Phil Heath - Mr. Olympia 2011!

In mid-September 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States of America hosted one of the most prestigious world bodybuilding tournaments - Mr. Olympia 2011 . These competitions have been held by the International Federation of Bodybuilders since 1965. Athletes included in the six winners are considered the most powerful athletes in the world. The first-place athlete is recognized as the strongest among the athletes of the planet and his name will forever remain in the history of bodybuilding in the world.

The tournament began with a press conference on September 15th. The next day was devoted to women's disciplines: there were competitions in fitness, bodybuilding, bikini and, finally, Miss Olympia was elected. She became Iris Kyle. In fitness, Adela Garcia took first place. Nicole Wilkins was recognized as the best figure, and Nicole Nagrani was recognized as a bikini. On September 17, the turn of bodybuilding professionals among men approached: the tournament finals were held, places were finally determined, and Mr. Olympia was elected.

In 2011, an unprecedented number of young athletes took part in the bodybuilding championship. Of course, they were incredibly flattered to be at the same tournament with the famous bodybuilders and make themselves known to the whole world.

This year, Jay Cutler, Kai Green, Phil Heath, Denis Wolf, Victor Martinez, Dexter Jackson, Tony Freeman and others fought for the right to become the first strongman of the forty-sixth Mr. Olympia 2011 tournament. Evgeny Mishin joined the Russian athletes in the tournament ended up taking only 16th place. Of the above heroes, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Kai Green were considered favorites.

Being in excellent shape, the current 2010 champion Jay Cutler, of course, expected to take the title of “Mr. Olympia” for the fifth time. His embossed back and massive shoulders captivated all those present at the championship. But still he was let down by problems with his left biceps, despite being 100% ready to become the tournament winner for the fifth time. This year, Jay Cutler was beaten by his best friend Phil Heath, nicknamed “The Gift, ” back in 2010 on the heels of the champion. The “Olympic God” Jay had to cede the throne to the new champion, whose ideal forms could not be averted during preliminary judging. Perfectly round and full muscles, almost perfect condition, luxury of embossed legs - Phil Heath's amazing physical form brought him a well-deserved victory. He became the thirteenth "Mr. Olympia."

The magnificent relief torso of Kai Green did not leave the judges indifferent and made him nervous not only Jay Cutler, but also other bodybuilders who were counting on victory. As a result, Kai Green took an honorable third place, passing ahead of D. Cutler.

In fourth place was Victor Martinez, whose impressive form of massive muscles inspired fears for his rivals about his stunning return to the tournament leaders.

Dennis Wolf also entered the top five, impressing everyone at the tournament with his incredibly powerful back, which, combined with high growth, powerful shoulders and a narrow waist, makes an indelible impression. His performance at Arnold Classic 2011 gave hope that he would show a high class at the Mr. Olympia competitions. If Dennis Wolf was ready for the tournament a little better, who knows, maybe the three leaders of the competition would have looked different.

Closes the list of the six most powerful heroes of the planet, the authoritative and majestic Dexter Jackson, who in 2008 won the title of tournament champion "Mr. Olympia". The stability of his performances makes us believe that for the next “Olympia” his preparation and form will be at a higher level. We will wait for the next tournament and see how the new “Mr. Olympia 2012” ends. "> Video“ Phil Heath at Mr. Olympia 2011 ”