Chin rod pull (narrow grip)

This type of traction develops not only the muscles of the upper back, but also the muscles of the shoulder girdle - deltoid. Doing the exercise, do not hope that it will make your shoulders wider - this is a delusion. But, it can significantly help if you are working on giving the shoulders a shape, relief and clear boundaries. Thanks to this type of traction, the gap between the deltoid and trapezius muscles becomes clearly visible.

Working muscles

Trapezoid, deltoid (middle and front bundles), scapular muscles.
Auxiliary: biceps of the shoulder, pectoralis major (upper bundles)

Execution technique

  • For the exercise you will need a regular bar with a straight bar. Take it tightly, “into the lock” with a grip of brushes from above, although, if desired, an open grip is possible (when the thumbs do not cover the bar of the bar).
  • The distance between the inner sides of the hands is 15-20 cm. Now straighten up, holding the barbell in lowered hands. Take a deep breath, and with the effort of the deltas and, in addition, the trapezius muscles, begin to pull the bar towards the chin. Exercise smoothly, without jerking, without connecting the muscles of the hands. Although you cannot completely eliminate biceps from work, try to make their share of the load as small as possible. To do this, focus on the part of the body that you are working on.
  • Pulling the bar to the chin and lightly touching its bar, pause, exhale, and just as slowly, observing the technique, lower it down. During this phase, the bar seems to “ slide ” along the surface of the body.
  • To achieve maximum concentration of the load on the main working muscles, do the exercise with the correct technique, do not let the elbows “walk” to the sides, in the upper phase, make sure that the elbows are raised above shoulder level, and then gradually unbend as it lowers. Do not use too wide a grip, this will remove part of the load from the target muscles.
  • Maintain the correct position of the body, do not bend forward by relaxing the back muscles, otherwise the load from the muscles being worked out will again shift to the side of the auxiliary. It is probably unnecessary to remind that the weight of the bar should be acceptable in order to allow the exercise to be done correctly in 10-12 repetitions. Excessive overloading the bar with “ pancakes ” will lead to the fact that you simply cannot complete the approach, and lower it earlier than necessary. Of course, the effect in this case will be minimal.

If you want to gain a lot of deltoid muscles with this exercise, make them bigger, then do not be fooled - there are more effective ways for this, for example, standing army bench press.

Video “The pull of the bar to the chin (narrow grip)"