Cold Training

During the year, each person suffers a cold one or more times. Athletes are no exception. Fans are prone to colds to a much greater extent than professionals who pay close attention to their health. This in no way means that they do not catch a cold at all. Even champions get sick. Well-being and health are deteriorating, the body is depleted, and, therefore, it is necessary to return to training during the recovery period with all caution.


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Why can not exercise with a cold?

The body of any person weakens during a cold. Reduced immunity becomes vulnerable to any viruses, and physical exacerbation exacerbates the situation. Continuing to engage in a painful condition, the athlete puts himself in jeopardy, as this can provoke the development of a more serious disease.

Influenza in the initial stages is easily mistaken for a common cold. This is a rather dangerous condition in which physical activity adversely affects the heart muscle. An athlete who sets off for training with symptoms of a cold risks not only the productivity of the classes, but also his own health. It is best to postpone classes.

How to resume training after a cold?

Doctors do not recommend returning to training immediately after the illness. It is recommended to wait at least two or three days, and only then begin to engage again. This eliminates the risks of relapse of a cold, fully recover. In the first days after an ailment, they continue to consume a large amount of warm liquid and vitamins. Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining and restoring the body.

Athletes with experience never begin to train in the same mode immediately after a cold. First, light exercises with low intensity are performed. Loads increase gradually, that is, from lesson to lesson. If you ignore such a transition period, starting to train according to the same program as before the illness, the likelihood of exhaustion and relapse of the common cold increases.

The first few workouts can be done at home, and not in the gym. It is enough just to do your own weight. This will remind the body that was resting about the need for physical development, and will prepare for a more complex training.

The first lesson after a cold

It is recommended to pay attention to warming up and warming up. A highly repetitive training program with light weights, cardio, but only light fit well. Such a regimen will not cause stressful loads, make you sweat well, prepare the heart muscle and circulatory system for more intensive exercises. The first days you can jump with a rolling pin, squat, push up, pull up, run on a treadmill. Better to do directly at home.

When physical condition and health are restored, they move on to higher loads and strength training. The main thing is not to lift a weight similar to that with which they worked before a cold. First, carry out two preparatory training. In the first lesson, they take 50% of the weight that the athlete usually does, in the second - 70-80%, and in the third they are already returning to their usual norm.

To speed up recovery processes, you can resort to taking sports complexes. These are protein shakes, vitamin and mineral supplements, amino acids and gainers. Taking creatine is especially good at getting back to strength training.

Is it permissible not to stop training during a mild cold ">