How to pump up the bottom of the press

Bodybuilding involves several difficult tasks, including the formation of press cubes . The fact is that building muscle in the abdomen is an extremely difficult process that requires special treatment. This article will talk about pumping the lower press and how to do it efficiently and quickly.


  • 1 Lower press: features
  • 2 The role of proper nutrition
  • 3 Useful information
  • 4 Exercises for inflating the lower press

Bottom Press: Features

Regardless of gender, for athletes who are engaged in fitness or "bodybuilding", pumping up this part of the press is an urgent issue. To perform exercises for this muscle group as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its features from an anatomical point of view. In all people, the muscle group of the abs is the same, but each person has individual characteristics in shape and in the number of abs cubes.

Press departments:

  • upper;
  • lower;
  • side.

In the process of raising the torso, the upper press works, raising the legs - lower, inclined body movements - lateral. Thus, to work out the department we need, we will need to use various types of movements of the lower part of the body. The lower press in an inflated and toned state eliminates the problem of a sagging abdomen, while the male figure takes on shape, a waist forms in women. However, you should be aware that it is not possible to quickly form embossed abdominal muscles if nutrition has not been adjusted.

The role of proper nutrition

The correct formation of the lower press to a greater extent does not depend on training in the gym, but on nutrition, say bodybuilders with experience. Therefore, it is important to adhere to certain rules when making a home menu. Even frequent and intensive abs training will not work unless you get rid of excess fat in the abdomen. It is possible to achieve inflated relief muscles, but the layer of fat "eclipses" all the achievements and the meaning of such an "invisible press" is very doubtful.

For this reason, the main and primary task is the elimination of subcutaneous fat in this department to a level not exceeding 10%. In fact, this is not an extremely difficult task - at the initial stage you just need to adhere to a diet, and subsequently combine a balanced diet and intensive training. For the fair sex, it is recommended to abandon sweets and carbonated drinks with high calorie content.

Good nutrition for the lower press means following the rules:

  • To avoid gaining extra pounds, you must eat in accordance with a strictly calculated daily calorie intake .
  • The composition of the food should be one third of vegetable and animal protein (it is preferable to use dietary meat varieties - veal, rabbit, poultry as suppliers of protein).
  • The remaining two-thirds of the diet are carbohydrates . The use of “slow” carbohydrates, which are more useful (those found in vegetables, unprocessed rice, whole grain bread, cereals), is recommended.
  • A very insignificant share in the diet is allocated to fats, and their main part should be of plant origin.
  • The minimum amount of fluid consumed per day is 2 liters .
  • Fractional and frequent meals - six meals a day with the obligatory inclusion of breakfast.

Useful information

The effectiveness of training for the press directly depends on the strict implementation of the technique. If this item is not respected, the risk of discomfort and even severe pain in the back increases. The correct distribution of breathing also plays an important role in pumping up the press: exercises must be performed on inhalation, and relaxation of the muscles on exhalation.

The occurrence of pain in the lumbar region is observed when observing the technique of exercise, but if they are not very strong, they will probably disappear after the muscles become stronger and stronger. In the event that the pain is disturbed for several days, it is advisable to stop the exercises and get a doctor's consultation in order to identify problems in this part of the body.

It is not recommended to use an extremely complex set of exercises - a few simple, but effective for working out various muscle groups of the press will be quite enough. You should not overload yourself with a large number of approaches: at the initial stage, three approaches with repetitions of 15-20 times are quite enough for one exercise.

Lower Press Exercises

Of course, the best option would be a program drawn up by a trainer, fitness specialist, or other sports mentor. Here we will talk about the most effective exercises for training at home. At the same time, it is important to note that regarding the formation of the relief press, there is not much difference between classes in the gym and at home.

The list of exercises for the lower press:

  • Raising your knees while lying down is the simplest exercise, but requires the correct execution. Take a lying position, put your hands behind your head, and bend your legs at the knees so that your feet completely touch the floor. Next, the knees are pulled to the stomach, while the pelvis needs to be slightly raised.
  • Scissors ” - is performed from the same starting position as in the first case with only straight legs. Fulfillment: crossing the legs alternates with their breeding to the sides.
  • Twisting - from the indicated starting position it is necessary to raise the upper part of the body while the left elbow needs to be "pulled" to the right knee. Then return to the starting position and perform the same exercise with the other leg and arm.
  • " Bicycle " - from the prone position to understand the knees and make movements on the principle of pedaling on a bicycle.

At the initial stage of the above exercises, it will be enough, and subsequently you can complicate the training complex by adding classes with the simplest details, for example, with an inclined bench.

In addition to proper nutrition and regular training, there is another method of pumping up the lower press - cardio training. They are a program of exercises, the implementation of which is carried out intensively and sequentially. This complex allows you to effectively burn excess fat in just a month. It is necessary to determine the optimal speed and after a short period of time the press will become clear and embossed with the necessary hardness and elasticity. The exercise program includes push-ups from the floor in an intensive mode, burpees and a number of other high-speed exercises.