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The difference between a natural bodybuilder from a "chemist"

Both the natural bodybuilder and those using chemistry mainly differ in the effect on the DNA of their cells. In the organisms of both representatives, the following processes occur: some structures of the human genome associated with protein production are activated, the process of copying information on protein production is launched, and after that the protein begins to be produced in the cells.

The course of the above process for a natural bodybuilder occurs in smaller volumes than for a "chemist". In both cases, the process is given a signal to the onset of anabolic hormones that are produced under the influence of training stress. The amount of hormones of a natural bodybuilder is limited by its physiological characteristics, and for a bodybuilder taking chemicals, these restrictions are removed. The only restriction may be finances.

Therefore, it turns out that a natural bodybuilder is somewhat limited in possible progress. Natural quantitative and qualitative increase in dry weight is significantly inferior to chemical due to the limited amount of anabolic hormones. There may even come a moment when progress ceases completely - this is due to the physiological ceiling, in which growth hormones cannot be produced more than the prescribed amount.

To overcome the so-called "stagnation" and begin to progress, it is necessary to increase lung capacity. Two options are possible:

  • take an additional breath to enrich the lungs with a new supply of oxygen;
  • constantly increase the volume of each breath, while filling the blood with an increased amount of growth hormone - testosterone.

Similar techniques are used to increase the progression of the loads, on which the increase in working weight directly depends. Progression can act as a guarantor, which will produce enough hormones due to exercise stress. In a natural bodybuilder, such a progression plays a very important role, as does an increase in working weight.

Lack of growth hormone or training stress is caused by an inappropriate training program or improperly selected exercises. But you can’t also overdo it too much in training - it greatly undermines the body’s working capacity and depletes its resources, which can result in overtraining of muscles for a bodybuilder. Such excessive loads are characteristic only for bodybuilders taking chemistry.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the following aspects:

  • thanks to a properly selected load, it is necessary to achieve increased testosterone production;
  • minimize the total duration of the load to prevent injury to the endocrine glands.

Practice confirms one thing: the more difficult the exercise, the more muscle groups it uses, the more stress the body receives and produces an increased number of growth hormones.

That is why you can often hear recommendations about the constant use of basic exercises. Basic exercises in the best way affect muscle growth because of their characteristics - to include several major and small muscle groups in the work, to involve two or more joints in the exercise. After that, the body responds with a protective-recovery reaction - it produces a greater number of anabolic hormone. As a result, an increase in muscle mass and volume.

From the above, one can extract the following: isolating exercises for the first year or two are not recommended to be included in your program by a natural bodybuilder. On the contrary, it is worth concentrating on basic exercises that develop muscles comprehensively - bench presses, squats, traction.

There is an opinion that barbell squats are the main mass gaining exercise. And not without reason. It is this exercise that connects the largest number of muscle groups to work, because of which the body receives the most stress, and, as a result, the production of a larger dose of anabolic hormone occurs. It should be a priority for a natural bodybuilder and may not be for a bodybuilder who uses artificial hormones. That is, you should not use isolating exercises in general and try to resort to various simulators less, for example, block.

If a single training session is too long, this can lead to overtraining of the muscles due to excessive stress, which the body can not cope in a day or so. Such a phenomenon is very undesirable, as it leads to a deterioration in well-being, a significant decrease in the desire to exercise, loss of appetite and other things, apart from the lost time and results.

Periodization in bodybuilding

Progress directly depends on the produced growth hormone. In turn, the amount of growth hormone surge depends on the stress received during training, which should not be too great. But there comes a moment of a physiological ceiling, when the body is not able to produce more testosterone to increase progress. There are two ways to get out of this situation:

  • increase lung volume (develop a hormone);
  • reduce training time and bring to about an hour.

How to eat a natural bodybuilder

One category of successful mass gain is nutrition. It is necessary to achieve excess calorie foods. But a common occurrence among beginners is the simultaneous achievement of opposite tasks - gaining lean mass (muscles) and reducing the presence of body fat. Even while using chemistry, this is very difficult to achieve.

With excess calorie content, it is possible to set not only a large amount of dry weight, but also a little excess (fat).

To achieve excess calorie content, it is necessary to create a diet that will include animal proteins - meat, egg, dairy products, fish and more. Complex carbohydrates are also acceptable - buckwheat and rice porridge, pasta. It is worthwhile to refrain from consuming fast carbohydrates - they will lead to the formation of a fatty layer in large quantities due to the produced insulin.

A common occurrence is also the problem of assimilation of food. A bodybuilder can eat a lot, but at the same time only a certain part is assimilated - the body will take as much as it needs, and it will remove the rest. Therefore, the anabolic response may be less than expected.

The secret used by professional bodybuilders

Secret means digestive enzymes that limit the amount of digestive processes in the body.

Consumed micronutrients in the form of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are absorbed and absorbed by digestive enzymes - proteases, amylases and lipases, respectively. This indicates that the body produces certain enzymes for specific organic compounds.

Consequently, proteases that are responsible for the breakdown of proteins and are highly effective in the field of nutrition will be especially valuable for a bodybuilder. The success of achieving results in bodybuilding can largely depend on these enzymes - this is the secret. You can eat a large amount of food, and the final "exhaust" growth will be much smaller. Therefore, they use similar enzymes that increase the effectiveness of anabolic growth.

But it is worth remembering that the use of digestive enzymes in large quantities can lead to injury to the stomach - the mucous membrane will begin to split. Therefore, do not exceed the recommendations for use indicated in the instructions. In this case, excessive zeal can lead to health problems.

Enzyme-rich pharmaceuticals

Pancreatin - increases and improves the digestibility of proteins.

Festal - helps fight the poor digestibility of fats.

Abomin - acts as an auxiliary drug during the "drying".

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