Bodybuilding Riboxin

Riboxin is a non-steroidal anabolic, which is taken in addition to the main steroid course by bodybuilders and powerlifters. This drug, in essence, is a nucleic acid, which is a purine base comparable to nitrogenous bases such as adenine and guanine. Riboxin contains brewer's yeast and offal.


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  • How does this drug affect the body?

    The drug has a multilateral positive effect on the body of athletes. Its use allows you to:

    • increase hemoglobin throughput;
    • stimulate insulin synthesis, helping the heart muscle better absorb carbohydrates;
    • dilate blood vessels;
    • strengthen the protective functions of the body;
    • stimulate regenerative processes in muscle tissue;
    • increase stamina.

    The latter quality of riboxin is especially valuable for bodybuilding, as it allows athletes to train even more intensively.

    Thanks to this multifaceted effect of riboxin, it becomes the main source of energy, huge amounts of which are expended when performing strength exercises. It is able to replace ATP. The tool stimulates metabolic processes, and its antihypoxic effect is tissue respiration.

    On a note

    The use of any drug, including riboxin, requires caution. To be completely sure of the safety of its use, which depends on the individual characteristics and health status of the athlete, you should undergo preliminary consultation with a specialist.

    Athletes taking riboxin have an increased metabolism, and a lack of oxygen does not bring any noticeable discomfort. This is due to the fact that tissue cells begin to better absorb oxygen. Equally important is the positive effect exerted by the drug on the heart muscle. This is especially important for increased physical activity during bodybuilding and powerlifting.

    Riboxinum: indications for use

    In clinical medicine, the drug is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the liver, duodenum, stomach, heart. It is often prescribed to patients who have liver problems caused by prolonged use of alcohol. The benefits of riboxin are fully revealed after undergoing a course of anabolic steroids. It can be taken in parallel with steroids.

    Riboxin is recommended for people suffering from glaucoma. It improves the function of the optic nerve. For bodybuilders, this drug is a kind of prevention of complications associated with sprains. Some consider it the best among anabolic agents. Not everyone agrees with this opinion. However, comparisons are non-steroidal and non-hormonal drugs, namely riboxin can be called "number one" for bodybuilders.

    The peak of the popularity of riboxin occurred in the days of the Soviet Union, when weightlifters actively used this drug. The effectiveness of the drug has not been confirmed and interest in it has subsided. This is due to the fact that it can achieve truly significant results only when taken together with vitamins from group B, methyluracil, orotate, and glycerophosphate. This is relevant not only for those who use chemistry, but also for adherents of natural bodybuilding.

    At a lower cost, riboxin can completely replace expensive creatine. The drug has only one side effect - individual intolerance, manifested as an allergic reaction. It, as a rule, provokes non-compliance with the recommended dosage.

    Riboxin: release form and dosage

    The drug is available in tablets, which are taken half an hour before a meal. The first four days use the minimum dosage to make sure that there is no individual intolerance. If no allergic reaction has occurred, the daily rate is increased to two and a half grams.

    Riboxin course

    The daily dose for oral administration in bodybuilding is 1.5 - 2.5 grams. In the first days of admission, the daily dose of riboxin is 0.6 - 0.8 g - 0.2 g 3-4 times a day. If the drug is well tolerated, this dose is increased to 2.5 g. The course duration is from 4 weeks to 1.5 to 3 months.


    Riboxin accelerates the recovery of the body and is recommended for bodybuilders during periods of intense training. The drug has many positive qualities and is suitable for most athletes. Its reception allows you to achieve better results from training in a short time.