Denis Padilla - Slayer of the Giants


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  • Height: 157 cm
  • Competitive weight: 82 kg


Denis Padilla was born April 3, 1951 in the United States. Initially, no one would have thought that this unpretentious boy would be the world champion in bodybuilding. Although in his school years he was constantly offered to enroll in the sports section, looking at the stunning successes in football, basketball and wrestling. However, Denis' attention was attracted only to bodybuilding. At the age of eight, when he saw the first time a bodybuilding magazine in a store window, he set himself the goal of taking first place on the prestigious show "Mr. America", and at 23 he achieved his cherished dream.


Padilla earned his first award on the Mr. Rochester podium at the age of 18, thanks to his tenacity and incredible willpower. Denis made all the necessary equipment for training himself, he enthusiastically and inventively approached the creation of his own simulators. He also developed his own training concept, which always helped him defeat his heavy competitors. Thanks to these fantastic victories, Denis earned his nickname - "the killer of giants ." With small stature (about 157 cm) and light weight (80 kg during the competitive period), Denis possessed excellent proportions, relief and muscle density. In addition, he is incredibly charming and has an excellent overall physical shape.

Padilla is also known for the fact that during his entire sports career he has not received a single serious injury, and has never even complained of joint or muscle pain. He is always ready to experiment with his body, believing that in training and nutrition you should, first of all, feel what your body needs.

Despite his rather respectable age for sports, Denis does not even think about the end of his career. He constantly participates in demonstrations, advises young athletes and helps them in preparing for the championships. Now he devotes all his time to preparing for the main bodybuilder championship “ Mr. Olympia

We can say that Denis Padilla honestly earned the title of world bodybuilding legend, if only because, despite his small stature, he achieved incredible success in the fierce sport of real men, where the criteria for assessing the size of the male body are in the first place. He proved that if a person desires something really very strong, he will certainly achieve his dream.

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