many bodybuilders are interested in how baby food "Kid" is really effective for training. Some decide to test it personally, others, on the contrary, first seek information on the advisability of including such an additive to their diet on the Internet.

The composition and characteristics of baby food

On the shelves of stores there are many varieties of food for the smallest. The composition and features are largely dependent on the brand. Almost every manufacturer has its own “branded” set of ingredients that distinguishes its products from other analogues. Baby food, contrary to popular belief, is not rich in protein composition. It contains only 10 to 20 percent protein. Most of the product is fats and carbohydrates. This means that comparing baby food with the protein complex is wrong. The product is more like a gainer.

Such a composition makes nutrition for babies suitable exclusively for ectomorphs - people with a thin physique by nature, experiencing a high need for carbohydrates for weight gain. Fatty athletes should refrain from eating baby food, as it can provoke an increase in subcutaneous fat.

Thus, this product has two significant disadvantages:

  1. low percentage of protein, which is necessary for athletes for high-quality muscle growth;
  2. a large ratio of carbohydrates and fats, which are deposited in the fat layer under the skin.

In addition, the high cost of the product should be taken into account. Comparing the cost of baby food with protein complexes from world famous manufacturers, you can see that buying the latter is much more profitable. The product has its own advantages. Baby formulas are enriched with vitamins and minerals, which sports complexes cannot boast of, but their dosage is palpable only for the body of a small child, but not for an adult who is also actively training. In other words, the benefits of such nutrition are only for a certain limited number of athletes, and not for everyone.

How to take baby food

Bodybuilders who consciously decide to use infant formulas should carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer. The vast majority of such products are bred either with water or with milk.

To increase the amount of protein consumed, bodybuilders usually opt for milk. Today, few athletes resort to eating baby food, but there was a time when it really was in great demand. In the nineties of the last century, bodybuilders did not even bred the product, but ate powdered mixtures in dry form, since there were no protein complexes on sale then.

Bodybuilding Baby Food Reviews

A huge number of topics and discussions on thematic sites and forums are devoted to baby nutrition in bodybuilding. The reviews that athletes leave about this product as an additive for muscle building are mostly negative. This is facilitated by the composition of the mixtures. They contain few proteins, but many simple (fast) carbohydrates, as well as fats, which provoke excess weight. The high price of food for babies is also a big minus. For a similar amount, you can purchase a high-quality protein complex from leading manufacturers, receiving a significant portion of protein and a minimum of harmful fats with carbohydrates. Not everyone likes the taste of infant formula. Both weight gainers and proteins are much more pleasant to drink, therefore, training athletes who want to have impressive muscles and terrain prefer this particular sports drink.