Health Problems From Barbell Squats

Squats with a barbell are designed to develop the muscles of the thigh and buttocks. This is a basic exercise in bodybuilding, which helps to gain muscle mass, draw relief, and also lose weight. However, the whole positive effect of it will disappear if the squats are not done correctly. Gross errors can even lead to health problems and exacerbate existing chronic diseases. If a person periodically experiences problems due to high blood pressure or diseases of the cardiovascular system, then he can be engaged in power loads only under the supervision of a good specialist.

Ideally, the correct technique for doing the exercise involves a squat with a perfectly straight back without leaning forward. Unfortunately, in practice, only small people can fulfill all the recommendations, but everyone needs to strive for perfect performance of squats.


    • 0.1 Technique of the exercise.
  • 1 Let us dwell in more detail on the problems that may arise during the exercise:
    • 1.1 1- Knees.
    • 1.2 2. Loin.
    • 1.3 3. Upper back.

Technique of the exercise.

Going up to the rack, you should grab the bar neck with an average grip, that is, slightly wider than the shoulders. Before you remove the bar from the racks, you need to strain your shoulders. The movement is smooth, while the entire foot rests on the floor. The head should be raised up and keeping your back straight, bend your legs. You need to sit down so deep that the thigh is parallel to the floor surface. If the legs during the squat will be shoulder width apart, then this position will help to develop quadriceps. A wider stand allows you to increase the load on the inner part of the thigh, and a narrow one - its outer part.

Let us dwell on the problems that may arise during the exercise:

1- Knees.

We must remember that squats with a barbell is not the most useful exercise for the knees. So, in order to avoid injury, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the correct technique. Knees often hurt after or during exercise. An athlete may constantly feel slight pain or sharp pain when he stands in a certain position. But in any case, you need to visit a doctor and take an X-ray. If a specialist does not detect serious changes, then it means overvoltage due to a heavy load. Quite often a mistake occurs when a beginner puts his legs wide and crouches, bringing his knees close to each other. This situation is harmful to the joints and leads to constant pain. Careful control of the technique and the exclusion of banal carelessness will help to solve the problem.

2. Loin.

If you do not keep your back straight during the exercise, serious back problems can occur. Problems with keeping the body in the correct position can be due to the excessive load that appears due to uneven muscle development. For example, this problem will become especially acute if the muscles of the legs are better developed than the muscles of the back. If you regularly attend training, then after a while everything will normalize, but in the first lessons you need to be careful and you can not dramatically increase weight.

The next problem that may cause back pain is lack of flexibility in the ankle and hip joints. Squatting with a barbell, it is necessary to transfer weight to the heel, while maintaining proper posture. Maintaining the correct position of the body is difficult enough if the joints are not mobile enough. Regular stretching before weight training will help solve this problem.

3. The upper back.

To avoid pain in this part of the back, you should correctly perform the squatting technique and carefully monitor the position of the body. The upper back should be absolutely straight and the muscles tense - then a rigid frame is formed from them, which will evenly distribute the load. The shoulder blades should be maximally retracted down and back, and the chest is turned forward. It is advisable to perform a narrow grip, then the chest will unfold even more. If the back is sufficiently tense, then its position will allow you to maintain a vertical position and eliminate deviations to the side, forward or backward.

Athletes often use sports equipment for barbell squats. The weightlifting belt is designed to stabilize the spinal muscles, and elastic bandages strengthen the knees. This equipment is useful for working with heavy weight with the number of repetitions of not more than six times, but it does not save from pain and does not solve the problem. Severe pain in the back and knees can be cured only by contacting a doctor and getting enough rest.

Lack of rest can lead to such a widespread problem among athletes as fatigue-type injuries. Those who are engaged in strength training must have a rest for a week every two months. For beginners, rest is indicated more often, once a month.

For the muscles to recover, they need time. To do this, observe the regime between workouts during the weekly cycle. Larger muscles need more time to recover and to squat with a barbell every day does not make sense. Otherwise, the wrong approach may well lead to injury.

This exercise is useful at any age. It was noted that for older athletes, warming up and stretching before training is very important. They should be especially attentive to safety regulations and to the cleanliness of the exercise. Recovery after injuries in them is at the same speed as in young athletes with the right course of treatment. Squats with a barbell are popular with all ages and everyone can show their skills in competitions.