Arnold Schwarzenegger


  • 1 Anthropometric data
  • 2 Biography
  • 3 Best Bodybuilding Achievements
  • 4 Arnold Training Program

Anthropometric data

  • Height: 187 cm
  • Weight: 118 kg (off-season), 107 kg (competitive),
  • Biceps: 56 cm
  • Chest: 145 cm,
  • Waist: 86 cm
  • Hip: 72 cm
  • Shin: 51 cm.


The future world famous bodybuilder was born on July 30, 1947 in Thale, a village located in the federal state of Austria under the name of Shtria. The village was nearby Graz. At birth, the boy was given the name Arnold Alois. My mother's name was Aurelia, and my father's name was Gustav. There was another child in the family who was only one year older than Arnold. The family was a believer and attended the Catholic Church.

When Austria became part of Germany, Gustav Schwarzenegger joined the Nazi army. Returning to his native village after the restoration of Austrian independence, he becomes the chief of the local police. Gustav took the place of law enforcement officer for the reason that there was insufficient evidence of his involvement or the commission of war crimes. At first one boy was born in the family, and then a second.

The salary of a law enforcement officer was quite modest. One could only dream of a dignified existence of a family with two children. I had to save literally on everything. The only truly significant and worthwhile acquisition that was made, as Arnold recalls, was the refrigerator. His purchase was a whole event for the family.

Arnold, who was just about to become a real star and an icon of bodybuilding, had a pretty hard time as a child. This consisted not only in material aspects, but also in the harsh atmosphere prevailing in the Austro-German families, where everything had to obey strict rules. From childhood, he fiercely resisted the generally accepted patterns, and also opposed the Spartan way of life, declaring that he would become both rich and famous.

The lack of funds did not become a reason for Arnold to abandon his favorite sports and active physical activity. He not only constantly trained, but also constantly tried to find something new for himself, improving his approach to classes. Father dreamed that the boy would become a football star. At a young age, the son shared his views. Everything changed when Arnie was fourteen. An important role in this decision was played by such athletes as Vaysmuller, who is a five-time Olympic swimming champion, as well as Steve Reese and Reg Park, who were professionally engaged in bodybuilding.

Admiring the achievements of these athletes, Arnie decides to become a bodybuilder. In order to fulfill his dream, to be a professional, a star and a rich man, he trained every day. The local Libernauer club did not work on weekends, but this did not stop the determined teenager. Arnold entered the gym through the window. He wanted to progress more and more, but the teenager was not easy. The lack of sufficient knowledge significantly impeded its development. There was little information about bodybuilding at that time, and there was no written information about how to do this or that exercise correctly in magazines and other printed publications.

Lack of experience made itself felt. In the first competitions, Schwarzenegger was very confused. He did not know how to pose correctly, but showed his muscular body only in those poses that he saw in photographs of Reg Park. It was this bodybuilder who became the main reference point for Arnie. The lack of a mentor or quality bodybuilding guidelines did not stop Schwarzenegger from quickly gaining good muscle mass. This was due to both regular training and a genetic predisposition. In his book, already a famous bodybuilder, he wrote that in two months he managed to add 1.27 cm in the muscle volume of the biceps, and 9 kg in the total mass for 12 months.

With ten years, Arnie dreamed of visiting the United States. It took place in September 1968. Arriving in the United States of America, Schwarzenegger practically did not know English. He spoke most of the phrases known to him with an accent, so it was difficult to understand him. There was a time when Arnie was in America illegally. He received American citizenship in 1983, but at the same time he retained Austrian citizenship.

While in the United States, Arnold began to visit the famous Gold's Gym, located in Santa Monica, California, which was led by the great Joe Vader. In 1970, when he was 23 years old, he becomes "Mr. Olympia." Meinhard (Arnie's older brother) dies in a car accident on May 20, 1971. He drove while intoxicated. A year later, father Schwarzenegger died. He did not go to the funeral of both his brother and father.

The death of his family did not interfere with his career. He became more and more popular, but unexpectedly for everyone decided to take a break and returned to competitive bodybuilding only five years later. In 1980, he won his seventh title, Mr. Olympia. This was his last competition. He did not give up bodybuilding, and even organized his 1988 Arnold Classic tournament.

The best achievements in bodybuilding

Iron Arnie, as Schwarzenegger is called, became the personification of the bodybuilder, inspiring thousands of young people with his example. At the competition he had no equal. Especially spectacular was his seventh victory at Mr. Olympia, when he appeared on the scene after a five-year break. Arnold himself said that he was not in good shape at his last professional competitions, but there were no equal to him among the assembled athletes. In 1969, Schwarzenegger won the titles of “Mr. International” and “Mr. Universe”, but the last title was a kind of revenge for him, since a year earlier he took only second place. He failed to become the first in the Mr. Olympia tournament in 1969. Winning the 1967 Mr. Universe contest made him the youngest winner of these competitions.

Arnold Training Program

Training No. 1 - Monday and Thursday (chest-back):

  • Bench press lying on a horizontal bench;
  • Bench press on a bench with a positive slope;
  • Pullover with a barbell;
  • Pullups (maximum number of repetitions);
  • Tilt rod;
  • Deadlift;
  • Bending the torso.

Training No. 2 - Tuesday and Friday (shoulders-arms-forearms):

  • Bench press standing;
  • Swing dumbbells to the sides;
  • The pull of the bar to the chin with a wide grip;
  • Shvungi with a bar;
  • Biceps and triceps;
  • Bending the arms with a barbell while standing;
  • Bending the arms with dumbbells while sitting;
  • Bench press with a narrow grip;
  • Standing dumbbell bench press;
  • Bending the wrists with a barbell;
  • Reverse flexion of the wrists with a barbell;
  • Reverse flexion of the body.

Training number 3 - Wednesday and Saturday (legs):

  • Squats;
  • Lunges with a barbell;
  • Bending the legs in the simulator;
  • Rises on socks in the simulator;
  • Rod pull on straight legs;
  • Slopes with a barbell on the shoulders;
  • Flexion of the torso.

This program, of course, is not intended for beginner athletes, you can only borrow some methods or exercises for your training program.

As you noticed, the muscles of the abs are worked out at every workout. There is only one day of rest per week - Sunday.