Stuart McRobert

Stuart McRobert, a provincial bodybuilder, has always advocated a healthy sport, without the use of steroids or other drugs of artificial origin. His merit is that he managed to develop his own special training methodology, thanks to which he made a revolution in the world of bodybuilding. This technique is the basis of all healthy amateur bodybuilding. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to achieve serious results without activators of muscle tissue growth, but it is very realistic to form a beautiful body.


  • 1 Anthropometric and power indicators
  • 2 Training system
  • 3 Power System
  • 4 Features of an athlete's life
  • 5 MacRobert Training Program
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    • 5.2 Option No. 2

Anthropometric and power indicators

At the very top of his sports career, Stuart Mack Robert managed to increase his muscle mass by 25 kg, with a height of 175 cm and a weight of 95 kg. And this is solely thanks to his new technique, without the use of any stimulating substances. His strength indicators are as follows:

  • Lying barbell lying - 120 kg.
  • Deadlift - 200 kg.
  • Squat - 160 kg.

Training system

In his book Think! Stuart described his training system in detail. This book became a bestseller and was published six times, thanks to which the athlete managed to become the founder of amateur bodybuilding. The training scheme is based on the fact that the anthropometric data of the novice athlete are taken into account, so it was possible to choose the appropriate set of exercises individually.

According to the author, the age of the athlete plays a decisive role in achieving high results. According to him, one can always count on significant success, but only until the age of 35.

To select the appropriate training program, it is important to consider the physical data of the athlete. Three main indicators are taken as the basis of calculations: height - 175 cm, wrist size - 17.5 cm and weight - 76 kg.

For beginners with such parameters, the author recommends the following:

  • Squats with a weight of 150 kg.
  • Lift barbell lying, weighing 110 kg.
  • The bench press for the head - 65 kg.
  • Deadlift - 180 kg.

These basic exercises are complemented by several approaches of the following nature:

  • 10 approaches - squats with a weight of 120 kg.
  • 10 approaches - deadlift with a weight of 140 kg.
  • 10 approaches - deadlift on straight legs with a weight of 110 kg.
  • 6 approaches - bench press lying 100 kg.
  • 6 approaches - a bench press for a head weighing 50 kg.
  • 8 approaches - lifting 40 kg biceps.
  • 8 approaches - bench press with a narrow grip, weighing 90 kg.
  • 20 times - lifts on socks, with a weight of 20 kg.

All training should be carried out in normal operating mode. If you reduce the speed, then this will not bring any dividends. When an athlete prefers a lower pace, it is better to reduce the load by removing a little weight.

Athlete's personality also plays an important role. In order for a muscle relief to appear, you need to constantly increase the load. When constantly working with the same weights, the muscles get used to the loads and stop building up their volumes.

Supply system

Without proper nutrition, it will not be possible to radically change your body. To work with heavy loads, you need a lot of nutrients. Therefore, you will have to eat more and more often. Switching to such a power scheme overnight is not so simple. He believes that the main food product is milk. Based on this, it is necessary to use it constantly, so that iron is replenished in the body. Naturally, the most useful is natural milk. The same applies to other foods. Therefore, many athletes buy products in the markets and prepare them themselves. If the athlete does not absorb lactose, then you can use low fat. In any case, milk can be replaced with yoghurts or egg-based cocktails.

Products that contain preservatives and various chemicals in their composition should not be consumed at all. The bodybuilder's diet should consist of a variety of foods. Eating the same food all the time is undesirable. To improve your appetite, you can completely refuse food for some time. Porridge also needs to be alternated, as well as side dishes to them.

It is undesirable to eat fatty foods containing cholesterol. Stuart Mack Robert does not support an initiative that does not consume such foods at all. The athlete believes that if he is healthy, then such products in the diet may be present.

If you do not use steroids and lead a healthy lifestyle, you can safely leave a rigid diet, but you need to know the real load on the liver. To do this, you need to donate blood from time to time for analysis, checking the level of cholesterol. This approach will allow you to really assess the benefits of the diet or its harm. As a result, you can really adjust your diet.

