Calorie Chart - Milk and Dairy Products

This calorie table presents foods such as: milk and dairy products.

All data is indicated per 100 grams of product.

Brynza (cow's milk)5220.1017.9260
Yogurt Nat. 1.5% fat881.53.5551
Fat kefir88.
Kefir low-fat91.40.13.83thirty
Acidophilic milk81.
Condensed milk74.17.99.57135
Condensed milk with sugar26.58.5567.2315
Whole powdered milk42539.425.6475
Cream 10%82.21043118
Cream 20%72.9twenty3.62.8205
Sour cream 10%82.7102.93116
Sour cream 20%72.7twenty3.22.8206
Dutch cheese38.827.3026.8361
Cream cheese5513.5024226
Poshekhonsky cheese4126.5026334
Russian cheese40thirty023.4371
Swiss cheese36.431.8024.9396
Cheeses and curds412327.57.1340
Fat cottage cheese64.7eighteen1.314226
Low-fat cottage cheese77.70.61.5eighteen86
Bold curd71nine1.316.7156