The choice of protein and the right intake

Beginning bodybuilders quite often, wanting to quickly increase muscle mass, do not pay close attention to the selection of a protein shake, acquiring the first one, without thinking that each type of protein supplement has its own purpose. Protein should be selected taking into account the goals and objectives set by the athlete.

To succeed in any sport, regular training is not enough, you also need to adhere to a special diet. The use of protein in dietary sports nutrition is required in the following sports disciplines:

  • fitness
  • bodybuilding;
  • powerlifting;
  • any kind of sport aimed at muscle growth and strength development.

There are many types of protein supplements. Some are ideal for those who want to lose weight, while others, on the contrary, contribute to the growth of muscle mass. Therefore, the wrong choice can lead to the opposite of the desired result.


  • 1 Protein and its meaning
  • 2 Varieties of Protein
    • 2.1 Isolate
    • 2.2 Concentrate
    • 2.3 Hydrolyzate
  • 3 Types of Protein Supplements
    • 3.1 Egg
    • 3.2 Whey Protein Isolate
    • 3.3 Casein
    • 3.4 Soy
    • 3.5 Collagen
    • 3.6 Dairy
  • 4 General recommendations for use
  • 5 Why protein is not for athletes "> 6 Possible harm from protein intake

Protein and its meaning

In sports nutrition, protein is called the protein from which almost all body tissues are composed. With the breakdown of protein that occurs in the body, energy is released.

There are two groups of protein - independent amino acids, which are vital, and interchangeable acids. Proteins from the first group are found in the liver, fish, meat, dairy products, and from the second - in various types of cereals.

For the body to function normally, the daily protein intake per kilogram of a person’s own weight should be at least 1.5 grams. The ideal ratio is 2 grams.

Varieties of protein

Protein supplements produced by manufacturers of sports nutrition are of organic, not chemical, origin. They are obtained from natural products when all excess substances and components present in them are removed and are of several types:


Protein in its purest form, the amount of impurities in which is minimal. It is easily absorbed by the body. This drug is the most expensive among whey proteins. It is taken after training in order to restore energy reserves and bring muscles to tone.


The protein contained in it is not subjected to such a deep purification. The ratio of impurities in it can be from twenty to sixty percent of the total mass of the product.


The drug is not just cleaned, but partially fermented. Its main feature is instant digestibility. This is achieved due to the fact that each substance has the form of a peptide. The reduced load on the body leads to the fact that the number of enzymes responsible for the process of protein breakdown, as a result of which energy is generated, is reduced. This refers to a significant minus of this category of protein.

Types of Protein Supplements

Protein is obtained from various substances. Depending on the donor, the following groups of drugs are distinguished:


Valuable protein that acts as a reference for evaluating the usefulness and effectiveness of other species. In the body, it is absorbed almost completely, that is, almost one hundred percent.

Whey Protein Isolate

The most valuable supplement containing the maximum concentration of BCAA amino acids, having the highest splitting rate. Due to this, the drug instantly restores muscle condition and energy reserve. This makes it ideal for use in the morning, when the body has not completely recovered from sleep, and after training.


It has a complex structure. It is obtained as a result of the use of a special enzyme, which leads to curdling of milk. It has a special structure and, getting into the body, is converted into cheese mass, which is absorbed for a long time. The gradual breakdown of casein protein allows the body to receive energy for a long period. You can use it both at night, and when you need energy recharge for some time.


The unique acid composition of this type of protein favorably affects the concentration of cholesterol. It belongs to the category of supplements that promote effective weight loss. As a rule, it is used by people suffering from overweight, as well as athletes with individual intolerance to lactose. The disadvantage of this protein obtained from soy is that it can provoke disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract. When taking it, a strict dosage is required.


Thanks to its amino acid composition, it strengthens ligaments, joints, skin, and connective tissues. The supplement is used as an adjunct to other essential drugs.


It consists of a mixture of casein and whey protein, which are usually taken in proportions of 20 to 80 percent, and a small amount of milk carbohydrates.

Each of these types of protein can be purchased separately. Manufacturers of sports nutrition offer complex supplements, which include two or more proteins.

General recommendations for use

There are no supplements that are one hundred percent protein. Its concentration varies between 50-90%. There are separate preparations, the protein in which is 95% of the total mass of the mixture. And in order to calculate the dosage, to introduce the drug into the usual diet, this fact should be taken into account, to know how to take it correctly.

The additive is diluted with juice or water. The amount of liquid in this case does not play any role. The only rule that should be remembered when preparing a protein mixture is that you can not use boiling water. Otherwise, the protein may simply curl up, that is, become unusable.

It is necessary to take the daily norm of a protein supplement in order to gain additional muscle mass in two doses. The first time they drink the mixture in the morning, and the second time after training or before an evening meal, if it is a day of rest. The amount of protein consumed can be divided into a larger number of receptions. The main thing is that you can’t drink the whole mixture at a time. Otherwise, it is likely that the gastrointestinal tract will not cope with so much protein, some of which will not be absorbed.

When the protein mixture is used for weight loss, it replaces part of the usual diet, but does not combine with usual meals. The supplement is used instead of snacks, breakfast or dinner. This approach allows you to replenish the protein norm required for the full functioning of the body, but to reduce the calorie content of the usual diet. This will positively affect weight in the direction of reduction.

Why protein is not for athletes ">

Possible harm from protein intake

Contraindication to the use of the additive is individual intolerance to the protein or other substance that is part of the mixture. Against the background of dysbiosis or a lack of protein-cleaving enzymes, indigestion may occur. If a similar situation is observed, you should reduce the dosage of the mixture or start taking enzymes. This can happen even when an athlete gets the best supplement.

Protein can not do any harm to internal organs, but can lead to exacerbation of existing kidney diseases. To eliminate this consequence, it is enough to exclude the supplement from your diet. This will allow the body to return to its original state.