How to make the waist thin: a set of exercises

Many representatives of the fair sex over time face changes that occur in the appearance, and especially in silhouette. This is due not only to age, but also to motherhood. Most women have to say goodbye to the waist after giving birth. To return the hourglass shape to your figure, you do not need to find time in your schedule to visit the gym. There are many exercises designed to be done at home.


  • 1 How does an increase in the waist and methods to combat this phenomenon "> 2 Why is there an accumulation of body fat in the waist?
  • 3 What is the effect of fascia on waist size?
  • 4 What to do for those whose waist has never been pronounced?
  • 5 A set of exercises for a thin waist
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    • 5.2 Self-massage block
    • 5.3 Block for changing, lengthening, strengthening and toning
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How is the increase in the waist and methods of dealing with this phenomenon?

Fascia during pregnancy increases in volume and becomes much stronger. This is due to the fact that it performs the function of maintaining the abdomen. After childbirth, as a rule, the fascia does not acquire its former shape, that is, it remains thickened. This is due to the fact that at the same time it is very difficult to lose weight and to return the previous girth to the waist.

In order not to feel discomfort from the belly falling forward, to finally forget about the problem of “rabbit ears”, it is recommended to master a fairly simple set of exercises performed by a professional fitness trainer. This training is ideal for women suffering from constant bloating, weight gain in the waist area. Only by regaining a taut belly, you can regain confidence in yourself.

Why is there an accumulation of body fat in the waist?

The reasons for the increase in body weight are various. They are, first of all, caused by severe stresses, hormonal imbalance, frequent snacking in attempts to "seize" experiences, and maintaining a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. Even doing fitness, many focus on the buttocks, legs and other parts of the body, but do not engage in the waist.

All these factors, of course, play a significant role in the appearance of fat deposits in the abdomen, sides, back. There is also a physiological feature of a person associated with gravity and the effect that it exerts on the spine, connective tissue. Her role in the process of "increasing" the waist area is quite weighty.

The mass of the upper body in combination with gravity leads to the fact that the existing space between the thigh bones and ribs begins to decrease, the waistline becomes shorter and less pronounced. This process negatively affects the internal organs, muscles, body fat, and skin.

They begin to literally bulge in different directions, which does not affect the appearance both in the best way, and in sensations it makes a person feel much thicker than he really is. This does not pass without a trace, but negatively affects the digestive system, metabolism, blood circulation and oxygen saturation of the blood, the condition and function of internal organs. The result of all this are problems such as bloating, overweight.

The presence of free space in the abdomen leads to stabilization of blood circulation, helps to normalize digestion. The result of this is that the waist takes on a more pronounced shape, the "belly" ceases to stand out forward. In addition, a person begins to feel a surge of energy, to feel more comfortable both physically and mentally.

In everyday life, unfortunately, only a few think about how the sedentary lifestyle, which is mainly conducted by all modern people, negatively affects not only weight, but also the waistline. No less important is the presence of some constraint and tension, which is reflected even in a gait.

The gait of constantly troubled people is devoid of any grace and grace. This can not affect the condition of the fascia. Light and weightless steps, on the contrary, make connective tissues constantly work. Without much effort, a person with an "elegant" gait manages to maintain muscle tone, which allows you to quickly get rid of toxins, stress, nervous tension.

Every day, the average person makes about 5900 steps. If you invest more energy in each, moving correctly, then the tissues and organs will begin to receive more oxygen, and the waist will become much thinner.

What is the effect of fascia on the size of the waist ">

Healthy fascia looks like a transparent film. Against a background of unstable emotional background, stress, poor posture, inactive lifestyle, injuries, it becomes denser, becomes much shorter and tighter. Restrictions that appear in movement provoke the ingress of a large amount of toxins into the fascia, which accumulate in peculiar pockets at the waist. This process is reversible.

The compliance of the fascia allows this “shell” to return to its previous shape. It is enough to lead an active lifestyle, carry out exercises and trainings that allow you to remove toxins accumulated in the waist area to give the silhouette an attractiveness.

