Expander exercises

The expander develops well the muscles of the hands, especially the shoulder joint, as well as the trunk. Exercises can be done to warm up or exercise in the morning. The expanders that are manufactured at the factory are made up of many parts. Namely, from springs, but rubber bundles attached to two handles can be used. It is also possible to increase the load each time, additional springs are included.

When you are working with an expander, you should not forget that you need to smoothly increase the load . First you need to leave one spring and do 1-2 approaches to the exercises. Only after you can easily perform the number of repetitions in an exercise can you increase the number of springs or sets.

When you perform the exercise, you need to make sure that you constantly come to the starting position smoothly, with little resistance, you do not need to relax the muscles. Each exercise should be performed 7 to 12 times.


  • 1 Breeding hands before breast
  • 2 Torso
  • 3 Hands over head
  • 4 Biceps Lift
  • 5 Hands behind the back
  • 6 Abduction of the arm from the shoulder for triceps training
  • 7 Extension of the arm
  • 8 Squats
  • 9 Exercises with an expander for all muscle groups - Video

Breeding hands before breast

1. Feet should be placed shoulder-width apart, and hands with the expander should be raised in front of you so that the palms are turned inward. Then spread your straight arms to the sides and take a breath, then return to its original position and exhale. When doing this exercise, try not to lean back too much and try to look in front of you all the time.


2. Now you need to pass the left or right leg into the handle of the expander, and the second you need to wrap your arms around, and, tilt the body slightly forward, press one handle of the expander to the chest. Then, without taking your hands off your chest, straighten your torso and crouch to take a breath. And when you return to the original position to exhale. And this exercise should be performed with several additional springs.

Hands over head

3. The legs will now need to be set across the width of the shoulders, raise your hands with the expander up, palms out. Spread them to the side, without bending your arms so that the springs are behind your back, and take a breath. Raising up your hands, you need to return to its original position and exhale.

Biceps Up

4. In this exercise, the legs will need to be placed shoulder width apart, with the right hand grab the handle from the bottom, and place the right leg at the other end. No need to tilt the body, you need to bend your right hand at the elbow until you touch the expander of the shoulder to take a breath. And then, extending the arm in the elbow joint, return to its original position and exhale.

Hands behind the back

5. Again we get back to the initial position. But now we have to move the expander behind our back so that our arms are bent and our palms are facing out. Then spread your arms to the side and take a breath. Then, bend your arms and return to the original position and exhale. Do this exercise with a few extra springs.

Abduction of the arm from the shoulder for triceps training

6. Now the expander should be picked up and transferred behind the back so that the right hand is bent at the shoulder, and the left straight line is pressed to the hip. Then straighten your right hand up to straighten and take a breath. Returning to its original position, you need to exhale. Repeat this exercise with both hands.

Extension of the arm

7. In this exercise, take the expander with your palms inward. Raise the left hand to the side, and press the right, bent to the chest. Then you do not need to bend the left hand, straighten the right side to the maximum straightening and take a breath. In the next step, bend your right hand and return to its original position and exhale. Exercise should be done with each hand.


8. And the last exercise needs to be done with several expanders, with the addition of several springs to each. We set the feet to the width of the shoulders. Pass both feet into the arms of the expanders and sit on the floor. Take your hands with the other handles, lower grip and pull them to the shoulders. This exercise should be performed without bending the torso. Standing up, take a breath, and when you bend your legs, exhale.

Exercise exercises for all muscle groups - Video