A set of exercises for morning exercises

Feeling awake and arriving all day in a good mood, doing a few simple exercises in the morning, absolutely anyone can. And this is not just popularization on the topic of a healthy lifestyle, but a fact proved by numerous studies. Morning exercise is a set of physical exercises aimed at warming up the joints and various muscle groups.


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  • 3 complex exercises
    • 3.1 Stretching for the spine and spinal muscles
    • 3.2 Jogging and walking
    • 3.3 Jumping in place
    • 3.4 Swinging legs from the supine position
    • 3.5 "Balancing table" - a classic yoga pose
    • 3.6 Bodyweight Squats
    • 3.7 push ups
    • 3.8 Lunges of the legs
    • 3.9 Arm curl
    • 3.10 Bicycle
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What benefits does a person get from morning exercises?

Morning physical activity positively affects the emotional background of a person. He achieves much greater success at work, in family and friendships. According to a study by the State University of Appalachia, exercising every morning normalizes high blood pressure.

A psychologist at Duke University who observed patients with depression reflected in his study The Benefits of Morning Exercise, the relationship between patients and exercise. He found that a warm-up performed in the morning not only relieves this disorder, but also prevents the re-development of the disease. A whole article was published in the New York Times on how scientists managed to capture the fact that exercise stimulates and increases mental activity.

Morning home exercise

It involves the implementation of various types of exercises that increase muscle tone and improve blood flow. You can warm up in the morning, both at home and on the street.

Exercise complex

To engage in morning physical activity, you do not need to look for a gym that opens at dawn, or to purchase special sports equipment. There are ten effective and easy to learn exercises that allow you to keep yourself in good shape in the morning.

Sport is certainly good for everyone. However, given the presence of certain health problems, the body's own characteristics, it is worthwhile to consult with a specialist. After making sure that there are no contraindications or restrictions, you can safely start charging.

Stretching for the spine and spinal muscles

This exercise allows you to tone the muscles and is an excellent prevention of arthritis. You can start the warm-up in the morning with a stretch. It can be both dynamic and static exercises. The most useful in the morning hours are the first ones that make from the position of "camel" and "cat".

This does not mean that they are part of only a morning workout. Stretching exercises are beneficial, regardless of the time they are performed. This is especially true for people working in conditions that do not require any active actions. Stretching increases the flexibility of the spinal muscles, has a warming effect.

To perform a stretch:

  1. Take the pose of "camel". Get on all fours, rounding your back so that your head tends to the pelvis, that is, it is lowered.
  2. Take the pose of "cat". Bend in the back with an arc down, raising your head.

The transition between positions is carried out by smooth and slow movements. The recommended number of repetitions is 4-5.

Jogging and walking

You can run on the treadmill, and outdoors. The advantage of the latter option is the ability to stay in nature, but training on the simulator does not depend on weather conditions.

To achieve the effect of running allows time control and a constant increase in duration. Clearly set goals will help. If jogging is new, you should start with a quick walk. The latter, by the way, will be an excellent alternative to running for the elderly.

Thanks to regular jogging and walking, bone tissue is strengthened, it becomes possible to control weight. This type of physical activity maintains blood pressure at a normal level, is useful for the heart muscle.

Jumping in place

Really good morning exercises involve the inclusion in the overall complex of jumps. They support muscle tone, but most of all deltoid with calf, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.


Standing straight, put your feet together, and bounce. When jumping, spread your arms and legs to the side. Return to the starting position and keep jumping. It is best to start with a duration of one minute, and then increase the execution time until it is optimal.

Mahi kicking from a supine position

They are aimed at working out the abducting femoral muscles, which are constantly involved not only during jogging, but also in everyday life. They work when riding a bicycle and even when a person just gets in the car.

Swinging femoral muscles to prevent the forward inclination of the pelvis - a fairly common violation of posture. They are performed quite simply, which is clearly demonstrated in the photographs presented. The recommended number of flips on each side is 10-15 times.

"Balancing table" - a classic pose from yoga

The benefits of exercise are not limited to beneficial effects on the back. The pose of the "balancing table" allows you to improve the innate sense of balance, develop memory, improve concentration.


  1. To take a starting position, stand on both knees, rest your hands on the floor. Each movement is preceded by a breath.
  2. As you exhale, stretch your left leg back parallel to the floor, and your right arm forward.
  3. Lower your arm and foot as you exhale, returning to your starting position.
  4. Repeat the same procedure, but with the right foot and left hand.

Begin with ten repetitions on each side.

Bodyweight Squats

Involves knees, hips and lower legs. Squats help strengthen the calf and quadriceps muscles, hamstrings, knee joints.


  1. Spread the legs across the width of the shoulders, arms stretch out in front of you.
  2. Lower yourself to the right angle between the thigh and lower leg.
  3. Climb to return to the starting position.

Beginners can start with two sets of 15 squats. It should be borne in mind that the described extreme point is not strictly limited. You can squat deeper.

Push ups

Aimed at the study of triceps, neck, shoulder girdle. They belong to complex exercises, which help to strengthen almost every muscle group. The mechanics of push-up movements are such that the body is fully involved.


  1. With the emphasis lying, spread your arms shoulder width apart.
  2. Get down with a breath.
  3. Return to the initial expiratory pose.

A lightweight option for beginners will be the use of a bench or chair on which they put their feet. This will reduce the burden on the body. When such push-ups begin to be given easily, you can proceed to full implementation.

Repeat should be increased gradually. So, unnoticed by yourself, you can bring the number of push-ups to 100 in one approach.


Maintain tone and strengthen the hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. However, given the high load, they are done every other day. This is extremely important for those who work with weights.


  1. Standing straight, spread your legs to the level of the width of the shoulders, put your hands on your hips.
  2. Step forward with your right foot. The bent knee should be with the foot in the same vertical line. At the same time, the left leg goes down, practically touching the floor surface with the knee.
  3. Repeat this procedure for the second leg.

At least 8-12 repetitions should be done on each side.

Arm curl

This triceps exercise not only perfectly works on the muscles of the arms, but also strengthens the forearm and brachioradialis muscles. It can be done standing and sitting. The main thing is to choose a dumbbell or improvised weighting with a comfortable weight, easily held in hands.


  1. Take the dumbbells and sit so that your elbows rest on your hips not too far from your knees.
  2. Bend the arm at the elbow towards the shoulders. Inhale while lifting the dumbbells, exhale while lowering the weights.

Do one or two sets of 10-12 times on each side.


The most effective twisting exercise for the abs. Its implementation involves the involvement of the maximum possible number of muscle groups.

Master the bike will help a video that clearly demonstrates the technique of performance. You can start making a bike with the optimal 15-20 repetitions.

General recommendations

It is not necessary to do each of ten exercises daily. The most difficult, that is, from the sixth to the tenth, can be performed on weekends. On weekdays, there will be enough jogging, walking, stretching. This will allow you to quickly enter the desired rhythm, enjoy the lessons.


Morning exercise is a complex of simple and effective exercises, the regular implementation of which helps to improve sleep, have a good mood every day, maintain and control weight.

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