An Effective Steroids Mass Gain Course For Beginners

All athletes know what steroids are, many of them have experienced the effects of these drugs on themselves. In order for their intake to contribute to effective mass gain, it is necessary to observe a strict regime and some rules.

A steroid course is a certain period of time during which bodybuilders take anabolics to build a good figure. At its core, steroids are a drug, their use should be controlled in the most stringent way.

Any newcomer to the bodybuilding world who decides to try anabolic drugs for the first time should not exceed the required dose, this leads to undesirable side effects. He needs to draw up his steroid course, which will be limited in time and number of drugs taken. Before starting this course, he should learn as much as possible about the risks associated with prolonged consumption of anabolics, and the possible consequences.

We accept only the "right" steroids

There are two main types of anabolic steroids: oral and injectable. A beginner during his course can take both of them, such a combination in itself does not cause harm. However, as a result of taking injectable drugs, certain problems may arise, therefore, it is recommended that novice athletes use only oral steroids during their first course. Anabolics such as Anavar or Dianabol are ideal in this situation. But you need to understand that oral medications cannot give you the benefits that injectable steroids have.

In addition, taking too many oral medications alone can adversely affect your liver, so be sure to consult your doctor before using steroids.

First course: the best steroids

The most popular oral medication for gaining muscle mass is Dianabol. The effectiveness of this drug for the first course has been proven. But, there is one very important point: prolonged use of the drug negatively affects the liver. Therefore, the course of its administration should be very short. A time period of 8 weeks (the main 5 weeks and 3 weeks of the recovery cycle) will be quite enough for any beginner. The recommended dose is 30 mg.

An excellent therapeutic tool after the completion of the course is Nolvadex. The drug increases the level of testosterone produced and minimizes the loss of muscle mass. Most of the anabolics significantly reduce the production of endogenous testosterone due to the fact that the feedback mechanism is “inhibited”.

Clomid is considered an alternative to Nolvadex, however, the dosage in this case varies.

Nandrolone is a family of drugs similar in their action to testosterone. The main difference is that they have less androgenic properties. A steroid course, including exclusively taking Nandrolone, should last no more than 10 weeks, the recommended weekly dose is not more than 500 mg. To reduce the level of estrogen in your body, at the same time as taking this anabolic, take another drug - Arimedex.

Winstrol oral steroids are best suited for a uniform set of muscle mass. Their main advantage is the absence of side effects that could be associated with estrogen. In addition, after taking the drug, water does not linger in the body. Due to this, the beginner does not have, as the athletes say, a “swimming” look after the course. Daily dosage - no more than 50 mg, course duration - 5 weeks.


Steroid courses are widely used in order to effectively transform your physique, especially muscle mass. This is generally accepted in the world of power sports. However, prior to their use, it is better to consult a specialist in this field (sports doctor) and undergo a complete medical examination. Based on its results, the doctor will be able to choose the most optimal dosage for you and calculate the duration of the steroid course.