Leuzea in bodybuilding

Safflower Leuzea is one of the few plants that exhibits an anabolic effect. Due to the latest quality, this culture is of interest not only for agricultural and therapeutic, but also for sports purposes.


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Beneficial features

This plant has the following effects:

  • increases power and speed indicators of an organism;
  • tones up mental and physical activity after overwork;
  • helps with male impotence, reduced working capacity, weak immunity;
  • helps to alleviate the symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Leuzea is recommended for use in order to:

  • improving the quality of recovery of the body and muscles after strength training;
  • increase endurance performance;
  • increase the protective characteristics of the body;
  • solving problems with sexual desire.

This homeopathic remedy, having anabolic effects, helps athletes in the process of mass recruitment. In addition, its use stabilizes the pulse, reduces the load on the heart. If you follow all the recommendations on the dosage of taking the drug, then no side effects occur. This fact, of course, is the main advantage of the plant.

The high anabolic effect of leuzea is due to the presence of steroid compounds in the composition of phytoecdysones. This, as well as other qualities of the drug, made this herbal remedy quite popular among bodybuilders.

How to take levsee correctly?

The most popular form of leuzea among bodybuilders is alcohol extract or tincture. The drug, produced in this form, is a red liquid with a bitter taste. Plant extract is released in vials of 40 and 50 milliliters.

It is recommended to take the drug no more than two or three times a day. It is drunk, as a rule, half an hour before a meal. From 20 to 30 drops of the extract are poured onto a tablespoon. However, one should not rely solely on recommendations; it is best to follow the instructions that are attached to the specific drug purchased.

Abuse, that is, mismatch with dosage, gives side effects, but they do not pose a serious threat to health. Most often, an overdose is manifested by dry mouth and nausea. However, given the fact that any medicinal plant has contraindications, it is best to consult a doctor first. Leuzea preparations should not be given to children under 12 years old and should be drunk during pregnancy.

Leuzea P

On the basis of safflower levzea, a huge number of drugs are produced. The most widely used is Leuzea P, which also contains vitamin C. Indications for taking this remedy are: stress, high stress, recovery period after long and prolonged illnesses, regular mental overwork. A number of experts advise men who have problems with potency to take this medication.

The drug is used by bodybuilders and athletes involved in power sports disciplines. It helps to improve recovery, increases efficiency. Many athletes levzea taken before training. This allows, albeit not too much, to improve the rates of growth and recovery of muscle tissue.

Take "Levzea P" directly when eating twice or thrice a day for 2-3 tablets. The recommended course duration is 21 days. Next, take a short break.

The drug is contraindicated in women during pregnancy and lactation, people suffering from hypertension, insomnia, various heart problems, as well as with increased nervous excitability.


It is another drug form of safflower levze, resembling anabolic steroids in structure. The difference is that it is completely devoid of the side effects inherent in this category of steroids. Ecdistin, unlike anabolic steroids, does not inhibit, but, on the contrary, increases the synthesis of testosterone.

The use of Ekdisten for one or even two months does not affect the production of cortisol, insulin, growth hormone and, of course, testosterone. Unlike steroids with anabolic effects, the global anti-doping agency does not classify it as doping. This allows Ekstisten to be used by professional athletes participating in competitions throughout the year.

Ecdistine, like any means based on safflower-shaped leuzea, can be taken by athletes without any restrictions. Athletes who want to enhance the effect of taking a homeopathic medicine can combine their course with taking creatine. This will give a more pronounced effect.

Bodybuilder Leuzea Reviews

There are more positive reviews for safflower levzea than negative. Bodybuilders note an increase in the quality of recovery processes and an improvement in physical tone. Of course, there are those athletes who are not completely satisfied with the effect that the preparations based on this plant give.

However, given the low cost and the absence of side effects, when the dosage is observed, the use of leuzea will be an excellent experience. If the result does not even satisfy, the athlete will not lose anything.