What to do for those whose waist has never been pronounced ">

This sports equipment for myofascial release - moderate and gentle stretching, which has a strong effect on body tissue. Exercises with a foam rubber roller contribute to an increase in circulation in joints and tissues, eliminate stress, and help to relax. The impact of the roller is comparable only to deep massage. It “breaks down” stagnant toxins, works out even scar tissue, giving the muscle structure greater elegance.

Thanks to the scooter, the main and hard-to-reach muscles are included in the work, which is impossible to achieve when performing most exercises both in cardio training and in gymnastics. In training with a roller, beloved and well-known exercises are ideally combined. You can do it at any suitable time, without having any restrictions in choosing a place.

A set of exercises for a thin waist

It consists of three blocks, each of which has its own orientation, allows you to work out a particular muscle group.

Warm up block

Standing side tilts

They allow you to open the chest, engage intercostal muscles, stimulate blood circulation in the lungs, and feel significant relief in the process of breathing. Thanks to such inclinations, you can get rid of the feeling of anxiety, relieve attacks of both allergies and asthma.


  • standing straight, legs set across the width of the hips;
  • hands raise up so that they were at shoulder width;
  • while inhaling, lean to the right, and exhale to the left.

At least 5 repetitions are performed on each side.


It perfectly heats the lumbar region and spine. Frees the fascia of the body.


  • legs apart at hips;
  • a roller (roller) is placed behind the shoulders, is held in the area of ​​the bend of the hands in the elbow joint;
  • to inhale, the body in the lumbar region is turned in one, and for exhalation - in the opposite direction.

The main thing is to ensure that the legs remain motionless all the time. Five turns are made in each direction.

Self-massage block

Upper back roller skating

It allows you to quickly eliminate stress, helps to reduce the amount of salt deposits that accumulate in the upper back, relax the upper thoracic vertebra, tone the cervical spine. Exercise helps improve posture, gives peace of mind.


  • lying on the floor, they put a roller under the back somewhere in the bust area, completely rest on the roller;
  • hands are placed behind the head, closing in the lock, providing support;
  • using legs, push off the floor to move forward;
  • taking a breath, they move upward, while the shoulder blades and upper back are massaged;
  • simultaneously with exhalation, they go down, rolling approximately to the area of ​​the lower part of the femoral muscles.

You cannot go too low. This will create an excessive load on the vertebrae and discs.

The recommended number of repetitions is 8.

Lifromassage - sideways skating

Helps reduce lateral tension and compression while stimulating lymphatic drainage.


  • they lie on the roller perpendicular to the body, slightly turned by the right thighs and armpits to the upper back;
  • the legs are bent at right angles, the feet are firmly on the floor;
  • first they roll along the roller 10 centimeters down towards the waist, and then return to the starting position, helping with their feet;
  • the body is deployed to the left side, doing the same rolling.

Do at least 8 times in the left and right sides.

To aperture

The use of the diaphragm allows you to increase the amount of oxygen consumed, which speeds up the process of fat burning, increases the metabolic rate, slows down aging. Exercise eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the shoulders, relieves pain from the cervical spine.


  • lie on the roller, placing it below the shoulder blades in the area where the bust line passes, hands clasped behind the head to the castle;
  • with an inhalation, the chest cage is bent forward, while lowering the head back, without disengaging the arms, stretching the neck to get rid of any tension;
  • with an exhalation, the back is lifted up, so that they get rid of the excess carbon dioxide, which takes oxygen.

Performing this exercise allows you to get rid of tension and discomfort in the intestines, smooth out the muscles on the stomach.

Do from 8 to 10 repetitions.

On the internal organs and diaphragm

Due to the implementation of turns, toxins are removed from the body, an increase in the space between the ribs and femoral joints occurs.


Similar to the previous one, but the inclined knee joints are added to the floor, which allows you to warm up the muscles in the abdomen, helps to stretch the waist.

At least 3 approaches are made on each side.

“Snow Angel” - shoulder massage

Stimulates blood oxygen saturation, helps to work out the cervical, brachial, pectoral muscles, and spine. Very useful for posture.


