How to make a perfect body: secrets of Jason Statham

Jason Statham - a model in the past, and now - an actor and idol of a huge number of bodybuilders. He became known for his role in the film "Cards, Money, Two Trunks", as well as a program of physical exercises, developed by him independently, which allows him to maintain excellent shape, despite his mature age (he is 46 years old).

To find an attractive and healthy appearance, you need to deal with daily. At the initial stage, exercises that increase physical tone are performed: running for an hour and warming up on any cardio simulator (for example, a rowing simulator) for about 10 minutes.

The next stage is medium-intensity classes, which include:

  • Lifting a kettlebell together with a squat - 15 exercises for each arm.
  • Push-ups of various kinds - with different positions of the arms relative to the shoulders: wider, narrower, or at shoulder level; hands on a raised platform: alternately left or right; legs above the head; push ups with cotton. Each type of push-ups is performed three times.
  • The so-called exercise pyramid, consisting of pull-ups or push-ups - starting from 1 repetition and reaching 10, and then in reverse order; Only 19 approaches.
  • Bench press from behind the kettlebell head - 15 repetitions for each hand.
  • Mahi giray (swigi) - the scope should start from the bottom and end at the level of the head; each hand must perform 15 repetitions.

After mastering the training of medium intensity, you can proceed to the complex of exercises of high intensity, including:

  • alternate walking with a bag on his arms extended above his head, on both or one shoulder;
  • throwing a very heavy ball to a partner or against a wall;
  • one of the exercises to choose from: lifting the barbell on the chest, deadlift, squats with the barbell, which are performed 5 times in each approach;
  • light weight dumbbell press - with an intensity of 15 repetitions in each approach.

The following exercises of the circular training relate to training of the highest intensity:

  • Kicks the ball. To complete this exercise, you need a rubberized medbol weighing at least 9 kg. The ball rises above his head, and then with all his strength hits the floor. The exercise is repeated 20 times.
  • Rising on a rope. You should climb and descend a rope 8 m long without the help of legs, each time reducing the number of repetitions.
  • Pullups . Rising up must be carried out sharply and quickly, and down, on the contrary - slowly and smoothly. The number of repetitions is not less than 8.
  • Rope whip. It is necessary to fix a thick 8-meter-long rope to a solid base at the ankle level, then with two hands lift it up by the free end above the head and hit it with all the force on the floor. At least 20 repetitions.
  • Crab and goose . First, the movement is carried out at 4 points: two palms and two feet, and then gibberish. The distance should be at least 20 meters, and the repetitions should be at least 3.
  • Triple hit. It includes 3 exercises: squatting, push-ups and a sharp jump up. It is carried out 20 times.
  • Squat with a barbell. The bar should be held on the front deltas with palms away from you, and the back - vertically. Squat is necessary until the hips are in a position parallel to the floor. 20 reps
  • Pulling the rope. The rope should be about 15 meters long, and the load weighing from 12 to 20 kg. The load is fixed on a rope, which is pulled with both hands. A minimum of 5 repetitions is performed.
  • Farmer's walk. You should simply (!) Walk with a weight in each hand of 32 kg.
  • Steps with weights. You should rise and descend from the bench, while holding a dumbbell or barbell in your hands. The exercise is repeated 20 times.
  • Lifting bent knees. The exercise is performed by hanging on the horizontal bar: the legs are bent at the knees, pulled to the chest, held in that position for a second and slowly lowered down. 20 reps

Here, in principle, the whole complex of exercises, performing which every day (!), Everyone will resemble Jason as an athletic figure. But at the same time, you must follow a strict diet that promotes muscle building:

  1. Refusal of sugar in any form (pure, sweet and flour products), bread and pasta, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices.
  2. Daily meal - fractional, at least 6 times a day.
  3. The best dessert option is yogurt or fresh fruit.
  4. Mandatory eating : egg whites, fish, nuts, vegetables and protein shakes.
  5. Daily calorie intake should not exceed 2000 Kcal.

Jason Fat Burning Workout - Video