The author of the book recommends that all athletes over 35 years of age abandon most animal fats, replacing them with seafood, vegetable oil, nuts or seeds. This will lead to a marked decrease in blood cholesterol. He also claims that conventional low-fat diets are the result of steroids and other chemistry on the liver.

Despite the fact that he did not perceive the classical diet, he recommended, especially for beginner athletes, to count calorie intake. For several weeks in a row, you need to use the same amount of calories, after which you need to find out how much has gained weight. If all this time the body weight is at the same level, then about 300 calories will have to be added to the diet, but not more. An athlete needs at least 4000 calories per day. When a positive result appears, the need for such a power scheme will disappear by itself.

The movement towards the intended goal should be gradual.

The amount of exercise, like calories, should increase gradually. The regime of enhanced nutrition should be accompanied exclusively by the most intense workouts. It is during these periods that the foundation for the future shape of the athlete’s body is laid. Energy should be directed only to the growth of muscle mass. In case of fat deposits, calories should be cut back, again adjusting your diet.

Stuart Mack Robert points to the fact that appetite is the result of effective training and diet. When, after training, the athlete develops fatigue and lacks appetite, then either the training was not intense or the athlete does not receive the necessary nutrients. Typically, these symptoms appear in vegetarians, so products such as milk and eggs must be included in their diet.

An hour before the start of the training process, you should drink a milkshake, which is easily absorbed. You can not allow the body to starve, an hour after training, you can still drink a cocktail.

Features of an athlete's life

A legendary athlete was born in Liverpool, in 1958. From an early age, he did not leave the thought of how to become a bodybuilder, so at the age of 14 he began to attend a gym. He practiced quite a lot and therefore decided to describe the entire training process. He first did this at the age of 15.

This was not his first work and not the last, so he continued to write articles on the subject of bodybuilding. It was only in 1981 that his first work saw the light of day. In the same year, he managed to release a bodybuilding training manual, which became revolutionary in bodybuilding. After a while, Stewart moved to Cyprus, where he began to study as a teacher.

Unfortunately, this athlete was not able to achieve the results shown by professional athletes, and ended his professional career. But he began to fight for a healthy lifestyle with the help of articles and books. Thus, he remained an amateur athlete.

In 1989, the athlete began to publish Hardgainer magazine in his printing house. The magazine was published in large editions until 2004 and enjoyed tremendous success. As a rule, in his works, Stuart argues that with any person you can get a good amateur athlete.

When developing training systems and a diet, he always took the standard data of an ordinary person as a basis. The writer lives in Cyprus with his wife and two daughters, but continues to write, study philosophy and work in the gym.

So a person who could not achieve significant success in sports life, was able to become outstanding in bodybuilding. Many novice athletes begin their sports career, armed with his books. The merit of Stuart Mack Robert is that he managed to develop his training system and nutrition scheme that allow anyone to create a beautiful body, as well as achieve serious success in sports, without much risk to health and with minimal consumption of activators.

McRobert Training Program

Option number 1

Training number 1

  • Romanian craving - 1 set of 15 reps and 1 set of 10
  • Army bench press - 1 set for 10 reps and 1 for 6
  • Wide grip pull-ups - 1 set for 12 reps and 1 for 8
  • Dips - 1 set for 10 reps and 1 for 6
  • Toe lifts - 2 sets of 20 reps

Training number 2

  • Barbell Squats - 1 set of 15 reps and 1 set of 10
  • Bench press - 1 set for 12 reps and 1 for 8
  • Shrugs - 1 set for 15 reps and 1 for 10
  • Sitting Dumbbell Press - 1 set for 8 reps
  • Inclined rod pull - 1 set for 10 reps and 1 for 6
  • Rises for biceps - 1 approach for 10 reps and 1 for 6

Working approaches are carried out to "failure", however, you can use 1-2 warm-up approaches to prepare the central nervous system for the issuance of stronger nerve impulses.

Option number 2

Training number 1

  • Barbell Squats - 5 sets of 5 reps
  • Bench Press - 5 sets of 5 reps
  • Tilt barbell rod - 5 sets of 5 reps

Training number 2

  • Deadlift - 5 sets of 5 reps
  • Toe lifts - 3 sets of 20 reps
  • Army Bench Press - 5 sets of 5 reps