  • the roller is placed parallel to the spine so that it is between the head and the coccyx;
  • hands with the back side up, spread the sides, straightening and opening the chest;
  • make movements similar to those performed when creating the silhouette of an angel in the snow, which allows the shoulder blades to be massaged during the upward movement of the arms.

They make a "snow angel" 8-10 times.

Block for changing, lengthening, strengthening and toning

On a graceful posture

This exercise is also aimed at expanding the space between the ribs and hips, removes the load from the vertebral section.


  • on inhalation, both hands are pulled up, and on exhalation, they round the back and pull the chin to the chest, while at the same time drawing in the stomach, touching the roller with the tips of the fingers so as not to lose balance;
  • then they take another breath, roll the roller to the opposite side, starting from the very tips of the fingers to the shoulder girdle, stopping to stretch when there is an extension of the waist with the vertebra, shoulders with the neck;
  • exhaling, they return back to the position with a rounded back, drawing in the stomach.

Repeat the entire cycle of action for at least 8 repetitions.

Leg raising

It allows you to stimulate the lymphatic system, increasing the tone of internal organs and major muscle groups. Exercise has a beneficial effect on the fascia of the lower back.


  • place the roller under the sacrum;
  • the upper back with shoulders lie on a gymnastic mat, the waist, on the contrary, is raised;
  • legs are lifted towards the ceiling so that they form an almost right angle;
  • hands take on the free outer edge of the roller;
  • legs are lowered with a breath down until there is a deflection in the lumbar region;
  • using the deep abdominal muscles, exhaling, the legs raise again.

The main thing is to control so that the spine does not move and does not strain.

Do 8-10 repetitions.


The exercise is aimed at strengthening, lengthening, toning the neck, shoulders, forearms, buttocks, upper back. It contributes to the straightening of the spine, creating a space between the hips and ribs. The effect of stretching allows you to feel higher, normalizes digestion.


  • face down on the gymnastic mat, and the roller is placed under the elbow joints, stretching your arms forward, with thumbs up;
  • socks are pulled away from you;
  • gluteal muscles completely relax;
  • simultaneously with the inhalation, the roller is rolled by the force of the forearms toward itself, while the stomach is pulled in and the shoulders are pulled back so that tension is felt in the hands, and the posture is straightened;
  • the muscles of the press are pulled up as much as possible, helping to lengthen the front of the body and maintain good posture;
  • exhaling, without haste return to their original position.

The recommended number of repetitions is 8.


The exercise is aimed at lengthening, giving compactness and strengthening the lateral muscles, which are necessary to maintain the spine in the correct position, reduce the negative impact of pressure with gravity.


  • lying on your side, stretch your legs in front of you;
  • the roller is under the ankle;
  • on the elbow of the hand on which they lie, they rise, and the forearm is laid on the mat;
  • control the roller in a stable position;
  • they take in air, raise their free hands, feeling how all the weight is held by all the lateral lines of the body, which resist the force of gravity;
  • exhaling, the body is turned towards the floor, the hand is lowered, trying not to lose balance, staying on weight.

Both left and right do from 8 to 10 repetitions.


Thanks to the abdominal retraction, toxins are released, the body is updated, which helps to make the waist narrower.


  • the scooter is located below the knees;
  • hands forming a straight line with shoulders and wrists are perpendicular to the floor;
  • the shoulder joint is stabilized to be able to move around it so that the body does not move forward or backward;
  • the stomach is pulled in, the spine is straightened as much as possible;
  • they take air into the lungs and roll the roller towards themselves, rounding the vertebral section so that it forms a shape resembling a shell;
  • making a deep exhale, the hips are raised as high as possible, using the scooter as a support under the legs, keeping the stomach drawn in, freeing itself from a large amount of carbon dioxide.
  • inhale again, return to their original position.

Make at least 8 "shells".

The presented complex is not intended for obtaining an aspen waist, but it allows you to give this area the dimensions laid down by the physiological structure, to maintain muscle and body tone.

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Video “Thin waist in 7 minutes”