Home workout for beautiful buttocks

Standards of modern female beauty have undergone significant changes. Incredibly thin models showing clothes on the catwalk and posing for the covers of glossy magazines are a thing of the past. Beauties of a sports physique with elastic and rounded buttocks came into fashion. In an effort to resemble a new standard, girls are looking for an ideal training program that will get rid of excess fat on the buttocks, achieve elasticity and increase volume. And if due to employment or other reasons it is not possible to visit the gym regularly, then the homework complex will be an ideal option in achieving this goal.

The competitions in fitness bikini clearly demonstrated how gorgeous the participants look with raised buttock elastic muscles - the main decoration of the figure literally perfected to perfection. Beautiful and rounded hips are the highlight of absolutely any image, regardless of whether the woman is wearing a bathing suit, sports suit, business suit or jeans with a T-shirt. To achieve such a result using any miraculous means is simply impossible.

There is no cosmetic product, cream, dietary supplement, or diet food that makes buttocks attractive and fit without effort and physical exertion. And in order to meet the modern standard of beauty, it is necessary to perform special exercises aimed at giving the buttocks the desired shape.


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    • 2.1 Squats
    • 2.2 Plie Squats
    • 2.3 Lunges
    • 2.4 "Bridge"
    • 2.5 "Walking" on the buttocks
  • 3 How to achieve maximum effect?

How to organize home workouts?

Each everyday habitual movement is accomplished with the involvement of the gluteal muscles. This greatly complicates the training process. To make muscles that work regularly and increase in volume, truly effective and well-chosen exercises are needed. It is easiest to provide the required level of load in the gym, where there are weight training equipment, bars, dumbbells. This sports equipment is ideal for girls who want to not only pump up, but also make the buttocks more rounded.

You can achieve a similar result when training at home. The main thing is to have the desire and desire, under no circumstances to relax, to do so many approaches and repetitions in order to feel how the muscles of the buttocks burn. Unlike the gym, homework does not bring increased fatigue. Therefore, training can be done every other day. When the goal is not only to increase elasticity, but also to get rid of the fat layer, then training for the buttocks must be alternated with aerobic loads, for example, with jogging.

A set of exercises for the buttocks

The emergence of new trends and techniques in fitness has not brought anything new to the training to give elasticity to the buttocks. The bridge, swings, lunges and squats - these are exercises that will help make the fifth point beautiful, fit, rounded.


An ideal exercise that allows you to pump up the gluteal muscles as in fitness models. And to become the owner of a truly beautiful rear view, first of all, you need to squat regularly and a lot. Along with the classic performance, there are a huge number of variations of squats, allowing you to diversify the training, as soon as possible to achieve the result.

To achieve the maximum effect from the squats allows an exceptionally correct and competent approach to the implementation of this rather difficult exercise from a technical point of view. Spreading your legs slightly wider than shoulder level, keep your back straight, and then lower your pelvis back, imagining that there is a chair on the very edge of which you need to sit down. The return rise to the starting position is done when the hips are on the same parallel with the floor surface.

The following tips will help you learn how to squat properly to tone your buttocks muscles:

  1. Knees should not go behind socks. It is necessary to strive to ensure that they form a right angle, do not move back and forth.
  2. You can not tilt your head, bend in the lower back, round your back.
  3. All emphasis should be on the heels, not transferred to the socks while returning to the original position.
  4. It is necessary to closely monitor that the muscles of the pelvis, and not the quadriceps, are involved.
  5. With an increase in the width of the legs, the load and the development of the buttocks increase.

Plie Squats

They allow you to use not only the buttocks, but also the inner part of the thigh. Unlike the classic one, it assumes that the legs are set wider and the socks are turned outward as much as possible. Doing squats, the pelvis is taken back, watching the position of the knees. Complicated execution consists in performing three springy movements up and down at the point of maximum muscular tension, and then returning to the initial position.

Without the use of weights, you need to squat much more times than with weights. The main guideline is a burning sensation in the gluteal muscles, indicating that the number of repetitions is chosen correctly.


This exercise allows you to form convex and rounded buttocks. There are several options for performing lunges that allow you to change the load:


They suggest a wide step forward with simultaneous bending of the knee at a right angle, and then returning to the original position.


The step is not forward, but backward. The correct execution technique implies that the front leg is bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and the lower leg forms a parallel with the floor. To achieve this, you need to walk as wide as possible.


The foot of an unused (hind) leg in the lifting area is placed on a bench or chair. The front leg is bent until a right angle is formed. This technique is much more complicated than the two previous ones, since stabilizer muscles are involved in the work.

Lunges are made with alternating left and right legs. For each leg, do 20-25 repetitions. Multiple repetition is especially relevant when weights are not used. Regardless of the type of exercise, the knee of the working leg should not protrude beyond the line of the toe.


It is aimed at working out the gluteus maximus muscle. It is carried out from a prone position. The legs are bent at the knees, and the feet are apart from each other at a shoulder-width distance. The loin with the pelvis is simultaneously raised above the floor, held at the extreme point, lowered to the initial position. During lifting, the buttocks should be tightened and the hips tightened. No sudden movements. The stronger the muscles are compressed, the better they are worked out.

To complicate the exercise allows the placement of feet together at a height of about 30 cm. This technique makes it possible to develop both the outer and inner thighs. An alternative to this is the use of a weighting agent, which is placed on the lower abdomen. It can be an ordinary plastic water bottle. You should resort to this only when the load exerted becomes small even with an increase in repetitions.

"Walking" on the buttocks

This exercise is versatile. It contributes not only to pumping the buttocks, working out the hips, but also improves blood circulation, helps to cope with such a problem as cellulite.

It is performed from a sitting position with straightened legs, a flat back, arms bent at the elbow joints or arms closed at the back of the head. “Walking” consists in lifting the thigh with a foot and making a “step” forward, doing the same action with the second foot. You need to do at least 20-25 steps, "walking" first at one end of the room, and then back.

The advantage of this exercise is that it not only improves the appearance, but also has a light massage healing effect, has a beneficial effect on the pelvic organs.

How to achieve maximum effect?

No concessions and indulgences. Pumping the gluteal muscles is only possible with regular training. You need to start classes with a good workout. Jogging, jumping rope, and energetic dancing allow you to warm up your muscles.

During classes, you need to feel how the muscles of the buttocks tighten and relax, fully focusing on the work of the muscles of this area. Each exercise should be performed in approximately 25 repetitions for 4 sets. When such a task is unbearable, repetitions are made less. The main thing is that the execution technique is fully respected.

Equally important is nutrition. Otherwise, the efforts made will not bring the desired result. Saturated fats and simple carbohydrates must be minimized, and the usual diet should be enriched with protein foods that contribute to the growth and restoration of muscle fibers. In order for the buttock muscles to become smooth and elastic, you need to drink enough water.