Remove fat from the abdomen

A raised and beautiful figure is the dream of everyone, without exception. It allows you to gain self-confidence, and the fat that hides the muscles on the sides and stomach, on the contrary, spoils the whole impression of the silhouette. A well-chosen diet and exercises allow you to get rid of this flaw.


  • 1 Fat on the sides and abdomen
  • 2 Problem areas
  • 3 Dependence of fat on glycemic index
  • 4 Causes of Abdominal Growth
  • 5 Running in the fight against fat on the stomach
  • 6 Fat Burning Diet
  • 7 Fat Loss Workouts
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Fat on the sides and stomach

For a long time it was believed that the fat layer located under the skin is exactly the same. All literature written before the nineties of the last century adhered to this point of view. Approaches in the fight against fat on the sides, buttocks, stomach were no different from each other.

Further studies have shown the inconsistency of these data. Fat reserves accumulated in the buttocks area consist mostly of unsaturated fatty acids, and in the abdomen - of saturated ones. They also confirmed that the susceptibility of different types of subcutaneous fat to training is different.

Problem areas

Fat deposits on the sides of men and on the hips of women have similar hormonal and physical structures, different from any others. They accumulate according to a completely different mechanism, require a different approach to elimination.

The fat available on the internal organs acutely perceives an increase in adrenaline, but practically does not respond to a surge in insulin. Get rid of it allow cardio. The type of diet is not of paramount importance. In contrast, fats in problem areas (stomach, sides, buttocks) are directly dependent on insulin, which accumulates these deposits.

Dependence of fat on glycemic index

The use of simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic index provokes an increase in blood sugar - a condition that is dangerous for the human brain. To counter this detrimental effect, the body launches a program for the accumulation of glucose in the so-called fat depot.

Recovering excess glucose from the blood helps insulin. This hormone opens the cells so that they can receive energy. The most affected by insulin are the areas of the sides and abdomen. They intensively absorb calories.

Causes of Abdominal Growth

The fat layer on the stomach grows as a result of a violation of the basics of proper nutrition, when a person consumes a large amount of fat and sweet. Sugar contained in sweets increases insulin, makes cells “vulnerable” to energy intake, and fats contained in food become the main building block of adipose tissue that appears on the body.

Fats present in butter, cheese, and fatty meats are a double threat. They are not only the first to be deposited in problem areas, but also provoke a surge in "bad" cholesterol, which accumulates on the walls of blood vessels, clogs them.

Running in the fight against fat on the stomach

Running, as well as performing any cardio load, is to make physical efforts to reduce insulin and increase adrenaline. To start the processes of fat burning and accelerate blood circulation in adipose tissue, it is enough to run at an average pace from thirty to forty minutes.

This method is great for getting rid of fat on the sides, but not in the abdomen. Receptors of this zone under the influence of adrenaline, on the contrary, block the process of burning fat. This explains the fact that during cardio training, the abdomen becomes cold. Following a diet is a more effective way against fat on both sides and stomach.

Fat burning diet

It consists in observing two key points - the exclusion to the maximum of simple sugar in any form and sweets, an increase in fiber intake. If you stick to these basics, the tissues will be less sensitive to insulin, which will complicate the accumulation of fat.

A 15-20% reduction in calorie content and strict quality control of the daily diet allow you to get rid of fat much more effectively than enhanced cardio workouts. In addition, in order for the fat burning process to really work, you need to use a special technique.

Fat Loss Workouts

According to studies, low-carb nutrition, when the daily intake of carbohydrates does not exceed 50-60 grams, or periodic starvation activates the process of burning fat during cardio training, changes the metabolism that occurs in adipose tissues. The main thing is that you need to run on an empty stomach in the morning.

Effective and strength training. So that after exercise, energy from carbohydrates does not accumulate in fats, but goes into muscle tissue, at the end of classes they use a gainer with carbohydrates that have a high glycemic index.


Cardio training and running help to get rid of fat in problem areas only if certain conditions are met, the main weapon against it is a diet.

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