How to increase human growth

The question of finding an effective methodology for increasing growth worries a huge number of people. This is especially true for the use of various additives containing calcium, hanging on a sports apparatus such as a horizontal bar.


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Growth Factors

Growth formation, according to scientists, is 80-85% dependent on such genetic indicators as gender and race, and external factors, that is, an adequate level of nutrition and sports, affect this process by only 15-20%. If we summarize these data, it becomes clear that it is nature that is inherent in how tall a person will be .

Adults can radically change their growth only through complex surgical intervention. Neither a special diet nor hanging on the horizontal bar will help here. There are some exercises, mainly from yoga, a certain approach to the selection of wardrobe items that allow you to visually seem a little higher.

How is the growth of a child calculated?

The formula involves the summation of growth in centimeters of both parents and the division into two. To the obtained value is added, if the calculation is carried out for the boy, or subtracted when the calculation is done for the girl, the number "13". The result will be the growth of the child when he grows up, with an accuracy of 80% and an error of 5 cm to a smaller or larger side.

There are statistics of average height for men by geographical location. In Russia, it is 175-177, Europe - 176, Latin American countries - 170, China and several Asian countries - 167, India - 164 cm.

How to become 10 cm higher?

This issue is relevant for adolescents when puberty has not yet completed, that is, growth zones have not yet closed. If during this period you start to stretch, hang on the horizontal bar or swim regularly, which is especially effective, you can achieve increased growth.

Strength training, in contrast to the listed physical activity, has the opposite effect. The vertical load characteristic of exercises with a dumbbell or barbell significantly inhibits bone growth. Not the least role is played by testosterone, whose increased production contributes to the fact that growth zones close earlier.

Diet for increased growth

Slow down the processes of natural growth in childhood are capable of factors such as insufficient caloric intake and protein deficiency. Men from South Korea are about 7 centimeters taller than the inhabitants of the North. The reason for this, as you might guess, was the lack of vitamins and constant malnutrition in the latter.

Only a balanced diet allows you to realize the potential for growth inherent in the child. The diet should contain vegetables, cereals, minerals rich in cereals - buckwheat, lentils, oatmeal. It is important that the menu always had marine fish, which is a source of iodine, omega-3 fatty acids.

Growth dependence on special additives

There are components whose consumption is critical for the growth of each child in the first years of life. This is zinc with vitamin D. However, the use of these substances with food or as additives does not have a similar effect on an adult.

The role of calcium, which has long been considered an essential element for a growing organism, has not been confirmed. Recent studies have shown that it does not contribute to improving the condition of bones in an adult.

How can you become taller than an adult ">

This is a rather painful operation when staples with knitting needles are inserted into the upper bone layer on each leg. Pulling is carried out by a threaded rod, expandable by 0.25 mm four times a day. As a result, a person becomes 6-7 cm higher, but this is achieved only in a year, most of which has to be walked on crutches.

Growth Exercises

If the horizontal bar and swimming can not help an adult to become taller, then straightening the spine and improving posture from performing some exercises from yoga practice allow you to stretch 5 cm.

When you have to put up with growth, it is important to choose the right wardrobe. A dark bottom with a light top, having a V-shaped neck, a gel-raised hairstyle is an image that allows you to seem taller.


Proper nutrition and non-power sports help the child and teenager to become taller. An adult is replaced by yoga and some tricks in the selection of clothing items, a competent combination of shades.

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