The first training program

Class schedule in the gym for beginners, which provides fast muscle growth

The effectiveness of the “ 1 + 1 ” program is that it allows beginners to increase their muscle mass in a short time. Its essence is as follows: during training the loads are distributed on two halves of your body, that is, on the first day you use exercises for one half, then you relax for one day, the next day you exercise the other half of the body. This system will be discussed in the article, since I believe that it is optimal for beginner muscle development.

The meaning of this class schedule is this: to begin with, we "divide" our body into two parts, and exercise only one part during training in the gym. Then follows a day of rest. But if age or employment at work does not allow you, then you can use two days instead of one day of rest. So, a week will be 3-4 or 2 workouts in the gym.

First day: muscles of the legs, back and abdomen
Second day: pectoral and shoulder muscles, arm muscles

After starting regular training on this program, it is recommended that you stick to it for at least six months. Like beginners, well-developed and experienced bodybuilders are often used to changing their class schedule in the gym, as they believe that they find something better to strengthen their body. But, unfortunately, this is not so. Frequent change of programs is fraught with the fact that the training system is violated, which is important. Therefore, I advise you to engage in this program until the time you notice any progress.

In general, this training schedule should look like this:

First day: lack of classes
Second day: a) muscles of the legs, back and abdomen
Third day: lack of classes
Fourth day: b) pectoral and shoulder muscles, arm muscles
Fifth day: lack of classes
Sixth day: a) muscles of the legs, back and abdomen
Seventh day: lack of classes
Eighth day: b) pectoral and shoulder muscles, arm muscles

..and so on.

Regarding the choice of a set of exercises in the gym, I would advise you to choose the basic options, since basically with their help you can gain a large amount of muscle mass. There are a great many different exercises, both with the use of simulators and with the use of sports equipment, but the set of basic exercises that make up the foundation is unlikely to ever be changed. My advice to you is to practice these exercises at home without sports equipment in order to feel the load on the target muscles and learn the technique of their implementation.

I suggest you choose the following set of exercises to strengthen your body:

A) muscles of the legs, back and abdomen

1. Roman chair: workers - 4 sets, number of repetitions: maximum

2 . Squats with a barbell on the shoulders: warm-up - 2 sets of 20 times, workers - 3 sets of 10 times

3. Leg bending: warm-up - 20 times, workers - 3 sets of 10 times

4. Pulling or pulling the vertical block to the chest: workers - 4 sets of 10 times
5. Inclined rod traction: workers - 4 sets of 10 times

B) pectoral and shoulder muscles, arm muscles

1. Bench press on an inclined bench: warm-up - 2 sets of 15 times, workers - 3 sets of 7 times

2. Dumbbell bench press on a straight bench: workers - 4 sets of 7 times

3. Stand press: warm-up - 10 times, workers - 3 sets of 9 times

4. Lifting the barbell to the biceps: warm-up - 15 times, workers - 4 sets of 8 times

5. French bench press bench press: workers - 4 sets of 8 times

1) The rest interval between sets is one minute. This means that training takes about 40 minutes, that is, the recommended time for beginners, so try to complete the exercises during this time.

2) According to this schedule of classes in the gym, you need to engage in at least three months. Then, if muscle growth slows down, you will need to change the two-day system to a three-day one.

3) At the initial stage, you need to master the correct technique for performing the exercises, because then there will be possible violations in muscle development. Therefore, carefully study the technique of the exercise and hone the correct execution at those times, until your training weight is small, and you can not do yourself harm. Do not forget about my advice to perform training exercises at home without sports equipment, this will facilitate the assimilation of the correct technique.

4) During the performance of these exercises, your training weight will increase significantly, which is explained by the mechanical adaptation of the muscles to the optimal performance of a particular exercise, but not with a gain in muscle mass, so do not flatter yourself.

5) You must sleep at least ten hours a day. Also try to change your diet and add about two grams of protein daily.

6) Do not forget about the class schedule, regularly check the exercise diary, which you need to constantly keep, try to exceed previous indicators.