How to take protein

In order to successfully build muscle, it is necessary to supply protein in your body in excess. A large amount of natural protein is known to be found in foods such as eggs, fish, meat. But do not forget that the same products are rich in cholesterol, an excessive amount of which leads to various diseases and adversely affects the work of the heart. Therefore, you should be very careful about a high-protein diet.

An alternative to protein nutrition is the use of concentrated protein mixtures. They do not contain cholesterol and, accordingly, do not harm the body. And yet, some experienced bodybuilders prefer natural protein, motivating it with the fact that powder mixtures do not give the same effect. The fact is that different types of proteins affect the body in different ways, so it is very important to develop an individual protein nutrition strategy depending on the desired result.


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  • Which is better - casein or whey?

    It is worth noting that the effect of protein on the human body has not yet been fully studied. Regularly, with the conduct of new scientific experiments, new facts come up that often destroy some of our previous ideas and knowledge in this area.

    An obvious advantage over all other types of proteins is recognized for whey. Most manufacturers switch to the production of exclusively whey protein products. Indeed, this type of protein is most easily absorbed by the body and most quickly supplies the blood with amino acids. But the paradox is that rapid assimilation does not imply the same increased anabolism. In order to accelerate the growth of muscle mass with whey protein, it must be consumed literally every half hour.

    French researchers conducted an interesting experiment

    For four groups of bodybuilders, different variants of food protein supplements have been developed. The first group once a day took casein milk protein, which is slowly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. The second group also used free amino acids as an additive once a day. Participants in the third group were given whey protein once a day. And finally, representatives of the fourth group also consumed whey protein, but much more often - 13 times a day every 20 minutes. 7 hours after protein intake, anabolism was studied based on the measurement of leucine balance.

    The results showed that casein acts much better than amino acids, since the level of anabolism in the first group was higher than in the second. The lowest level of anabolism was shown by the third group. Serum, quickly absorbed by the body, is excreted from it no less quickly, as a result of which the remaining amino acid level in the blood drops and the muscles do not receive enough nutrition for growth. The highest level of anabolism was recorded in the fourth group of subjects.

    Thus, it is scientifically proven which of the types of proteins must be taken to successfully build muscle. But in practice, everything turns out to be not so simple and unambiguous as in theory. Consider life examples that clearly demonstrate the potential of different proteins in relation to lifestyle and diet.

    • If there is a busy day ahead of you that you don’t have time to dine, then the best option is to take casein early in the morning. It will be gradually absorbed by the body, gradually saturating the blood with amino acids and maintaining anabolism at a stable level throughout the day. In this case, a single dose of serum during the day will not give any effect.
    • Taking the same casein is very effective at bedtime . Serum acts for a very short time, while casein will “work” on the muscles until morning.
    • Abruptly loading the body with amino acids with whey protein will be very useful immediately after the workout .
    • In the event that your lifestyle is free from external limiting factors, it is necessary to use small portions of whey protein as often as possible. The intervals between doses should not exceed three hours.
    • In case of circumstances when you definitely will not be able to eat within the next few hours, again it is better to take casein protein . Remember that your main goal is to maintain the level of anabolism.

    Nutrition strategy

    The development of a balanced nutrition strategy for building a beautiful body and building muscle mass is very closely linked to maintaining the process of anabolism in the body. It is clear that there is no one universal protein that would completely solve this problem. In each case, you have to use a specific power scheme. But in addition to the described function, proteins play another, no less important and even more useful role in the body. For example, the composition of whey protein in a small amount includes peptides: alpha, beta-lactalbumin, lactoferrin, immune globulins. Each of them performs its vital functions, such as, for example, antimicrobial and antioxidant, for which lactoferrin is responsible.

    The results of experiments conducted on animals prove that under the influence of whey protein immunity is strengthened. In addition, it contributes to an increase in the content of the main antioxidant glutathione in human blood. If you introduce additional nutrition in the form of whey protein into a diet rich in natural proteins that are rich in human proteins, muscle growth will be inevitable.

    There is also soy protein, which, according to scientists, also helps to increase muscle mass. These statements are based on animal experiments. Research results have shown that the isoflavones that make up soy protein increase anabolism.

    Briefly summarizing the above, when choosing protein nutrition, various factors must be taken into account. If the food is irregular during the day, choose casein. Whey protein is used when frequent meals are available. At the same time, it is recommended to use other types of proteins, which will provide the most complete nutrition of muscles and will bring general benefit to the body as a whole.

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