Bench for bench press

Full strength training at home is impossible without the use of a bench for bench press . This sports simulator, used in combination with dumbbells and a barbell, allows you to efficiently and fully build muscle, make training as diverse as possible. It is universal, practical, compact, mobile, has a relatively affordable cost. Due to its high functionality, it can perform many different exercises involving all muscle groups.


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    • 2.2 Wiring and Dumbbell Bench Press
    • 2.3 push ups
    • 2.4 Press training
    • 2.5 Bulgarian lunges
  • 3 Advantages of the simulator
  • 4 Power bench for home: selection criteria
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    • 4.2 Compact dimensions
    • 4.3 Functionality
    • 4.4 Comfort
    • 4.5 Simplicity and ease of use
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What is a bench for a bench?

This is a stable bench, the design of which determines the basic capabilities of the simulator. It is available in the following variations:

  • inclined fixed;
  • adjustable;
  • horizontally fixed.

Fixed-type models limit the athlete's ability. The constant position of the angle of inclination does not allow you to engage various muscle groups and shift the main accents. More comfortable and versatile are the adjustable benches. They expand the boundaries of strength training.

The simulators are equipped with one or several adjustable parts, can be additionally equipped with a support pillow or special safety stops, a telescopic retractable stand under the bar. The complexity of the design directly affects the functionality and comfort of the bench. The higher it is, the better.

Core exercises

The power bench is designed to perform various types of bench press, but is not limited solely to this type of exercise. The simulator is ideal for a comprehensive study of the muscles of the arms, chest, back. He copes with the training of the gluteal, calf muscles and abs.

Barbell bench press

The best basic exercise, which is necessarily included in all training programs for the upper body, is performed using a bench with special stands for the barbell. It involves the dentate, shoulder, pectoral, anterior deltoid muscles, as well as triceps. If an athlete has the opportunity to purchase not a fixed, but an adjustable bench model, this will make the training as effective as possible, will allow you to comprehensively work out all of the above muscle groups of the upper body.

Dumbbell Wiring and Bench Press

An alternative to a bench press if the bench is not equipped with a stand. The amplitude of hand movements with dumbbells can be adjusted independently, which is especially important for those who are just starting to do strength training, as well as for representatives of the fair half of humanity. A shift in emphasis on the study of various sections of the musculature is carried out by changing the angle of the simulator.

Push ups

They vary in degree of difficulty. For beginners, this type of push-ups is ideal when the emphasis is on the bench. Due to this, the torso located at an angle allows you to reduce the load, prepare the muscles for building. A complex variation of performance suitable for advanced athletes is considered push-ups if the emphasis is on the legs. Effective study of triceps provide reverse push-ups performed from the bench.

Press training

This universal power simulator is an excellent sports equipment for working out the lower press. An unattainable result on the study of the muscles of the abdomen with the main emphasis on the lower part is easily achieved by performing reverse twisting with separation of the buttocks on this simulator. Thanks to the soft rollers that fix the legs, the projectile can make classic (ordinary) twists.

Bulgarian lunges

Great exercise for shaping rounded beautiful buttocks. It is done both with the use of weights, and without it. With one foot, you need to stand on the floor, and with the toe rest against the simulator.

Trainer Benefits

The power bench for home training will be an ideal choice for athletes who want to buy a compact, versatile, not too expensive, but the most functional sports equipment.

If it is equipped with sliding racks for the bar, then the athlete has a unique opportunity to work out the entire torso, not only to increase muscle mass, but also to achieve the creation of a beautiful relief.

Small dimensions allow you to install this simulator even in medium-sized apartments. Convenient and simple assembly mechanism makes it possible not to clutter up the space when the shell is not used.

The simulator is ideal for both men and women. Correctly selected and alternating exercises with cardio loads give the highest results, strengthen muscles, contribute to the harmonious development of the figure.

Power bench for home: selection criteria

Workouts at home should not only be effective, but also safe. Select a bench for classes outside the walls of the gym with all responsibility and taking into account the following parameters:

Quality and reliability

The design must be made of thick and strong metal, have strong and reliable fastenings, folding and adjustment mechanisms, and the backrest must withstand high loads. Be sure to pay attention to the stability of the bench and racks, the reliability of fastening parts and elements. Otherwise, there is a high probability of injury. You should not buy simulators with a narrow stance, since there is a risk that the load will not be distributed correctly, the bar will tip over.

Compact size

Fixed benches are characterized by maximum reliability and stability. Take away even such a small simulator a permanent place is not possible in every house. Folding models with sliding racks are completely different. The main thing, when purchasing this equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of folding and transformation mechanisms. They should be easy to use, withstand multiple assembly and unfolding cycles.


Horizontal horizontal benches have limited training opportunities. To increase the versatility of this sports equipment, it is supplemented with the following elements:

Adjustable parts

They make it possible to do the exercise with both normal and reverse tilt, contributing to the full use of the torso muscles.

Foot block

Allows you to pump the calf and gluteal muscles, hip biceps, as well as do the usual twisting for training the press.

Support pillow

This device is designed to secure a partner working with a heavy weight athlete.


A bench with such an additional projectile is designed to maximize the development of stamina and strength, expanding the range of exercises performed on it.


A device that allows you to do exercise on the lower press as simple as possible. Due to the reliable fixation of the torso, the athlete can perform reverse twisting.

Stand with safety stops

A special device that ensures the safety of athletes who lift a lot of weight alone, not allowing the bar to fall on the chest, if you can not keep the barbell.


A separate power bench is an excellent trainer for working with dumbbells and a bar, and a bar stand for performing deadlifts and squats. To engage in comfortably, the length of the bench is chosen so that the head does not hang during classes. Tall athletes need to set a slope of 45 degrees, and the back of the head against the back.

Simplicity and ease of use

You should not buy an expensive bench model with options that will never come in handy. Simulators are complex with a set of elements that allow you to perform many exercises, with intuitive and necessary functions for an athlete, which, of course, depend on the individual characteristics of the training. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to think in advance what functionality a bench for a bench should have.


Without a bench for a bench it is impossible to build a competent training process. This sports equipment is the most important equipment, the acquisition of which should begin the organization of a sports corner at home. If it is equipped with elements such as a barbell and dumbbells, the athlete will receive a full-fledged multifunctional simulator.

Bench for bench press do it yourself - Video