Body types

Three body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph and the constitution of the human body


  • 1 There are three types of different physique of the human body:
  • 2 Ectomorph (you can eat everything in large quantities)
  • 3 Endomorph (minimum fat)
  • 4 Mesomorph (lucky, but do not relax)

There are three types of different physique of the human body:

Ectomorph, energetic, thin, fast;

Endomorph, full, wide and slow;

Mesomorph, fairly muscular, medium.

All these body types are very different from each other, the rate of metabolic processes in the body.

In the body of an ectomorph, processes proceed rapidly. Excess weight does not threaten a person of such a physique. He has long bones, a thin body, a small reserve of fat and very lean muscles. A set of muscle mass is given to him with difficulty, but if he succeeds, he looks very slim, aesthetically pleasing, thanks to a complete lack of fat and narrow bones.

Endomorph, by contrast, is easily gaining a lot of weight. Metabolism - metabolic processes, that is, the "combustion" of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the body occurs slowly. In addition, energy needs are also small. Therefore, their body is soft, loose, on the face, an excess of fat mass. People of this type of physique usually gain muscle mass quickly. But, unfortunately, it is soft and loose. The main problem for this type of people is excess fat mass, which it is extremely difficult for them to get rid of.

Mesomorph distinguishes from the rest, well-developed muscles. The muscles are voluminous, the bones are thick and wide. People of this type, without any problems, gain muscle mass, sometimes without even noticing that they look too square and strong.

The above information is very important when drawing up an individual effective nutrition plan. Each body type reacts differently to the composition and diet. Let's now look at specific body types.

Ectomorph (you can eat everything in large quantities)

Since the main problem of ectomorph is a catastrophic shortage of body weight, then he does not need to worry about restricting himself in food.

Diet: consume at least 3.5 - 5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight in one day, protein should provide about 30% of calories for the whole day. Carbohydrates, however, should be 50%, and fats about 20% calories. In order to gain muscle mass, the calories received per day must not be completely burned. The presence of high-quality protein, pure fats and carbohydrates in the diet is also necessary. The daily allowance should be at least 2000 - 2500 calories.

For this type of physique, calories consumed are of paramount importance. Ectomorphs are recommended to eat every 2.2-3 hours. If you have a very busy day and do not have time to eat as often as necessary, then you can use special mixtures that replace normal nutrition, as well as sports drinks and high-calorie “bars”. Whenever possible, take food and drinks with you so as not to be hungry for a long time.

Supplements, such as protein and a carbohydrate-protein mixture, should be taken daily, twice a day. To replenish the energy needed for effective training, add keratin to the diet.

Ectomorph needs to carefully monitor the correctness and regularity of meals before and after training. Do not be afraid of excessive consumption of carbohydrates: practice shows that eating before exercise, especially foods rich in carbohydrates, reduces catabolism (destructive processes) during exercise. Also, after training, such food contributes to the anabolic effect, that is, the restoration and growth of tissues.

Endomorph (minimum fat)

Diet: First of all, it is necessary to significantly reduce fat intake. All protein should be exclusively from lean foods, such as skinless chicken breasts, low-fat parts of turkey, egg whites, low-fat low-calorie fish. Plant foods are important, but do not use them as a source of protein. In the morning, it is worth limiting the consumption of fruits. As for carbohydrates, complex ones are recommended, such as long-grain rice, potatoes, and legumes.

You need to eat no more than 5-7 times a day, in small meals. This normalizes metabolism and maintains it at the right level.

The “black list” of prohibited products includes: various sandwiches (with ham, smoked meats, sausages, etc.), fatty dairy products, carbonated drinks (lemonade), and alcohol. Some of these products are defective sources of protein, while others are a huge accumulation of carbohydrates.

Also, you should not eat too late or very early. Finish your meal before eating. The main problem of endomorph is calories. If you need to lose weight, then this must be monitored with particular care. The number of calories should be necessarily reduced, and their calculation should be thorough and strict, without the admission of even small errors and errors.

Sports nutritionists advise people of a similar physique to use white low-fat meat as their main source of protein. Thus, a person will have a pleasant feeling of satiety, and excess fat will cease to accumulate in the body. If you need to lose weight, then give preference to fiber products, with a high fiber content and eat less starchy carbohydrates. It is worth eating in small portions, saturated with proteins and fiber. All this together will help to lose weight.

Mesomorph (lucky, but do not relax)

Diet: 2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (lean turkey, egg whites, skinless chicken breasts, lean fish). Carbohydrates should also enter the body in moderation and supply a high amount of calories, approximately 60-65% of the daily diet. Fatty calories should be within 15% of the total daily diet.

Diet: 5-7 times a day.

Nutrient substitutes and protein shakes are especially recommended for this body type.

You can’t eat monotonous food every week, you need a varied menu. Sometimes, give your muscles a little more calories than you should, do not stick to a strict diet all the time. You easily and quickly gain muscle mass, but also lose weight without problems, if necessary, so you can not be afraid of small drops in one direction or another.

Mesomorphs are genetically gifted. This is the best body type for sports. Studies show that athletes of this physique in training, and during rest, spend more calories per day than other people, of a different physique, even despite the same height, age and percentage of subcutaneous adipose tissue. They can be called happy owners of a harmonious figure, where the percentage of fat mass and muscle is in perfect balance.

But, unfortunately, often this type of people is most prone to laziness and inaction. They often train and eat, outside the regimen and any plan. Put in order the diet, count the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and also do not forget about the nutritional supplements that are necessary for the successful construction of their own body, because not all people can boast such a good constitution as yours!