Bodybuilding Eggs

People who are fond of bodybuilding cannot imagine their life without all kinds of nutritional supplements: weight gainers, proteins, etc. Manufacturers of sports nutrition claim that without their products they will have to exert exorbitant efforts to achieve a noticeable result. However, professional athletes often advise novice bodybuilders to pay attention to the importance of a balanced diet, which should include meat, cereals and eggs. Who should be trusted ">


  • 1 Chicken Egg Composition
  • 2 How do eggs affect cholesterol?
  • 3 Can I eat yolk?
  • 4 How to eat eggs?
  • 5 How many eggs per day can an athlete eat?

Chicken Egg Composition

Eggs are considered one of the most inexpensive sources of high quality, easily digestible protein. Egg protein contains many essential amino acids: it can completely replace expensive amino acid complexes for athletes. Nutritionists say that you can eat up to 10 eggs per day: this will not cause the slightest harm to health.

The composition of the eggs is:

  • up to 7 grams of protein;
  • 0.5 grams of carbohydrates;
  • 4 grams of fat;
  • 150 milligrams of lecithin;
  • minerals and vitamins.

How do eggs affect cholesterol?

Scientists have long been studying the effect of eggs on the state of the cardiovascular system. For example, in one experiment two groups participated, in each of which there were 10 women. The subjects of the first group ate 10 boiled eggs a day, in another group soy cheese was offered instead of eggs. After the experiment, it turned out that women from the first group had significantly lower cholesterol.

Thus, regular use of this product does not affect cholesterol levels. On the contrary, eggs help reduce blood levels of so-called “bad” cholesterol, which only benefits health.

Is it possible to eat yolk "> How to eat eggs?

Surely you know about such a harmful microorganism as salmonella. Salmonella lives on the eggshell. Therefore, before eating, it is advisable to boil or fry the eggs. Raw eggs can only be eaten if they were produced under almost sterile conditions.

The bodybuilder needs to know how to cook eggs. Nutritionists claim that when cooking for too long, the beneficial substances in the protein and yolk are partially destroyed. In addition, the yolk of a hard-boiled egg will be absorbed for too long: for at least three hours. Therefore, it is advisable to boil soft-boiled eggs, that is, make sure that the yolk remains in a liquid state. In this case, the egg will not only retain the maximum of its useful properties, but also quickly absorbed by the body: it is proved that soft-boiled eggs are absorbed by the body within about an hour and a half.

How many eggs per day can an athlete eat ">

To achieve good results in bodybuilding, it is important to carefully monitor your diet. An unbalanced diet will not be able to compensate for any sports supplements, even the most expensive.