Workout for burning belly fat

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Cortisol can block fat burning. Its high level is associated with both general and training stress. A person who is too zealous can stop losing weight, and his press seems to “fill up” with a lot of “water”. If the weight has changed overnight, for example, immediately after a workout, or during the day, it is worth checking the level of cortisol.

The reason that with a normal training regime and a restrictive diet, we do not see our abs, may be a high level of prolactin. It can be caused by taking medication, or too high stress.

How to train if you need press cubes

“Cubes” are nothing more than a rectus abdominis muscle brought into a state of hypertrophy. The laws of increasing muscle mass here coincide with the general ones. You must perform many basic strength exercises, and should not neglect the progression of weights. If you train only without weights, hypertrophy may not occur.

When the time comes to “dry” the press, an increase in the number of twists in the training plan will be a rather useless activity. There is a theory that the more a person performs glycolytic muscle fiber work, the less fat in this zone. These calculations are confirmed by the fact that the feet of the players are generally “drier” than the torso and arms, while the skiers have “dry” legs and arms. However, the level of stress in professional sports is not comparable higher than what we get in amateur fitness. That is why such calculations for non-professional athletes are not applicable.

Obviously, they interfere with us:

  • high levels of cortisol;
  • too much insulin;
  • increased prolactin

It turns out that the ideal training time is when all three hormones are low. Regarding prolactin and cortisol, it is worth noting that they are not reduced by a “long, even” diet with a low level of carbohydrates in the diet and a significant deficit, but by a cyclical increase and decrease in the number of these macronutrients. Something like protein-carbohydrate alternation works best for burning belly fat. Strictly dosed workouts contribute to the reduction of cortisol and prolactin. If you do too much and constantly overestimate your training volume, you should review your plan.

Ideal for fat burning will be morning aerobic workouts on the pulse of 150-170 beats per minute, but not too long so as not to increase the level of cortisol. In parallel, it is necessary to do general developmental strength training so as not to lose significantly in muscle mass.

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